Boa hancock and luffy meet again guilty

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boa hancock and luffy meet again guilty

Zoro pointed to Booney who kept her back turned and continued to Nami – " That's right Zoro well if she betrays us you'll just beat her up Luffy – "Ah, but I can't meet him yet not yet. . Nami and Robin looked on in guilt. "I'm sure I'll meet the others," Luffy said as he laid the Vivre Card flat in his hand. It began to "Once again, I feel sorry for that pig," Nami said as she rubbed her head. "The only one guilty of bring the man here is me!. Luffy returns and meets katakuri, "I am hereto be your father!" Luffy knows that boa hancock is in love with him, he says that he will see her and the island again some day, Luffy is grateful to hancock for all she did for him.

He was also wearing heavy eyeliner and lipstick, along with a powder foundation across his face. His nails were even painted. Sanji actually looked like an Okama, even more so than Bon Clay. Luffy stared wide mouthed at Sanji, unable to move or even blink. It was exactly the same look he gave when he saw the true form of Lily Carnation. Just for you," Sanji said as he winked at Luffy.

boa hancock and luffy meet again guilty

Despite all the weird things going on around him, this was the final straw for Luffy. He gave a loud, piercing scream of absolute terror along with Chopper, Brook, Sanji, Franky, and Usopp. At that moment, the image went black and there was nothingness.

His heart was thudding in his chest from the horror he had just witness. No matter how hard he tried, the mental image of Sanji as an Okama wouldn't go away. There were no monsters, no ghosts, no zombies, or evil plants but that dream was one of the scariest things he had even seen. At that moment, he wished that he had his other eye ripped out. Being blind for the rest of his life was preferable to ever seeing his rival in a dress.

He needed to make something that could do a memory wipe. He didn't think whiskey or rum would be strong enough. How dare he have a dream like that about me! What really upset him was that Luffy's hallucination did come true. It was a moment that would stay with him for all eternity and he didn't want Robin-chan and Nami-san to be haunted by that image of him.

He was a man, dammit! He was so going to burn Luffy alive for this. Truthfully, even she was caught off-guard and felt her heart jump for a second. Nami blinked several times, not quite believing what she just saw. All the Strawhats, even Robin, nodded in agreement. The next real memory came, but everything was blurry like Luffy was looking through dirty water. It was obvious that Luffy was only semi-conscious. Luffy's hearing was so faded that the Strawhats could barely hear the person.

Chopper frowned in worry. Is that even real? Remove all of them one by one," the person named Belladonna answered. There was a shifting noise, but none of the Strawhats could really see what was happening.

Several minutes went by with the Strawhats only hearing noises and looking at an extremely blurry image.

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He knew that Luffy didn't have a muscular figure, but he was never mistaken for a girl. The Strawhats heard what sounded like a match being struck and a tint of orange from the corner of the memory.

Before they knew what was going on, the memory lit up and Luffy was now fully awake, making the scene clear. Which wasn't surprising given that their captain was currently on fire. The crew watched in shock as Luffy jumped around and screamed in pain as the flames consumed him.

Nami put her hand to her mouth. Chopper's mouth dropped as he thought of all the second and third degree burns that Luffy would have. Luffy continued to scream in pain as the fire engulfed him before the memory went blank again.

He felt satisfied knowing that Luffy had suffered for putting him in a dress. He needed to thank those people. It sounded like Margaret. There were sounds of water flowing and what sounded like some kind of crowd chatting. There was a grunting sound.

There was a squashy sound. It sounded like a rubber ball being squeezed. We must have overlooked it! There was another loud squishy sound.

What the hell is a No man deserved to lose their manhood. Especially over something so stupid, not even his shit-brained captain. There was a loud tugging sound followed by the sound of stretching and grunted. There was more grunting and stretching, but Luffy's manhood refused to be removed. Rubber or not, it must hurt to have his privates yanked around like that. Chopper put his hooves to his mouth and teared up. Zoro began to pale. Thankfully for Luffy his ability to ever have children was saved when someone approached the people taking care of him.

