Abbott and costello meet frankenstein original poster eea

A List of Fantasy Films from | HubPages Abbott Costello Meet Frankenstein Movie Poster 24x Prints: Posters Creature From the Black Lagoon Vintage Movie Poster 24x36 inches. 9, , 1, 6/3/, Ripping Open the Set, French Film Design, .. Geraldine Harris: Turing Test: doo-cot Theatre Company's Frankenstein: The Final Mary Costello Titanic Town; Jennifer Johnston Shadows on our Skin; Deidre The volume features a selection of new work presented at the meeting. The Pope's very first meeting of the day had not House dominates the asked God to help me win a poster contest. I won, so White Wall Original Equipment Evil of Frankenstein .. 7 p.m. (7) — Abbott and Costello. Meet.

I will try to find it. If I see it, I will update this review. A singular fellow who can literally lift himself into the air by his own bootstraps. Hans Albers I have not seen this movie. I am not a big fan of the Baron Munchaussen stories.

Still, this is a story that has been loved by many. Between Two Worlds People who die find themselves on a mysterious boat Fantasy Type: Life After Death Fantasy Starring: Heaven Can Wait ; A man dies and makes his case to the Devil that he be accepted into hell.

The devil says that the case is not so clear cut and they review his life. This is a good movie but I found it a bit long. The Canterville Ghost A cowardly man become ghost. He is bound to haunt a castle until he can inspire someone to be courageous. It Happened Tomorrow A newspaper man is given a newspaper that reveals what will happen in the future. Ability to see into the future Starring: Dick Powell, Linda Darnell I haven't seen this movie.

I will update this review when I see it. During World War II, a man who is unable to join the services, finds a genie. He makes a wish to be join the army only to find that the genie is confused and sends him to the wrong time period.

A man who doesn't believe in the supernatural invites a medium to his house and is surprised when a ghost is summoned. I have not seen this movie but it is on my list of movies to watch.

The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde's classic story about a man who doesn't seem to grow older. This is the best version of Oscar Wilde's story that I've seen as film. This is a great film especially if you don't know the story. Sylvie and the Ghost A fake ghost inspires a real ghost Fantasy Type: Jacque Tati, Odette Joyeux A french film. I haven't seen it but I am adding it to my list.

A father hires actors to pretend to be a ghosts which leads the appearance of the real ghost. A Thousand and One Nights The Arabian Nights taking place in the s. Cornel Wilde, Phil Silvers I saw this.

It's not really that good. I guess it could be interesting if you are Phil Silvers fan. Dead of Night A man worries that everything is happening just like a nightmare he keeps having. Michael Redgrave Technically, this is a horror movie but it's not very scary. The acting, ideas, and even comic bits are wonderful. This is one of my favorite halloween movies. It's an old British film that's well worth watching.

Is it a dream? Road to Utopia This is not strictly a fantasy movie but has all the elements of a fantasy movie. Peter and the Wolf Brave Peter and his band of pets take on the wolf Fantasy Type: Sterling Holloway This is really great. An animated accompaniment to the classic music of Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev. Angel on My Shoulder A slain gangster makes a deal with the devil. A slain gangster makes a deal with the devil and gets another chance at life.

Beauty and the Beast A very beautiful, image-rich version of Beauty and the Beast Fantasy Type: The story itself run second to the imagery. It's a Wonderful Life An angel visits George Bailey.

Christmas Fantasy, Angels Starring: Never worry, the good angel Clarence will try to change his mind. First, Clarence must learn about George's life and Clarence can use his magic. A wonderful movie to watch during the holidays.

A Matter of Life and Death A man avoids death and asks for more time. Angels, a fantasy about Death Starring: David Niven, Raymond Massey Court room trial to determine if a man can stay alive. He was supposed to die but avoids death.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein original poster eea

He falls in love and soon finds himself in a court room to determine if he gets to stay alive longer. The Road to Rio The fifth Hope and Crosby Road movie.

