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alvin and the chipmunks meet dracula wikipedia

Home Decorating Style for Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Dracula Coloring Page Awesome the Chipettes Alvin and the Chipmunks Wiki, you can see. Alvin And The Chipmunks Meet Dracula When Simon is bitten by a bat, Alvin's convinced that he's going to turn into a vampire. Simon denies it. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein is a American animated comedy horror film produced by Bagdasarian Productions, LLC. and Universal.

He ends up in a cave below the castle. Edlemann searches for Talbot and finds that he survived the fall, but has turned into the Wolf Man. The Wolf Man attacks, but suddenly returns to his human form as the moon goes behind the clouds. In the cave, they find the catatonic Frankenstein monster Strangestill clutching the skeleton of Dr. Humidity in the cave is perfect for propagating the clavaria formosa, and a natural tunnel in the cave connects to a basement of the castle.

Edlemann takes the monster back to his lab, but considers it too dangerous to revive him. Dracula tries to seduce Milizia and make her a vampire, but Milizia wards him off with a cross.

Edlemann interrupts to explain that he has found strange antibodies in the Count's blood, requiring another transfusion. Nina begins shadowing Milizia, who is weakened by Dracula's presence; Nina notices that the Count casts no reflection in a mirror. She warns Edlemann of the vampire's danger to Milizia. Edlemann prepares a transfusion that will destroy the vampire.

Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Dracula.

During the procedure, Dracula uses his hypnotic powers to put Edlemann and Nina to sleep; he then reverses the flow of the transfusion, sending his own blood into the doctor's veins. When they awake, Dracula is carrying Milizia away. They revive Talbot and force Dracula away with a cross. Dracula returns to his coffin as the sun is beginning to rise.

alvin and the chipmunks meet dracula wikipedia

Edlemann follows him and drags the open coffin into the sunlight, destroying Dracula. Edlemann begins to react to Dracula's blood, and becomes evil.

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He no longer casts a reflection in a mirror. Falling unconscious, he sees strange visions of himself performing unspeakable acts. When he awakens, his face has changed to reflect his evil nature just like in his vision, then he returns to his normal self. Edlemann performs the operation on Talbot. Afterwards, he transforms again into his evil self and brutally murders his gardener.

When the townspeople discover the body, they chase Edlemann, believing him to be Talbot. They follow him to the castle, where Holtz and Steinmuhl interrogate Talbot and Edlemann. Steinmuhl is convinced that Edlemann is the murderer, and assembles a mob to execute him. Talbot is cured by the operation, but Edlemann again turns into his evil self.

He revives the Frankenstein monster, but the monster is very weak. Fay goes to her crush's house, only to be rejected due to her appearance, while Max stalks and scares the school bully. Emma eventually captures Baba Yaga and demands to have her family returned to normal, only to discover the old witch's amulet - the source of her power - has worn out and must be recharged at the London Eye. After Baba Yaga escapes, the Wishbone family regroups at home, and they realize they must catch the witch to return to normal.

The Wishbones reach the airport, with help from Cheyenne - who is unafraid of the Wishbones' new appearance. Fay manages to get them on the plane after learning she can hypnotize people, which she does with abandon. On board the flight, Emma begins to spiral into the more violent side of vampirism as her bloodlust kicks in, and she attempts to bite one of her fellow passengers. A timely intervention from Dracula halts this, and he absconds with the confused and blood-hungry Emma aboard his personal jet, leaving her family on the passenger plane.

As her family wonders where she is, Dracula tries to talk Emma into running away with him. She initially considers, due to not being happy with the issues with her family, but when she refuses, Dracula unceremoniously tosses her from his jet. As Emma regroups with her family by the London Eye, Dracula gets upset and tells his hunchback servant, Renfield, to prepare his snowflake machine to destroy the world in retaliation.

Meanwhile, Baba Yaga gets her amulet charged, and when Emma confronts her and tries to take the amulet, Baba sends the family to Egypt. Cheyenne tries to help, but she ends up befriending and helping Baba Yaga.

She tells Cheyenne about Dracula's plan to turn Emma into a monster. Baba Yaga also tells her about how he imprisoned her, and said he would free her if she did what he asked, and that the only way for them to return to normal was to be happy as themselves despite their appearance. Emma and the family hallucinates an Oasis while in the deserts of Egypt, but soon snap out of it and realise that they have been unknowingly walking in a circle.

Dracula shows off the snowflake's power to his servant and swears revenge on the humans. Meanwhile, in Egypt, Max and Fay get angry at Emma, and go off on their own in separate directions.

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Emma then gets angry at her husband and pushes him away. Dracula had been watching her, and seeing this, goes to get her as she wanders around until the bloodlust finally takes over. She attacks a couple of tourists, but Dracula narrowly saves them and takes her away to his castle. Meanwhile, Frank comes across a stranded Jeep filled with models, and Fay meets Imhotep. Imhotep tells Fay she's pretty and shows her how to use her powers to became a sandstorm.

alvin and the chipmunks meet dracula wikipedia

Max gets mistaken for a piece of food by a camel and he chases it to a desert hotel with glass pyramids, where Frank also happens to be. Dracula seeks to romance Emma in his castle. They dance, and though she refuses his advances at first, she eventually agrees to stay. After being shown to her beautiful new room, Emma realizes she misses her family. Cheyenne and Baba Yaga then suddenly appear and explain the truth about what Dracula had done to Baba Yaga.