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She hummed to herself before she gasped in shock. This is a man! Where the hell did Kuma send Luffy? The memory returned and the Strawhats could see again.

Return to Sabaody Arc

Luffy was sitting up in some type of bed and there were people talking, but the Strawhats couldn't make out what was being said. Luffy looked dazed, like one waking up from drinking too much. He didn't seem to remember dreaming about Okama Sanji, being set on fire, or nearly losing his male identity. Most likely, he blocked all of those memories to keep his sanity, or it was aftereffect of eating those mushrooms.

It's so noisy," Luffy complained as he attempted to clear his head. Luffy blinked as he realized that he didn't recognize his surroundings. What was I doing? The memory was still too fuzzy to clearly see anything. Luffy really does end up in the strangest places. Luffy climbed out of bed and the Strawhats quickly realized that their captain was covered in bandages and nothing else.

boa hancock and luffy meet again guilty

He was naked with his manhood clearly visible to all. Nami instinctually turned her head. Her face went red in embarrassment while Sanji's face went red in anger.

Robin kept a neutral face, but made sure that her eyes did not travel downwards. It was not because she was ashamed or embarrassed since she had no problem seeing Luffy naked. It was out of respect for her captain that she did not look.

They could have given him a gown at least," Chopper said, not at all bothered. As the ship's doctor and as an animal, seeing Luffy in the raw didn't concern him. Although, he did understand that it was common courtesy for humans to cover themselves, even if Luffy himself didn't care so much. Sanji growled at the cyborg.

He quickly realized that something important was missing. With the memory now completely clear, the Strawhats could see that Luffy was surrounded by women. They all stood in front of what looked like prison a cell and they were all gawking at Luffy. Sanji's eyes immediately turned to hearts and he spun around in joy. Man, Luffy really is a hood!

Luffy did say he was taken to an island of women," Robin said. How could he forget something like that?

This literally set Sanji on fire as he jumped back to his feet. I was blasted to the depths of hell, while that undeserving barbarian was sent to heaven! Something told him that he was going to enjoy the rest of this memory. Luffy was too happy to have his precious hat back to care about their reactions.

I have to write this down! Which is why they thought Luffy was a girl and had a mushroom on his privates. This quickly got the cook and the swordsman trading blows. Brook started to laugh. Although, I wish I could have been blasted here to witness all the lovely panties. His eyes widened in surprise. He would rather cover his head than his body," someone said.

Usopp rubbed his forehead. Stop making us look bad! One of the younger looking women with short blond hair knelt before Luffy. She stared intensely at Luffy's privates with her mouth hanging opened. The male Strawhats, save for Chopper and Sanji, had to put their hands over their mouths to keep from laughing. Even Zoro had to fight off a snicker. Nami blushed an even deeper shade of red, while Robin had a smile on her face. Luffy looked down at his manhood before he straightening up and crossing his arms.

These are my family jewels! Several other women also repeated the words. When he said that, all the women looked at Luffy's balls like they held the greatest treasure in the world. They were all in awe of the jewels that must be inside those sacks. Those balls are that valuable!? By this time, all the male Strawhats were roaring in laughter.

No one, not even Sanji, could contain their laughter and some of them were on the ground. He wanted to be angry, but he just couldn't do it given how dense Luffy was being. The normally calm Robin was also laughing loudly. She was laughing so hard that tears were forming on the edge of her eyes. Nami turned a deeper shade of red and put her hand over her eyes. Why did you have to used that term of all things!?

This sent the Strawhats into another laughing fit. I don't know you, but still Once Luffy put on the clothes, his face went from joy to that of utter horror. The clothes were indeed in the same shape of his old clothes, but there was one major different. His vest was covered in frills with decorated flowers and circles on them. It looked like something Nami would buy.