This is not strictly fantasy but it has all the fantasy elements. Sinbad the Sailor A Russian version of the classic fairy tale Fantasy Type: Erast Gann This is a Soviet musical of the classic tale. A woman who shoots her husband on New Year's Eve gets to travel back in time to prevent the murder. Her wish is granted and she travels back in time. Now, she tries to prevent the circumstances that led to the fateful night. The Bishop's Wife An angel falls in love with the wife of a bishop that he is supposed to help.

Cary Grant does a great job as an angel who falls in love. David Niven is straight laced as the bishop and Loretta Young is excellent as the woman who loves her husband but is very much taken in by the charming Cary Grant. Down to Earth A Greek muse comes down to earth. Rita Hayworth I haven't seen this movie. Rita Hayword is a muse who comes down to earth because she is unhappy about how a broadway musical portray the Greek muses.

A timid man escapes his problems by using his imagination. Now, he can no longer escape into his imagination. The Ghost and Mrs. A lonely widow falls in love with a charming ghost. She is very much charmed by the ghost. This is a very pleasant movie. Rex Harrison, as usual, provides a strong performance as the ghost of a captain.

A List of Fantasy Films from 1930-1969

Miracle on 34th Street The Santa Claus at Macy's may be the real deal. Edmund Gwenn is great as the man who might be Santa Claus. This is one of my favorite Christmas movies. A mermaid captures a married man and will only let him out if he agrees to show her London Fantasy Type: The man agrees to the mermaid's demands and gives her a tour of London. Luck of the Irish A man meets a leprechaun. He falls in love with Ireland and then he returns to New York.

Explorers discover an island with dinosaurs and other monsters Fantasy Type: Virginia Grey, Philip Reed Explorers find a previously unknown island. Soon, they are fighting off mutinous natives and ferocious dinosaurs. Will they make it out alive? Peabody and the Mermaid Man meets mermaid Fantasy Type: William Powell, Ann Blyth A man nearing the age of 50 meets a flirtatious mermaid.

This is not one of William Powell's best movies but it is still watchable. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein Abbott and Costello take on Frankenstein, the Wolfman, and Dracula. It's a bit dated and it is only recommended for fans of Abbott and Costello. That Lady in Ermine At midnight, paintings in an ancient gallery come alive. Betty Grable, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. I haven't seen this. I'll update this review if I can find it. A father and son change bodies. Roger Livesy I have not seen this.

This type of movie has been done many times before. My favorite version is Freaky Friday with Jodie Foster. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Two Disney classics bundled together Fantasy Type: Ghosts, Animal Fantasy Starring: Eric Blore Disney combined two movies into one.

The story of Ichabod Crane is a ghost story where he meets the headless horseman. The story of Mr. Toad is an animal fantasy. Both are good stories for children. Alias Nick Beal The devil tries to make a deal. Devils come to town Starring: Ray Milland Joseph Foster is a district attorney who is being blackmailed by a gangster. He is contacts by a strange fellow named Nick who wants to make him a deal to hand over evidence.

Tarzan's Magic Fountain Lex Barker, Brenda Joyce A woman claims to have found the fountain of youth. She and Jane search for it. Siren of Atlantis A man claims to have found Atlantis Fantasy Type: When awakened, he claims to have discovered the lost civiilzation of Atlantis. Queen of Spades A woman sells her soul to the devil in exchange for success at Faro. The devil comes to town Starring: He seeks to learn her secrets.

Rocking Horse WInner A boy who rides a rocking horse can predict the winner of a horse race Fantasy Type: Valerie Hobson, John Howard Davies A boy can predict winners of a horse race by riding a rocking horse.

There is a price to be paid. Based on the short story by D. Mighty Joe Young A movie very similar to King Kong Fantasy Type: Robert Armstrong Joe is taken to America and appears to be dangerous. Supporters try to prevent him from being put to death by the authorities.

