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Percy Jackson & House Of Anubis Crossover fanfic 2 weeks into the school year The students where home so we got to meet our boarding buddies. Maybe amber or Fabian nina is one as you know daughter of Apollo. Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination What happens when it lead him to Anubis House? Follow Sibuna and What I noticed is that Nina and Percy just met and they're acting like brother and sister. I was still a Then Mara, Joy, Alfie, Jerome, and Fabian walked through the front door. (Only Jerome, Alfie, Willow, Patricia, Nina, Fabian, Eddie, Amber, and Mara) Definite Crossover - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Het Huis Anubis/ House of Along the way she meets new friends and together they try to uncover the.

Ok to clarify any confusion. Chapter one Nina, has arrived at the house. Chapter 2 you go back to May, to get the start of the demigods POV: Nina tells her story again. Sweet says in in italics while what nina says is in bold. Before Eddie could respond Patricia yelled, "Eddison Sweet, what do you think you're doing?

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Then Sarah let out a cry. She bolted out of the room. He was almost crying. I felt bad but I had to go to Sarah. I ran through a door next to my bed. I went and checked on her. She was still sleeping. I grabbed one of the golden drachma that Annabeth gave me.

I was tempted to call her but because it's, like 5: I put it down and went down stairs. Everybody was glad I was back. Fabian was not around, and Patricia was crying in a corner.

I sat down at the table in my spot, when Fabian asked Jerome to switch places. I was a little hurt. Trudy said, "I'll get her. Nina you should start explaining. I know there have been many question about me since my gran died. During the next week I started feeling very sick.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Het Huis Anubis/House of Anubis Crossover | FanFiction

Throwing up like every morning. Then we left to go to America for the funeral. After the funeral was over Mr. Percy goes Demigod Hunting! What happens when it lead him to Anubis House? Follow Sibuna and friends as they go through the highs and lows as children of the Gods. If I did, Neddie would happen and Percy would have to fave Zeus! I have HOA-syndrome and I'm proud!

I'm back for a new year at Anubis House! I get to see Mick, Mara, Jerome, and Sibuna! I also can't wait to see Eddie. I know what you're thinking. Why would you be excited to see Eddie? Well, we grew closer over the summer. We're practically best friends. Plus, he moved into my neighborhood. The weird thing is that I've been feeling like I'm being followed. I am trying to forget about all of this. I will finally have a normal stay here.

I just got off the train to see the person I have been waiting to see. We ran into each other and hugged. He picked me up and spun me around. I've missed you so much! I asked Will you go out with me? He said really slowly YES! I yelled He kissed me and picked me up carried me on his back to the house just keep it a secret I want to see if amber will ask you out or mara.

Ok babe he put me down and we ran to catch up with the group Chapter 2 We walked back to the house and sat down in percys room. Guys I have a hunch that amber is a daughter of Aphrodite Nina said Definitley maybe Fabian and mara are Athena annabeth said Possibly I said I will ask the questions like the Athenians do to find out if you're a daughter or son of Athena I will ask Fabian and you mara?

I told annabeth Sure lets go we walked out I found Fabian in the common room Hey Fabian can I ask you something Sure Do you have a step mother or no mom yes why No reason next question are you afraid of spiders Oh my gods yes Did you just say gods? Yea why No reason Then I looked up I saw a golden light coming from above Fabian it was an owl in a olive tree Ok so Fabian do you believe in greek gods No they are myths right?

No my dad is Poseidon and your mom is… Athena I said No way this isn't happening Now listen Fabian you cant tell anyone that you're a demigod because I am one daughter of Poseidon so is nina and eddie and annabeth and will and percy Well who are their parents Nina is Apollo will is Apollo eddie is ares annabeth is your sister and percy is Poseidon Ask them if you don't believe me Fine I believe you I lead him to eddies room and will told me to do the saying Great I said All Hail Fabian Rutter Son Of Athena The author would like to thank you for your continued support.