He looked close to tears as he looked at his vest. I would expect no less from you Margaret," the woman with the notepad said. The Strawhats were, once again, rolling on the ground with laughter.

This time, even Nami couldn't hold back. She had to support herself on Robin to keep herself from falling over. She had not laughed this hard in years. Damn, she wished she had a camera. She knew Luffy could never be blackmailed, but it would still be worth having that photo.

Dammit, his chest hurt. Sanji also snickered sadistically. Apparently, the shock of his new clothes was too great for him. Luffy slowly stood back up and his entire body shook in rage before he slammed one of his hands against the metal bars. You saved my life? This place is off-limits to men! We have upheld this absolute law for hundreds of years! That rule has never been broken though our entire history!

They could have just murdered him when they learned that he was a man," Zoro asked as he watched the scene. Looking carefully, you're all women! She would never allow him to stay! You, who brought the man to the village, would be considered criminals as well! It would be better to cover up this entire incident. Please, let me go! In less than a second, dozens of arrows were flying right for Luffy. When they hit the bars, there was a huge explosion. Before the smoked cleared, Luffy used his powers to kick the roof of his prison and jumped through the hole he had made.

Luffy took this as his cue to run as all of the amazon women chased him. Luffy has women chasing him everywhere," Franky teased. It should've been him being chased by dozens of women, not his stupid, asexual captain. He was going to kill that shitty bear. Luffy continued to run along the roofs as the women constantly shot at him with arrows. Luffy quickly used his power to pull himself higher to escape the enraged women. To his surprise, the largest lady, named Aphelandra, cut him off in mid-air.

Aphelandra then slapped him downwards. Because of Luffy's ability, he kept bouncing like a rubber ball away from his attackers. He managed to get himself running again and for the next ten or so minutes the Strawhats were treated to montage of Luffy trying to escape the village and being nearly killed by women.

Somewhere during the montage, Luffy realized that he no longer had his Vivre Card. He quickly stretched his arm and grabbed Margaret before she could escape. Luffy landed next to her once he had her securely wrapped in his rubbery arms. Luffy hopped off the other side of the mountain and fell at least five-hundred feet.

The entire time, Margaret was screaming in terror as Luffy laughed. Treat a lady better! He used the cushion of air to soften his landing and keep Margaret from dying from the impact.

boa hancock and luffy meet again guilty

Luffy casually dusted himself off while Margaret attempted to regain her senses. She was sweating all over and looked like she just had a near-death experience. Margaret immediately pulled out a long knife.

I was prepared to die! It's a miracle that we survived! Luffy raised his hands in submission. Can all men become fat like you!? Margaret gave him a surprised look. Margaret stared at him for a few seconds longer before she put her knife down and reached into her clothes.

She gently pulled out a piece of paper. I didn't know what I would do if I lost it! Margaret broke away from Luffy's grip and ran some distance away from him. Luffy was too happy to have the Vivre Care back to care. She was silent for a moment. Luffy sat down on a nearby tree root and Margaret did the same, although she still sat some distance away from Luffy.

All my friends were sent flying," Luffy said in a somber tone. His eyes darkened as he remembered what happened. They're all strong, after all. The Snake Princess is the woman whom everyone in this country looks up to! She's strong, elegant, and the most beautiful woman in the world! The Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock! Within the time he was knocked out, all of his wounds from Sabaody and his burns were more or less healed.

Zoro felt a twitch of jealousy. He really did envy Devil Fruit users' ability to heal quickly. Sorry I can't do anything to repay you," Luffy said cheerfully before he waved at Margaret. He soon came back, however. He had small frown on his face. Everyone will laugh if I went around looking like this! Margaret didn't look happy about removing the frills. Thanks for taking them off," Luffy said. Luffy stopped walking and his body became tense. The sudden change in Luffy's body language caught the Strawhats off-guard.

His eyes were shadowed by the rim of his hat. Zoro smiled in agreement. The other Strawhats nodded and smiled in agreement. They would surpass them all one day.

