Arnav and khushi meet

arnav and khushi meet

The scene sends shivers when Arnav meet Khushi for the first time. Khushi enters a venue to protest against her sister's fiancé demanding dowry. However, she. Dec 20, Remember Arnav and Khushi's first not-so-happy meeting? She unintentionally spoiled his fashion show and he locked her up in a room for the. Hey guys as u all know im just a few posts old here! sooo this is my first try at writing an OS on offc our favies Arnav and Khushi!! so here it.

I needed Khushi to have seen more of the world, to understand more of human nature, than she did when we met her in the serial.

arnav and khushi meet

The final major change is the absence of Shyam. Initially, I wanted to see how Arshi dealt with Shyam in this new scenario, but once I started writing it, I realised I didn't have the heart.

Khushi Khushi peeked between the jars and canisters, trying to steal a glimpse of him as the water boiled. Luckily, he'd placed his dining chair so she had a clear view of him as he waited with his family. He brought his entire family to see me, Khushi fretted, nervously toying with the end of her dupatta.

arnav and khushi meet

There was an elderly matron, a middle-aged man, a middle-aged lady wearing makeup as if it was going out of fashion his wife? And of course, him. Khushi turned away, biting her lip, and fished the last of the samosas from a pan of oil. She strained them before adding them to the pile already arranged on a thaali. Then a quick glance at the pot, but the water wasn't even close to boiling. This story is kind of dark so be warned. Some of the scenes can be disturbing. If you don't like Arnav treating Khushi badly don't read this story.

The italics are thoughts.

Here's Why Arnav And Khushi's Love Story In Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Was Far From Ordinary!

First Encounters Arnav was furious. The girl had decided to ruin his fashion show and now she was running away? I don't think so He got on his Bluetooth immediately. Make sure that girl in the green and pink lehenga doesn't leave the Sheesh Mahal. When you find her, take her up to my room and make sure you lock the doors so she can't get out! Is that why she looked nervous and fell?

He went straight up to his room. He slammed the door shut hoping it would calm him down but it didn't. He took off his ascot, his jacket and rolled up his sleeves and waited. He didn't know why he wanted to hurt her but he did. Everything about this place made him violent and all the bad memories came back stronger. He tried not to think about it and calm down but the anger just built up inside him as the seconds went on.

Finally he could hear a commotion in the corridor. A girl was shoved into his room.

arnav and khushi meet

She didn't acknowledge his presence and turned to bang on the door. I need to find Abishek Kannah and return for my sister's wedding. I'm late as it is. Please let me go. All through this ASR was watching her with a kind of sick pleasure.

Here's Why Arnav And Khushi's Love Story In Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam D - DesiMartini

Maybe next time she'll think twice before she goes up against Arnav Singh Riazada. After a while, Khushi became aware that she wasn't alone in the room.

She turned around quickly to find Arnav staring at her. She became aware of her situation and tried to fix her dupatta to cover herself more.

arnav and khushi meet

Arnav was staring at her and Khushi was staring at the floor, shifting uncomfortably. After a while Khushi spoke, "I'm sorry, I didn't know I was thrown into someone's room. Can you please open the door so I can get out? Arnav took a step towards her and she took one back. They kept at this until she hit the door and finally looked up.

It was the same man who had caught her when she fell off the stage. Thank you for catching me when I fell off stage.

I can be really clumsy sometimes. Now that he had been staring at her for a while, he could see her beauty.

Her big brown eyes, which had gone slightly red due to her crying, he could stare at all day and not get bored. Her porcelain skin was flawless except for the tinny mole on her cheek, which in his opinion, added to her beauty. Her slightly sniffling red nose. Her plump rose lips that were begging him to be kissed. He wanted to fist her glossy black hair. Saying that Arnav Singh Riazada was hypnotised would be an understatement.

He kept on stepping closer as if stalking his pray. He could see the movement of her breasts heave up and down due to his closness. He smirked before he realised he was openly admiring her. Khushi was confused at the man who was slowly etching towards her with passion filled eyes.

She had never seen a man looking at her like that before. Sure she's seen men look at her with lust or longing but not the kind of intensity that this stranger was giving her.

She couldn't tell what it was about him that made her so breathless. For a minute she forgot why she was even in the Sheesh Mahal and concentrated on the man in front of her. He looked like a Greek God. The stubble on his face really defined his jaw line. She wanted to run her fingers through his hair just to see if they felt as soft as they looked.

He's shirt did nothing to hide his muscular form and Khushi wondered if God had spent extra time in creating him.

Before she knew what was happening he grabbed her hand and twisted her around and brought her crashing into his chest. This caused her dupatta to slip off a little. He revelled in the feeling for a while before he got back to the task at hand. Khushi was so shocked at the turn of events that she didn't know how to react and Arnav used this to his advantage. Then followed some roothna-manana. Yes, Khushi didn't want to stay with him anymore but he won her back.

And the oh-so-magical ILY moment. And while they prepped for their 're-marriage', ASR was encountered with another bitter truth. Well, Khushi's step-parents were responsible for Arnav's parent's death because her step-mother had an affair with his father. Oh well, let that complication be. But true love triumphs all. Arnav forgot the past and married Khushi, yaay! The story doesn't end here. They then got together to reveal the bad boy, Shyam's truth and they were successful what else did you expect?

He's the villian, duh Despite all the nafrat and taqraar, all's well that ends well.