Harold and kumar meet freak show clown

42 Terrifying Facts About American Horror Story

harold and kumar meet freak show clown

Krusty Doll, "The Simpsons" () This killer clown is low on the horror scale Twisty, "American Horror Story: Freak Show" () For all the. Pepper, a character from Asylum, crossed over into Freak Show, suggesting that the Emma Roberts and Evan Peters first met on the set of their movie Adult World, . Twisty the murderous clown from Freak Show was largely panned by it down because they'd already done that in A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas. According to the film poster and DVD cover art, Freakshow is banned in 43 Like its predecessors, Freak Show was met with mostly positive reviews, a more . Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle is a American stoner comedy film and .. create three underlings, which he dubs new evil clowns, Punchy, Freakshow.

He would kill young female guests in macabre ways, and then remove their organs and bones to sell for medical use.

harold and kumar meet freak show clown

The fictional hotel owner James March was based on Holmes, and like his true-life counterpart, he also used the secret rooms in the hotel to carry out his gruesome murders.

Who Do You Want to Play? When Lange wanted to sing and play a drunk, he created Sister Jude in season two, who did both of those things. When Lange wanted to play a sophisticated Chanel-wearing woman, he made her season three character Fiona a picture of elegance. Lange also drew from her real-life interest in circuses of the s to play Elsa Mars, the owner of the freak show in season four. Freakish Soundtrack Although Freak Show took place inMurphy chose to use songs that were released after for a very deliberate reason.

The songs he chose were all recorded by people who were either considered to be freaks or who thought of themselves that way, which fit perfectly with the freak show theme. Not surprisingly, the evil face eventually drove him insane, and he was committed to Bedlam Asylum before escaping to join the freak show.

Unlike most of the other characters, Mordrake is unique because he is not an AHS creation. Mordrake is also the central character in a Victorian urban legend who kills himself by taking poison when the whispers become too much.

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American Horror Story Wiki a Seeing Double James Cromwell portrayed the physician and administrator at Briarcliff Manor Asylumand his look-alike son John played a younger version of the character in flashbacks. In fact, Lambchop had to miss a few episodes of AHS because of her busy shooting schedule for the sitcom Suburgatory. Dropping Hints Series creator Ryan Murphy has an ingenious way of dropping hints about the theme of the next season of American Horror Story within the current season.

How exactly Murphy will bring them back has yet to be seen, but fans are pretty excited nonetheless. Group of Nine American Horror Story has certainly had no shortage of talented actors. As actor Chris Zylka learned, refusing to do something for your AHS role results in being shown the door. Zylka was supposed to appear in two episodes of Asylum as a deaf, mute patient, but when he refused to shave his head, he was dismissed from the show and the character was written out.

The pair did end up appearing in Freak Show, but regretfully had to turn down roles in the following season due to conflicts with their schedules. Commitments to her series Nashville prevented her from playing a role in Coven, but she and co-star Dylan McDermott, who portrayed her husband, will reprise their roles in season eight. I can even smoke one of this God's wonder on a plane without those plane marshals or some stupid old racist lady catching me, Kumar stated while he giggled.

Just throw the bong away and apologize to them, Harold nervously asked Kumar while looking at the two big men. No way man, they are the one who hurt me here, they should be the one apologizing to me, I'm gonna sue your asses and your "No Smoking Cigarette-but not marijuana and if you still smoke marijuana we're still going to kick your ass by these two overgrown white freaks of America" restaurant and then you can kiss my brown ass after the hearing trial, Kumar shouted.

Oh for God sake! Kumar, let's just go its getting dark soon, I really don't have time for your crap man, Harold pulls Kumar's arm while walking away from the scene. Kumar turned his back to them and yelled while giving them a middle finger. This is not the last time you going to see me again, you hear me? I shall be back just like what General McArthur told to those Filipinos, oh yeah! I know my history quite well, Kumar yells. What the hell are you saying man? You're not a Filipino, Harold said.

Well, I'm close to them; you know Filipinos are like first cousin of Indians, so it's all good man.

harold and kumar meet freak show clown

Harold sighed, let's just go home man. The two friends continued their argument while walking on their way home. So how was the date with that Korean chick man? Did you let her touch your sausage? All grown up and shit, letting some Korean chick touch your wiener and nuggets, Kumar asked with a big silly grin on his face.

harold and kumar meet freak show clown

That is just disgusting man! Mhing Lei and I are just co-workers and we only had a glass of smoothies while discussing about the marketing plan for the next month budget and besides she is not Korean, she's from Thailand, Harold explained.

Oh who gives a rat's ass! Korean, Thais, Taiwanese, Chinese it's all the same man, you guys have all chinky eyes. Man, now who is being a racist here huh? Harold angrily pointed his finger at Kumar Oh cry me a river Jet Li. I was joking, and look at you! Already planning for the next month budget, ain't that so responsible of you as a family man, "oooohh Harold and Mhing Lei sitting on a tree F-U-C-" "Yarrrgghhhh" a loud scream that came from the dark alley interrupted their conversation.

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What the hell was that man? Harold asked Kumar while grabbing Kumar's arm. Dude, stop being a fag man, It's probably some old fart who is having a heart-attack while watching porn; It happens all the time, trust me. Harold said while he was still hugging Kumar's arm Oh come on dude, that's just a typical life of an old-aged man, pretty much your Dad watches porn too while your Mom is away, heck, even while your mom is sleeping.

Come on let's check it out Ahh i don't really have time for this crap of yours Kumar. They ran toward the dark alley where they heard the scream and to their shock, they saw a huge man in a bloody trench coat, around 6'5", bald and have pale skin, feeding on a lifeless body of an old-aged man.

Asked Kumar to Harold who almost dropped his jaw on what they have witnessed. Oh my god, so I was right! He was an old aged man, Kumar added. No screw that Kumar! That guy is doing a Hannibal Lecter on that poor bastard! We need to call the police. As soon as Kumar is about to reach his phone in his pocket, his phone rang, playing the famous Disco Stick song by Lady Gaga.


The huge creature heard the music and turned his head backward. What the hell man? Oh god oh god oh god, he freaking saw us man, that thing just turned his head degree! Kumar answered his phone. Oh you freaking Jewish, man! It's only Rosenberg, hey Rosen! Sup man, you're not gonna believe what we just saw here this big dude just did a Hanni Oh god what the hell!.

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I think my ears are bleeding! We need to get away in here man, let's go. Kumar takes Harold to a hospital where Kumar's father and older brother work.

harold and kumar meet freak show clown

Kumar steals ID badges to obtain medical marijuanabut after being mistaken for his brother, Kumar is forced to perform surgery on a gunshot victim and, after the surgery, the patient tells them how to reach White Castle. Kumar spots Maria at a movie theatre, and decides to get her attention so Harold can talk to her, but Harold panics and crashes the car.

They are rescued by Freakshow, a tow-truck driver, who takes them to his house to repair their car.

42 Terrifying Facts About American Horror Story

Harold and Kumar are propositioned by Freakshow's surprisingly alluring wife, but after Freakshow suggests a foursomeHarold and Kumar flee in disgust. Kumar picks up a hitchhiker, Neil Patrick Harriswho is high on ecstasy. Harold and Kumar go into a convenience store to get directions and Harris drives away in their car.

The duo are then harassed by a racist police officer for jaywalking.

harold and kumar meet freak show clown

Harold attempts to punch Kumar for antagonizing the officer, but ends up punching the officer instead, resulting in his arrest. Kumar fakes a call to distract the police and breaks into the station to free Harold. After Harold and Kumar flee the pair encounters an escaped cheetah.