Boa Hancock

With Luffy's vow, the memory faded. He thought he was going to die from laugher there for a moment. It was nice change from all the drama and pain that Luffy was forced to experience. Dammit, why was I the one who was cursed!? He did a fairly decent job of avoiding them, despite them shooting arrows that exploded on impact. The Strawhats saw brief flashes of memories of all the time Nami was mean to Luffy. It ranged from him being yelled at for being stupid, to being change an outraged amount of money, threaten with death, to him being beating to a bloody pulp by the angry navigator.

Even Nami betraying him to Buggy was briefly seen.

boa hancock and luffy meet again guilty

His captain got that right. He would take man-hating amazons over Nami any day. After another round of arrows nearly hitting Luffy, he used his powers to extend his arms and jumped from tree to tree. Once he was high enough, he climbed the mountain that led back to the village. He kept going until he reached a stonewall that wrapped around the top of the mountain. Once he knew that he was safe for the time being, Luffy crossed his arms in thought. She said that there was a pirate ship on the island.

He had his arms out as he balanced himself on the wall. He looked very concerned. Nami isn't here and I would just get lost on my own. I'll ask them if they can take me back to Sabaody! He began to think so much that his entire face turned red and beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

It looked like he was running a high fever. She half expected steam to start emitting from Luffy's ears. Luffy looked around from his vantage point and smiled when he saw a tall building just below him. He landed a little too hard and fell right through the roof and into a pool of water. Naturally, Luffy started to panic as he splashed around in pool, screaming that he was going to drown.

It took him a few seconds to realize that the water was shallow and that he was in no danger. Luffy looked around in confusion. She had long, flowing black hair that went down her back and covered a reddish-orange tattoo on her pale skin.

It looked somewhat familiar. The woman turned and stared coldly at Luffy. What a portrayal of heavenly beauty! I haven't seen anything more gorgeous since the Mermaid Princess!

Like the old goddesses from myths. Zoro stared at his rival. She didn't realize just how beautiful Hancock was. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't turn his eyes away. He gets to witness such untainted beauty in its purest form! I have no blood here! Even mine, if I had any. Luffy and Boa stared at each other in silence for several seconds.

The Snake Princess gasped and ducked herself into the water. Two women stood at the door. One had long green hair with an overly big head, while the other one had golden blonde hair and was fairly fat. Looks like Hancock drained all the beauty from her side of the family. The women began to look Luffy over. Boa stood up from her bath and slowly stepped out of the tub. One of her sisters quickly dressed her with a robe. The two sisters gasped in shock and horror. All the color drained from their faces.

I only saw her back Still, he had a thoughtful expression on his face. She knew what that symbol was and her heart went out to Hancock. Crap, I'm going to slow down!

Luffy looked around in confusion and there was a pregnant pause in the room. Law, Ace, Sabo - Chapters: Stuff happened in real life that I would've forgotten to write if it wasn't for the precious vocal readers whose words keeps reminding me this wonderful world of fanfiction is waiting for me! Unfortunately, this also means I will be skipping a LOT of details shown in the source material. One Piece is not mine. Some say they died in Sabaody, some say if the captain survived while the rest had perished, while fewer think they're just bidding their time.

In any case, the world—especially this country—will take a while to forget about them, if we ever can. Reunions On the outskirts of Rusukaina "We're almost there. The raven-haired man was staring at the island with his characteristic unreadable eyes, a hand passively resting on Salome's large form. The orange-head observed his brother carefully. Lately the emperor had been much like his old self—cold, distant, guarded—even when he was significantly kinder than before.

But now, they were so close to Luffy again, over a year later, and he couldn't be any happier for his brother. The Emperor's hair had grown considerably the past two years—from shiny ebony with length not extending his collar bone, to full length hair extending to his waist.

