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Susan Tyler Hitchcock's Frankenstein: A Cultural History is precisely what it's title exploring the psychology of the abandoned newborn borrowing principles from John Movies like Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein and Dick Breifer's. 7 quotes from Leonard Maltin: 'When it comes to the selections, I heard several observers claim that the Academy was The Artist dares to revisit a form of cinema that was abandoned in the late s. “Abbott and Costello are surrounded—by Bela Lugosi and Glenn Strange—in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.”. Encyclopedic article on Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein at Wikipedia; Media related to Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein at Wikimedia Commons .

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Philip Gray Gavin Muirher scientist uncle working on a serum for invisibility which was passed over to him by the original invisible man, John Griffin Claude Rains, whose photo is seen hanging on the wall. When Detective Roberts William Frawley and the police arrive with a search warrant, Tommy injects himself with the serum, whose disappearance into thin air being witnessed by none other than Lou himself.

When asked how Tommy got away, Lou replies, "In installments. Turner Paul Maxeya psychiatrist, to be analyzed. What's even more surprising is seeing how Costello, still playing a dopey guy, at one point stepping out of character by seriously punching out one of the bad guys for throwing a knife on Tommy.

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Aside from the team's well written verbal byplay and some in-jokes Lou looking through his magnifying glass and getting a close-up on Tommy Nelson's face, telling Bud he saw Frankensteinthe gags involving invisibility work quite well with the story, thanks to David Horsley in the special effects department.

Great comical moments find Lou in the Bubble Room restaurant attempting to eat his spaghetti dinner while strings of it end up over the direction of his transparent client; Boots convincing Lou to "take a dive" through her love making; and the highlight set in the boxing ring where Lou's punches never hitting his opponent, Rocky Hanlon John Daybut by an invisible fist of Tommy Nelson.

This scene is well staged and quite amusing. The only debit in general is where Lou finds himself walking the wrong way because his feet are on backwards.

Though a worthy conclusion to "The Invisible Man" series, this is not the finish of Abbott and Costello meeting somebody, something or just simply anybody. Their next horror spoof was them meeting "Jekyll and Hyde" featuring Boris Karloff. While Abbott and Costello were recently failing to recapture their success from the early s due to weak and tired material, their encounter with The Invisible Man is certainly no disappointment by any means.

As a result, the head of production, Carl Laemmle Jr. Frankenstein in Universal's original film concept. However, the actor was expected by producer Carl Laemmle Jr.

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Although this is often regarded as one of the worst decisions of Lugosi's career, in actuality, the part that Lugosi was offered was not the same character that Karloff eventually played. The initial director was Robert Floreywho had re-characterized the monster as a simple killing machine, without a touch of human interest or pathos, as in the original Shelley novel. This reportedly causing Lugosi to complain, "I was a star in my country [7] and I will not be a scarecrow over here!

He was immediately attracted to Frankenstein and greatly revised the script and conceptualization of the project, which had troubled the management, back toward a monster with some humanity within, in keeping with Shelley's original story. The "Lugosi as Frankenstein's Monster" promo poster, without the now famous flat head makeup Actors who worked on the project either were, or shortly became familiar to the fans of the Universal horror films.

Kerr died a year and a half later. Kenneth Strickfaden designed the electrical effects that were used in the "creation scene". They were so successful that such effects came to be considered an essential part of every subsequent Universal film involving the Frankenstein Monster.

Accordingly, the equipment used to produce them has come to be referred to in fan circles as "Strickfadens". It appears that Strickfaden managed to secure the use of at least one Tesla Coil built by the inventor Nikola Tesla himself.

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Although he was partially covered by a surgical drape, Karloff's abdomen was otherwise exposed during the scene and the high-voltage arc "scissors" threw white-hot bits of metal when they were used to create flashes. Lugosi would later go on to play Frankenstein's monster in Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man a decade later, when his career was in decline in the original shooting script the Monster spoke, cancelling Lugosi's initial objection to the part, but his filmed dialogue sequences were cut prior to release, along with the premise that the Monster was blind, which was the way Lugosi had played it.

Pre-Code era scenes and censorship history[ edit ] The scene in which the monster throws the little girl, Maria, into the lake and accidentally drowns her has long been controversial. Upon its original release, the second part of this scene was cut by state censorship boards in MassachusettsPennsylvaniaand New York.

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The original relevant passage was: Now I know what it feels like to BE God! Eventually, an edited version was released in Kansas. However, the footage of the girl Maria being thrown into the lake was rediscovered during the s in the collection of the British National Film Archiveand it has been reincorporated into modern copies of the film.

He said that the film "aroused so much excitement at the Mayfair yesterday that many in the audience laughed to cover their true feelings.

Beside it Dracula is tame and, incidentally, Dracula was produced by the same firm. Shelley was able to give her book. It was named the 87th greatest movie of all time on Years Henry Frankenstein and the Monster in the villains category. The next sequel, Son of Frankensteinwas made, like all those that followed, without Whale or Clive who had died in This film featured Karloff's last full film performance as the Monster.