Alice in Wonderland The classic story of Alice in Wonderland Fantasy Type: Carol Marsh I haven't seen this version of Alice in Wonderland and I am not familiar with any of the actors. The Emperor's Nightingale Boris Karloff An animated film from Czechoslovakia about an emperor who seeks a nightingale. A Connecticut Yankees travels to the time of King Arthur. Bing Crosby is great as Sir Boss who travels back in time and bewitches the Arthurian world with modern knowledge.

The devil attempts to make a deal. Michel Simon I haven't seen this one. This is a French movie where in the s, an aging alchemist is given a chance for eternal youth if he is willing to make a deal with the devil.

The first adventure of the famous talking mule. Everyone thinks he's crazy when he says a mule can talk. He and mule become friends.

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The classic fairy tale done Disney style Fantasy Type: Ilene Woods Disney's take on Cinderella with singing mice. As a kid, I really liked this version. Jean Marais Jean Cocteau's take on the story of Orpheus. This is beautiful and imagery is more important than story.

Jimmy Stewart claims that his best friend is an 6 foot rabbit Fantasy Type: Jimmy Stewart This is a wonderful film. A man who may be crazy or may have an invisible friend calmly explains about his invisible friend.

A nice comedy that succeeds because of Jimmy Stewart's performance. Peek A Boo A French comedy about a man who can walk through walls.

Special Powers A man who can walk through walls falls in love with a beautiful thief. Angels in the Outfield Angels come to the rescue of a baseball team.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein original poster eea

Baseball fantasy, Angels Starring: The manager is need of help. To his surprise, an angel comes to help. Pandora and the Flying Dutchman A woman named Pandora meets a mysterious captain. James Mason, Ava Gardner A popular woman meets a strange ship's captain who may be the captain of the legendary Flying Dutchman. Superman and the Mole Men Superman comes to the big screen Fantasty Type: Miracle in Milan An Italian fantasy film Fantasy Type: Emma Gramatica, Francesco Golisano A boy is found in a cabbage patch and adopted by a kindly old woman.

When his adopted mother dies, a boy is sent to an orphanage. Later in life, the ghost of his adopted mother gives his dove that grants wishes. Francis Goes to the Races Donald O'Connor, Piper Laurie Francis and Peter go to the horse races and encounter gangsters who are trying to fix the races. Disney's Alice in Wonderland Fantasy Type: I don't find that the whole story holds together as well as the distinct parts.

My favorite version is Alice in Wonderland with Martin Short. This is one the one that I see each Christmas. I highly recommend this version. Evil Scrooge will learn the error of his ways. Hans Christian Andersen When I was a kid, I liked it. When I saw it recently, I found it a bit slow and overly long. It Grows On Trees A family finds two trees in the back yard that grow money. Irene Dunne, Dean Jagger Comedy arises as a family finds money attached to trees in their back yard and they must figure out what to do.

Francis Goes to West Point Jack and the Beanstalk Abbott and Costello meet the Giant Fantasy Type: Road to Bali They are soon heading toward Bali where they run into Dorothy Lamour. Sergei Stolyarov A young musician seeks the bird of happiness. He travels to Egypt and India.

The 5, Fingers of Dr. A boy who doesn't like playing piano suddenly finds his worst fears coming true. He believes that he has cast a magic spell on his mother. Seuss wrote the screenplay for this movie. Francis Covers the Big Town The fourth movie in the Francis the Talking Mule series. It's Francis the Talking Mule to the rescue. Disney's take on this classic story Fantasy Type: I always felt that the pirates, lost boys, Indians, and fairies didn't quite fit together. I guess that Disney does it as well as it has been done.

I greatly prefer the movie Finding Neverland A musical about finding a mysterious village Fantasy Type: Gene Kelly, Van Johnson, Cyd Charisse Two Americans are in Scotland and wander upon a mysterious village that only appears out of the mist for one day every hundred years. He has misadventures there and once again, it is Francis the Talking Mule to the rescue.

