Cosette and marius first meet

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cosette and marius first meet

Those two characters are Marius and Cosette from Les Mis. When you first meet Cosette, she is lodging with the Thenardiers and she is eight. Oct 21, Jean Valjean talking to Cosette, at the Luxembourg Gardens - the first meeting point for Marius and Cosette. Inspired by the book. By Isabel. Victor Hugo — 'Cosette, in her seclusion, like Marius in his, was all ready to held love as two clouds hold lightning, and which were to meet and mingle in a.

Marius quickly heads to the police and notifies Javert of the situation, making an arrangement to stay quiet in his apartment and fire a gun into the air once all of the members of the Patron-Minette have gathered. Over the next few days, Marius visits the home and eventually meets Ursule in the courtyard.

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Marius returns Valjean's hankerchief to her, thinking it was hers, to which the duo laugh, introduce each other's names, and their relationship blossoms for weeks by nightly visits in the courtyard. Eventually, Cosette tells Marius about the move, causing much distress for the pair. Marius goes to Gillenormand to try to reconcile and to get permission to marry Cosette.

However, after Gillenormand simply rebuffs his love as a passing fling, Marius storms out of the house, insulted. As Gavroche rushes to deliver the letter he bumps into, and recognizes, a disguised Javert and exposes him in front of the Friends of the ABC.

Marius confirms this, and aids in tying up Javert to one of the poles at the Corinthe. Valjean carefully exits the scene carrying an injured and unconscious Marius over his shoulders through the sewers of Paris, eventually reaching the exit. Once Valjean leaves the sewers, Javert is waiting for him, to which Valjean pleads to bring Marius home to Gillenormand's before being taken away, to which Javert agrees.

Once his task is complete, Javert lets Valjean go, much to his surprise. Post-Revolution and Benefactor Searching Edit A month later, Marius is still bedridden, and desperate to know of the status of his compatriots, unaware that they have all been killed.

He also ponders how he ended up back home, and who brought him back. One day, Cosette is allowed to visit Marius, to which the duo share a happy and tearful reunion. During this time, Marius also attempts to gain information about the barricade through her, to which Cosette relunctantly confesses that his compatriots all perished at the barricade. Marius demands to visit the barricade for himself, to which Gillenormand agrees, so long as Cosette accompanies him, which she does.

cosette and marius first meet

At the Corinthe, Marius feels that he has betrayed everyone, for not having stuck through until the end, during which he has a vision of Enjolras, who informs him that he survived because there are tasks he has yet to accomplish, and for him to "witness their future".

Cosetts consoles him further by mentioning that although her mother died before she could see her, she still talks to her of the sad and happy times, as well as of Marius, and that as long as she is alive, nothing has ended in terms of their relationship.

Marius thinks this over, and accepts that the Friends of the ABC will always be will him in spirit, and that their relationship hasn't changed, despite the group's death. A few months later, Marius and Cosette set off around Paris to find Marius' benefactor. After asking around the carriage drivers, they finally locate Guillaume, the carriageman who escorted Valjean, Javert, and the unconscious Marius back to Gillenormand's.

Guillaume marvels to see Marius alive, and states that it was Javert who flagged down his carriage at the Seine, taking them first to Marius's place, then Cosette's.

He also mentions that as it was dark out, and what with the chaos of the revolution, he didn't get a good look at his savior's face.

cosette and marius first meet

Later that night, Marius notes how the location of the barricade compared to where he boarded the carriage are too far apart, which leads him to wonder if it were possible if a strong man such as Valjean might have carried him through the sewers.

The next day, Marius and Cosette reunite with Gavroche at Cosette's, much to Marius's surprise to find him alive. Later during sunset in the Luxembourg Gardens, despite their dead end, Marius vows to continue the search for his benefactor, and declares that once he passes his upcoming bar exam, he will move out of Gillenormand's to live independantly and use his status as a lawyer to help the poor people, stating that he is sure Enjolras and the other Friends of the ABC would approve of this.

