Meet the feebles quotes about death

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meet the feebles quotes about death

Where quotes come from a series of films, they are organized in the order of the In some of those instances, their last words from each "death" may be added if .. Men in Black 3 (); Meet the Feebles (); Menace II . Meet the Feebles () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. MEET THE FEEBLES is one of the most outrageously insane films I've ever seen .. "Meet the Feebles" is better than "Bad Taste", but lacks the fluid balance of "Dead . Trivia · Goofs · Crazy Credits · Quotes · Alternate Versions · Connections · Soundtracks. review for Meet the Feebles. Harry - Rabbit, a famous actor who believes he is dying of a STD for most of the film. (He likes bunny menage a .

However, many unfortunate things happened during rehearsal. Sidneythe animal trainer, not having any other animals to train for his act since his previous batch of creatures got squashed to death by a rolling barrell; Wynyardthe knife-thrower, accidentally killing his assistant thanks to his bad case of the shakes ; Robertthe newest member of the cast, constantly interrupting Barry 's opera number with his theater techniques which gave Sebastian the idea to have the british hedgehog be the replacement for Wynyard's previous assistant ; and Abithe Indian contortionist, getting his head stuck up his butt while trying to bend over between his legs.

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Seeing how the show might look like it's going to be in the shambles, Sebastian charged into Bletch 's office and informed him that they have no further alternative but to reinstate his song. Of course, Bletch initially rejected Sebastian's number for obvious reasons saying, "This is a family show for Christ sake!

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Having enough of his compositions, the big walrus grabbed Sebastian by the tail, told him to get back to work, and threw him out of his office. As Sebastian walks back to the stage, he mutters that it's his loss as Bletch calls him a faggot in return. During Heidi 's rehearsal of her musical number, " The Garden of Love ", Sebastian groaned in misery as he watched her burp through some lyrics; break the porch swing she sits on due to her weight ; and completely destroy the rest of the set after she splashed some water onto the giant fan which even blew him away.

He then marched angrily on top of the clumsy Heidi, who had fallen flat on the stage, and berates her for overeating again. Heidi tried to lie by saying she wasn't, but Sebastian noticed that there was a piece of Black Forest cherry cake in her cleavage.

After berating her some more, Heidi ran off stage crying as poor Sebastian sadly sits on stage saying as the rest of the set falls apart"Suddenly, I feel very, very old.

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Big and Cedric "a visit," a sad Sebastian stopped them to inform Bletch that the show is off since Heidi after finding out about Bletch's affair refuses to perform. He then told everyone in the cast to go home, until Bletch decided to pay Heidi and quick visit since he knows that this is probably his fault.

meet the feebles quotes about death

After making some quick love to her, he announced that the show will still go on, making Sebastian and the rest of the cast cheer for joy. Boy is this theater alive, Bletch has managed to hide his affair from Heidi until the cat starts taunting her with it.

Heidi really gets upset, retreating to her dressing room and binge eating. Good old Bletch just goes on with his business, planning to replace his main hippo with the slutty Siamese after the television special.

Meet the Feebles (1989) Movie Script

Fortunately for the doe eyed hedgehog, not everyone is corrupt and jaded. He soon falls in love with Lucy and wins her heart with a serenade. There's a bump in the romantic road when Trevor drugs her drink and takes advantage of her Wobert walks inbut in the end they make up.

The same can not be said for Bletch and Heidi, he dumps her in a most humiliating fashion, she then proceeds to go high and to the right. Grabbing an M60 machinegun and massacring everyone in sight high and to the right. Possibly one of the most amazing scenes in history where you have a hippo walking around and gunning other puppets into hamburger, oh she gets Bletch too. In a similar fashion Sebastion's "Sodomy Song" and dance routine was totally warped, it's something else, you try watching a gay fox thrust it's pelvis at the camera.

All of this accompanied by soft music and stage props which really frightened me.

meet the feebles quotes about death

Did I mention the fly sitting in the toilet, on a um, floater? Oh yes, digging in with a spoon and chowing down while asking Harry if it's one of his evidently had a carrot aftertaste. You don't want to see a walrus having sex with a cat.

meet the feebles quotes about death

Fish should never conduct casting calls with a walrus, especially if they suck. Shellfish should avoid them even if they don't suck. Female hippos are well endowed. Having someone vomit on you can wreck a golf swing. Never let a heroine addicted frog throw knives at you.

Maybe in part its really lampooning something maybe more common in New Zealand, like with whatever kinds of variety shows or kid shows they have there. But it's also without a doubt that Jackson's also seen his share of Muppets, as the basic concept follows off from the Muppet Show.

What's amazing about the film, and at times a little frustrating, is how a real mind-set of gonzo film-making is apparent.

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It doesn't seem original in parts, like it's taking things from other movies- or maybe other movies and shows that have come after this seem quite similar- but it really is in the bizarre, crude nature of everything. The climax probably holds the biggest laughs and surprises, even in its tight context of everything going to hell in a hand-basket. As its a world entire devoid of humans, all of its logic is based around how outrageous these puppets can be in their own whacked-out environment.

With the exception of the naive, method-trained Robert, and maybe his love interest, every character in the picture is severely flawed in one way or another, or just really put to abstract lengths so mind-boggling they work only in conjunction with Jackson's unnerving, low-budget style. It has the same jarring, diabolically juvenile and in-your-face comedy of some of the South Park guys stuff Team America and Cannibal sort of come to mindbut without necessarily the sharp edge of satire.

And at the end of it all, with all the laughs I had and shocked 'huh' moments at what Jackson had done with all these weird characters some of which are outright perverts, drug addicts, criminals, egoists, adulterers, and even father half elephant-half chicken offspringI wasn't sure totally what the point of it all was.

Maybe though there really isn't any; I have to think this is the kind of movie that a director makes with himself as the audience, and not really in a selfish manner either. It's not great art by any means, and doesn't pretend to be, which is part of the dark fun of it all: Meet the Feebles, with its singing and dancing miscreants quite a catchy theme song by the wayand numerous scenes of more-than-suggestive sexual moments and gory bouts of extreme violence, is a case of kamikaze independent film-making, where homage spreads out into the concept and becomes something very strange but, in its own world, sort of wonderful too.