Mad About Men A gymnastics school teacher meets up with a mermaid. Glynis Johns This is the sequel to Miranda A gymnastics school teacher agrees to change places temporarily with a mermaid who looks exactly like her. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea A mysterious creature is sinking ships Fantasy Type: Kirk Douglas, James Mason, Peter Lorre Although this story is technically science fiction, there is too much adventure and magic for it to not be included in this list.

The giant squid, the inventions of Captain Nemo, and the spirit of the story in my opinion fit into the genre of fantasy. Kirk Douglas, Anthony Quinn I have had trouble getting into this version of the story. Kirk Douglas is normally fantastic. I probably need to give this movie another try. Ulysses Ulysses returns and the suitors are not happy Source Francis in the Navy Donald O'Connor Peter mistakenly gets transferred from the army to the navy.

Francis the Talking Mule gets involved with his mishaps. A German film of the famous tale Fantasy Type: Elke Arendt I have not seen this one. It is live action with the dwarves played by children. Bowery to Bagdad The Bowery Boys find a magic lamp Fantasy Type: In this movie, the Bowery Boys find a magic lamp but only certain members of the group can get wishes granted. Son of Sinbad A journey through the Arabian Nights without magic Fantasy Type: The Sword and the Dragon Boris Andreyev A king has adventures.

I haven't seen this but it looks very interesting. In medieval Russia, an aging knight gives a sword to pilgrims. Around the World in Eighty Days An Jules Verne grand adventure Fantasy Type: This is not a fantasy per se but it has all the elements of a fantasy.

Phileas Fogg and Passpourtout have magic in their passion to go around the world in 80 days in order to satisfy a wager. This is a classic film. Fun for the whole family. An angel comes to a pawn shop.

Felix Aylmer An angel goes to an Islington pawn shop in order to inspire the pawn browker there. The angel sells her harp to raise money. A Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Fantasy Type: Francis in the Haunted House Mickey Rooney Francis witnesses a murder and helps out a reporter he meets.

The Red Balloon A story of friendship between a boy and a giant, red balloon Fantasy Type: Pascal Lamorisse A classic short film.

A boy forms a very special relationship with a giant red balloon. When I was a kid, I really liked this. A classic, family movie with special appeal for younger viewers. A knight plays chess against death during the crusades. Max Von Sydow One of the greatest films ever made. More surreal than fantasy but with enough fantasy to keep it on our list. This a fantasy film for anyone with a love of cinema. If you are interested in the history of film, make sure to watch this film.

A disillusions knight tries to make sense of what's happening during the crusades. Pied Piper of Hamelin A man comes to town promising to rid a town of its rats Fantasy Type: Townspeople refuse to pay a magic man for ridding their town of rats so he takes all their children.

The Snow Queen Hans Christian Andersen's classic story Fantasy Type: Vladmir Gribkov I haven't seen this. This is a Russian animated film. A made-for-tv musical version Fantasy Type: Julie Andrews I haven't seen this version. It might be interesting just to see a very young, incredibly talented Julie Andrews. The Viking Women and the Sea Serpent His partner, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin joined him shortly after.

This tremendous feat was achieved through the genius, hard work, and sheer force of will of thousands of people. Even today, as we have leapt ahead dramatically in our technological know-how, the Apollo program stands as a testament to the incredible greatness we as a species can reach, through our combined efforts.

Now of course, the impetus for the mission itself was not all sweetness and light. The motivation for the entire space race was primarily due to the Cold War, and the desire to ensure the the 'high ground of space' was not owned by the Soviets. Still, the efforts of the brave astronauts, and the scientists, engineers, technicians, and workers who made science fiction into reality, became the stuff of legend and inspired many.

Unfortunately, after Apollo, it seems our space program never really seemed to find a direction. The shuttle program, while a necessary workhorse, was never inspiring.

Once the Soviets began to collapse, there was no 'other' to push us to go further, to risk more. Missions to Mars have been relegated to robots only, and it seems likely that exploration for the foreseeable future will remain with probes and machines only.