All british field meet and columbia river classic run

all british field meet and columbia river classic run

SOVREN Vintage Racing info at Portland Int'l Raceway in Portland, OR ( ) Held in conjunction with the All British Field Meet, this event gives lots of Your entry fee includes race entry for 2 days, passes for driver and 3 crew. PIR Auto Swap Meet Gates open p.m. First car out p.m. Broadacre Field Dog Run Area is . 3 full days of racing for all SVRA vintage race groups. This is the 17th year for the Columbia River Classic and what a weekend we have in store for drivers, workers, and spectators alike! As has become The ABFM provides some great distraction between races. Race Results & Event Photos.

There are four variance events scheduled for the season db: Normal human conversation ranges between 44 and 65 dBA when people are about 3 to 6 feet apart The smallest change in noise level that a human ear can perceive is about 3 dBA For most people, a 10 dBA increase in noise levels is judged as a doubling of sound level, while a 10 dBA decrease in noise levels is perceived to be half as loud.

To put PIR sound levels in perspective with other common measurements: Using all four varianced events, including test days, means fewer than 20 event days during the season where levels are above dBA More than event days per year run at or lower than dBA.

Each particular event on a given day counts as an event day, i.

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This spot was chosen by an independent noise consultant to best capture highest sound levels from the various kinds of events held at PIR. The microphone is attached to a digital sound monitor. The data is then captured on a computer.

In addition to the fixed monitor, user groups are required to have a person in charge of events to monitor sound levels and remove vehicles from the track that exceed the limit actually they use dBA, rather than the City Code dBA. Typically a vehicle that exceeds the limit is black flagged taken off the track and given a chance to make modifications or repairs to be below the limit.

A second violation will mean a car will be removed from the competition or event for the rest of the day.

Stop #11 — Portland Raceway

Should you have an issue with noise levels from the track, please call the track manager at Typically requests are made for one to three-year variances for the specific events in the winter and spring before the summer racing season.

To find out about upcoming meetings call the Noise Control Hotline at Guided Walking Restoration Tour — How to do it right!

all british field meet and columbia river classic run

Tour begins in front of "The Regalia Tent" promptly at The spin cone in the drag race start area will be retained since there is plenty of space for the maneuver there. We expect the course to equalize times and offer a more open course for the larger cars. Entry space is limited so register early.

Registration opens at You must register Saturday for Saturday runs, and Sunday for Sunday runs. There will be NO Sunday registration on Saturday.

Event Schedule - All British Field Meet Portland Oregon

Workers are welcome and we highly recommend joining us for a better view of the event. Why watch from the bleachers when you can be close enough to smell the drivers? AND, you'll receive a nifty worker T-shirt for your time! People's Choice Ballots Due — 1: Check with "Worker Bees" to find where your marque will have the awards presented. Be present to pick up your awards. No awards will be mailed. Raffle throughout the evening.

Portland International Raceway // Noise Information

Pre-order tickets on the registration form. Automotive Journalist Nik Miles will be on hand to deliver a presentation titled.

all british field meet and columbia river classic run

Prior to 4pm, display vehicles only will be allowed to park inside the main gate. Inquire at Jaguar tent Saturday for starting times and eligibility. Groups will be divided and will follow either mild or moderate trails.