Marius then proposes to Cosette, to which she accepts. The Wedding and Afterwards Edit In February ofthe wedding occurs, and the day after the ceremony, Valjean requests to see Marius alone. It is then that Valjean reveals his past life to Marius, along with his true identity as Jean Valjean. Marius is unsure of how to respond to the revelation, as Valjean states that he must leave Paris, and that Cosette must not know of his whereabouts just yet. Marius doesn't have much of a chance to respond, as he is momentarily distracted by his aunt, and, once his back is turned for a moment, Valjean has gone.

One year later, Cosette receives a letter from Valjean requesting that she and Marius travel to the village of Auvergne. There, they meet a terminally ill Valjean, who finally reveals his past life to Cosette and bequiths his silver candlesticks to Marius and Cosette before he peacefully dies. Around three years later, Marius and Cosette are seen walking down the same pathway Cosette had with her mother at the beginning of the series, but with their own daughterbringing the story to the end at full circle.

cosette and marius first meet

Differences from the Novel Edit Appearance-wise, Marius has straight golden brown hair, while in the novel, he is described as having short dark curly hair After Valjean reveals his past, Marius doesn't have much time to say anything in response before Valjean leaves while his back is turned, distracted. They continue to meet in secret.

The same night, Cosette informs Marius that she and Valjean will be departing for England soon. This news devastates them both, because it will mean the end of their relationship.

Marius briefly attempts to obtain money and permission to marry from his grandfather to circumvent this issue. Their discussion dissolves into a heated argument stemming from the grandfather's suggestion to "Make her Cosette your Marius' mistress", and Marius storms out.

Valjean considers this in horror for a few days, then informs Cosette they will move to their other house and will be in England in a week. Cosette quickly writes a letter to Marius with this information. Marius writes a farewell letter to Cosette, which is delivered to Valjean by Gavroche. After the battle is over, he takes Marius' unconscious body through the sewers. After, quite literally, dragging Marius through quicksand in the sewer, Valjean finally manages to get Marius through the sewers alive.

Javert helps Valjean return Marius to his grandfather's house, and Valjean requests to be brought home to say goodbye to Cosette before being sent back to the galleys.

cosette and marius first meet

Javert allows it, and when Valjean instinctively looks out the window, Javert is gone. We later find out that Valjean's sparing his life at the barricade had caused a moral paradox and that Javert had gone to throw himself into the Seine. After Marius' six-month recovery from his wounds, he is reunited with Cosette. Wedding and afterwards[ edit ] Cosette bids farewell to Valjean after her marriage On February 16,Marius and Cosette marry.

The next morning, Valjean tells Marius of his criminal past. Marius asks him to leave him and Cosette. He then allows Valjean to visit her each evening, but makes those visits increasingly difficult until Valjean stops coming. While Marius, assuming the worst about Valjean's character, searches for the real origin of Cosette's money, Valjean loses the will to live and becomes bedridden. As Marius looks on, Valjean tells Cosette the story of her mother Fantine and how he came to be her guardian.

Character role[ edit ] Critics have often considered Cosette to be something of an empty figure, with no real independent character apart from the role she plays in the lives of others: Grossman remarks, she brings out the "hatred of humanity" that is typical of Hugo's villains.

Mario Vargas Llosa says of her relationship to Marius, Now the love between these two is completely ethereal; the sex drive has been surgically removed so that their relationship can be purely one of feeling. Before the wedding the young people exchange one kiss, which is not repeated because, as the narrator says, neither Marius nor Cosette was aware of the existence of carnal desire The dialogue between these two virtuous lovers is as unreal as their amorous behavior.

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For this reason, the episodes where the two lovers talk to each other are the most artificial moments in the novel. She is the primary motivation for several characters in the novel to lift themselves out of darkness, regardless of whether or not they succeed.

cosette and marius first meet

For this reason the picture of her sweeping the inn in the evening is often the image most associated as being singularly representative of the main themes of the book, and is used frequently on the cover.

Cosette can be seen as a strong female lead in the novel, aiming to achieve happiness ultimately in her life.

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Ultimately, with Marius, she succeeds in doing so. She can be seen as restrained by the time in which she lived, but still full of hopeful innocence and subtle strength.

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