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Healthy Lungs model realistic Lungs are a pair of respiratory organs located in the chest cavity protected by rib cage. They are spongy elastic and are enclosed by two membranes called Pleura. Space between the two membranes of the Pleura is filled with fluid.Pleura protects the lungs from injury. Right lung is larger than the left lungs and it is made of three lobes while the left lung has only two lobes. A pipe like structure called Trachea carries the air from Nose through Neck, thoracic cavity and opens into two lungs through two branches called Bronchi. The walls of Trachea are supported by several 'C" shaped cartilagenous rings which prevent it from collapsing and closing. Bronchus divides into fine Bronchioles which open into tiny balloon like structures called Alveloi. The Alveoli are richly supplied with blood capillaries, and exchange of gases occur in alveoli. We can start drawing lungs from triangular shape with lower base curved towards upwards due to diaphragm a membrane. Draw two perpendicular lines as shown Make a parabolic curve at the bottom and mark two dots as shown. Make lungs out line as shown using the guide lines and dots. Erase the parabolic curve at the centre. Complete the lungs as shown. Draw now the trachea and bronchi in between the two lungs. SEE E-BOOK FOR COMPLETE STEPS. Draw now cartilagenous rings on trachea and bronchi. Make branches from one of the bronchi. Draw now alveoli the tiny bunches of balloons and label the parts neatly as shown. Continued: In man the diaphragm plays a major role in the respiration, while in woman, the ribs play a major role. Rate of respiration in human beings changes with age. The rate of respiration also changes during emotional disturbances, exercise and other activities. Rates of respiration in different age groups of human beings New born child - 32 times per minute Children of 5 years - 26 times per minute Man of 25 years - 15 times per minute Man of 50 years - 18 times per minute FIND MORE TUTORIALS IN INDEX

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