He was wearing his favorite vermillion button-less robe, ornated by the green symbol of the Kuja tribe, its form fitting design to show-off his well-built form. On his shoulders hung a white cape with golden epaulette, and his ears adorned by golden snake-shaped earrings. It was one of his best attires, Marigold knew, and it was without a doubt because he was seeing Luffy-chan again after so long.

They were admiring their eldest's calm and cool demeanor, a mixture of relief etched on their smiles. They wordlessly observed the Emperor together after that, though this time with warmth dominating amusement. Ever since he was hardened by his experiences as a slave—force fed devil fruits for entertainment, having to care for two younger siblings as a mere ten-year-old—they never would've thought he'd fall for the infamous love sickness.

They had watched it all: From Hancock's hatred towards the intruder—especially for seeing his mark and being immune to his charms—to Luffy's breaking of his defenses It was Glorio, and—for some reason—he was nodding at his statement. As emperor he should be getting himself a harem by now, and you—his brothers—should as well. Luffy-san is definitely not one to settle.

Him moving on is ideal, indeed—" But then they heard an annoyed scream-like groan. The emperor was still not pleased. The crew walked down to see Rayleigh, sitting on a rock, obviously there to greet them. Though they all frown at the absence of a certain rubber girl. They didn't need to voice it out since Rayleigh was already chuckling in understanding. How long do you want me to wait you damned old man!

His eyes twitched and he opened his mouth to blurt out anything curses, mostly that came to mind. Hancock soon realized what happened and he frowned, stomping to the forest ahead of them, only to be stopped by a rather large stone in front of him, flying from the sky. Boa Hancock, however, was very displeased. It is something important regarding Luffy. Still, all of the fumes inside him disappeared like puff of smoke when he heard of a voice.

Luffy still looked as she had—pretty, pure, and bright.

boa hancock and luffy meet again guilty

The only difference was that her hair was slightly longer and her garterized tube top covered more than just her upper body—his nosebleed promptly stopped by the sight of the massive x-shaped scar made by that damned Akainu. If he only had the power to kill that magma guy, he would have, but he didn't and he didn't want to add to the death toll Luffy would have had to carry for the rest of her life.

She was still wearing a cardigan, albeit its sleeves covered her whole arm and was a lot less form-fitting, he noted, but he was okay with that. He also noticed she was holding a large violet fruit. What was it for he wondered, but every step she took closer his curiosity for anything else disappeared. Luffy had been smiling as she was approaching to begin with—making his heart beat even faster—but when her eyes ended up to him, she beamed—making his heart stop completely. He was weak on the knees, feeling powerless, yet he didn't mind at all.

Your hair got so long, Hammock! She eyed his raven locks and then she tilted her head up to meet his eyes with her enticingly large ones.

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It took a moment for the implications to sink in and he lost his breath completely. Marguro, the sartor, reluctantly lent her his scissors and pretty much everyone watched on to see if there was going to be any blood. As the snips echoed around him, more and more of his raven locks cut down, he felt his a bit closer to his beloved. Then he hears a tearing sound.

She scratched her head apologetically, guilt adorably written on her face. His hair was now angled, with the front considerably longer than the back side which reached the top of the neck. Marguro, apparently guilty his tool was used, immediately volunteered to fix it.

We can fix—" "I refuse! And I look better since Luffy made it so! Only it went slower somehow, because her friend Hammock wouldn't stop calling her his wife. It's a rule that I get any woman I desire to take as my wife. Eventually, Luffy managed to run long enough to lose the Emperor, find Rayleigh—who was then sitting coolly at a baluster and drinking sake that jerk —and yell at his face.

Then he recalled telling him about her crew mates—both to stop him from shocking Luffy by finding her in the forest and to escape Boa's impending and endless mumblings of worry when the time for them to part again would come. Rayleigh only told him that the crew all cared about her deeply, and were willing to sacrifice themselves for her.

It was true, anyway, and he genuinely thought it would calm the boy's heart and head. Then came a question: