Inuyasha kagome meet miroku and sango

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inuyasha kagome meet miroku and sango

Sango stepped in, slipping off her sandals and looked around amazedly. . Kagome and Inuyasha walked upstairs, seeing that Sango, Miroku. On their journey, Inuyasha and Kagome meet Shippo, a young fox demon who Kaede leads Inuyasha and Miroku to a nearby cave that featured in her and Believing him to be her enemy, Sango seeks Inuyasha in a misguided quest for. , - Both are when Miroku, Sango, and Kagome are dying. - This episode is again, more for laughs, as InuYasha meets Kagome's friends, and I like.

Being a hanyou I wasn't blessed with having my heritage concealed like my father and older brother, nope I had dog ears that showed the world that I was only a half demon.

It use to get me into some scraps with other demons who thought I was weak cuz I was only half…. I was trained well by both my father and brother, what I lack in power I make up for it in brute force and determination. As we passed by the ocean I roll down the windows and inhale the salty clean air of the ocean. More than the scent, I wanted to clean the air in the car, I had to go the school tomorrow and I didn't want to get in the car with Kikyos scent still in it.

I turn up the music and turn her out wishing once more that I could find my mate. I was tired of all this bullshit, tired of the phony girls hanging around me all the time and tired of all of them only getting close to me because of my money or looks.

I wanted to find my true mate, the one who would be my companion, who would look at me and see me…the real me. I looked at Kikyo in the rearview mirror as she touched up her make up then moved to 'fluff' up her boobs even though they were almost sticking out of her black tight halter top.

I sighed, and wondered what kind of girl my mate would be? Would she be sporty? Every time I tried to picture what she would look like I always came up blank. I really wouldn't matter what she looked like, it would be her scent that will attract me first. As I turned into parking lot of the movie theater I realized just how much I was ready to meet her. Right" I say as I walked over to him and take it and swig it around me while he eyes it with in true interest. Don't girls your age want designer stuff?

He carried this thing with him everywhere while he was at collage then afterwards, I always felt like its good luck somehow" I say as I nod my approval that he was now presentable.

I see Souta shaking his head at me "Honestly…. My brother just landed a new position at the local hospital as director, I was so proud of him but I still think he needs to find a girlfriend.

I loved him to death and he spoiled me rotten. When dad died Souta took over and made sure we never wanted for anything. My mother had received a very large payment from dad's retirement and life insurance, while Souta studied and sweated to get the position he has now. I was a jack of all trades. I painted, made and design my own jewelry which was now a catalog company and made music.

I was a creative person at heart and felt more at home being in an art studio than around girly girls. I got into my mini cooper that had several black swirl decals around the body, It was a present from my brother when I turned 15 and I wouldn't trade it in for anything.

I turned on my GPS navigation and punched in the school address, it wouldn't do me any good if I got lost on my first day. I blasted on one of my favorite indie rock bands and texted my cousin Sango I meet me by the front of the school. Moving to San Diego was all worth it since I get to have my cousin close, we haven't gone to the same school in years and I was happy that I was going to have a friendly face once more.

My family moved here from Phoenix, Arizona and from I was told the private school I was going to attend had a lot of demons. I wasn't used to being around so many demons since Arizona wasn't exactly a demon friendly state.

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The few demons that did live there where cool as far as I was concerned. I got to meet a lot of them during my art shows in the downtown district every first Friday of the month when artist around the metropolitan area would gather around to show case their art.

inuyasha kagome meet miroku and sango

Oh well I thought as I made my way into the parking lot and smiled when I noticed Sango's SUV and parked next to it, I just have to make the best of it. Shit, what the fuck was I thinking when I screwed her last night? She was one of those very few females that I considered a friend. She was one of those rare human women who didn't look at me to either want to sleep with me for money or to trick me into mating with them for the family name. I shook my head at him, Miroku always had a major crush on the tall, willowy brunette, but she never gave him the light of day.

Today is her first day here" she said then smiled to someone behind me. So Sango's cousin was transferring here, well that must mean that she comes from money. Oceanside Academy was a private school and was reserved for those who could afford to come here.

Great…just what this school needs, another rich snotty girl. When I turned around to take a look at what Sango's cousin looked like, I felt like a was sucker punched.

Dear gods in heaven. She had to be the most beautiful girl I ever seen. Long black wavy hair fell all the way down to her waist framing an angelic heart shaped face with large cobalt blue eyes, full pucker pink lips and a small button nose.

While ever girl here in school would starve themselves to look like fucking stick figures, this woman was so deliciously curvy that I almost groaned out loud. She had on a beige lacy cut dress that was off the shoulders, a belt on her lower hips while the short skirt fell in tiers to her mid thighs.

It would have looked slutty on a tall girl but this girl was so petite that it only added a certain cuteness to her. When she reached my side I had the urge to smile. The top of her head only reached my shoulders; I always had a thing for short girls. They spoke to a very protective side of my demon in the way they always seemed to need extra protection. Then her scent hit me.

She had the most intoxicating scent I have ever come across. It was like vanilla bean, warm caramel and cinnamon…. I felt my mouth water, wanting nothing more than to snatch her away until I reached my bedroom and lick every inch of her soft skin. I have never had such a strong reaction to any woman before; I eyed her with a frown.

Could she possibly be my mate? Sorry about him, he's the schools biggest pervert" said Sango then looked at me "anyways, this is InuYasha" She looked at me with the warmest sincerest smile that I couldn't help but to smile back at her.

I laughed, what was it with girls and my ears? I ignored the looks I was getting from people in the court yard. No doubt rumors were going to be flying by the afternoon, the football captain and the new girl, people needed to mind their own fucking business.

Our school was made up of several bungalows that over looked to ocean, since California weather was always nice we didn't have enclosed hallways but court yards with trees and green grass everywhere.

Sango came up so that she could walk besides her while I walked on the other side of her. Kagome scoffed "You try living in a state that is only made up of rocks…it's not fun, not to mention that you can't go outside during the months of June through September without fear of heat stroke" Sango put an arm around her shoulders making me want to bit it off.

When did I become so possessive? I bet there is gonna be a line of guys just itching to ask you out…look at you! You got gorgeous girl" That line of guys was going to grow very short very soon if I had my say in it. I saw Kagome roll her eyes at Sango "Whatever Sango…I don't spend my time fluffing myself up for some man" She was perfect. After she got her new schedule I was thrilled that she had most of her classes with me except for advanced art and creative writing. Kagome watched Kikyo with an open shocked expression as the stupid bimbo plastered herself to me and tried to kiss me.

She was like a fucking leach! Kikyo pouted at me "Why are you being so mean? I thought we had fun last night? I wanted longing as her she walked away talking to Sango, her hips swaying in the most provocative way that it was making my tint a bit red.

She had the finest looking little ass I have ever seen…. Yeah, she should be jealous, Kagome is ten times more gorgeous than Kikyo will ever be and she noticed it as well. I felt my demon come full front swiftly and ugly, I grabbed her arm and shoved her away from me. I have no intentions on making you my mate, and if you ever call Kagome by any other name except Kagome around me….

I walked away from her stunned expression with Miroku walking right beside me. I sniffed the air and found her soft vanilla smell in the direction of our first class. It smoothed my demon that I we were soon going to be close to her again. I don't know how it's suppose feel when we meet our mate…. I don't want anyone talking to her, looking at her or touching her. I never knew I was so possessive before…I've never been like this with any other girl before" "Dude…you better talk to your dad when you get home then" "Yeah" I said absently as I walked in to the class and saw her sitting next to Sango, the two were laughing a talking.

Her laugh reached my sensitive ears making a growl vibrate in my chest. It was so melodic and carefree, there wasn't a hint of artifice in it, and it was as pure as she seemed to be. The fact that she was untouched by any man made my demon purr in contentment. I couldn't remember the last time I had ran into a women who was still a virgin and the fact that she was made me even more protective of her.

Her seat was right in front of mine which meant that I would be able to smell her sweet scent though the whole period. I walked over to my seat and placed my messenger bag on the floor, when I noticed hers. Of course she wouldn't have a designer bag; it didn't seem to fit her personality now that I got a good whiff of who she was. Her bag was a leather tan bag that seemed very masculine for her, the leather was soft and faded from how old it was but it looked like she really took care of it too.

I wondered who it used to belong to? Maybe I could ask her later. She didn't wear those annoying perfumes either, I was extremely glad for it too. My nose was sensitive and sometimes these girls go out of hand on the spaying.

When Goshinki breaks Tessaiga, he provides Inuyasha's demon lineage the opportunity to take over. Goshinki struggles to read the now feral and blood-lustful Inuyasha before he is completely ripped apart with only his head remaining. Juromaru and Kageromaru[ edit ] Voiced by: While the more human-like Juromaru is like a berserker who is normally shackled with a mask covering his mouth, the parasitic Kageromaru uses his sickled arms to kill Naraku before being placed in his brother's stomach.

Acting through a puppet, Naraku later removes the restraints on Juromaru so he and Kageromaru can slaughter Inuyasha's group and Koga; however, the two fail and are killed. Originally faceless and without memory of his past, Onigumo took the face and name of a wandering monk. Eventually with Kagura watching on Naraku's order, Muso ventures to Kikyo's former village and regains his memories of Onigumo and desires for Kikyo.

He sees Kagome with Inuyasha and fights in order to possess Kagome. However, as the demons composing his body are beginning to break away because his human aspect is removed, Naraku is left with no choice but to reabsorb Muso back into his body. The Infant and Moryomaru[ edit ] Moryomaru voiced by: It is later revealed that the Infant's appearance was intentional by Naraku as he expected the detachment to be as devious as himself.

His goal was to use Kagome to find the remaining shards of the Shikon Jewel. He finds her jealousy of Inuyasha's feelings for Kikyo, but Inuyasha saves her before the Infant can control her. Because the Infant possesses his heart, Naraku had the infant placed under much protection. Over time, however, the Infant and Hakudoshi conspired to destroy Naraku while making themselves the dominant aspect of his being.

While Moryomaru was originally a puppet, he gains a mind of his own when the Infant is placed inside of him. Acting as a medium of the Infant's will to become a dominant aspect of Naraku, Moryomaru goes to absorb different demons to increase his power to the point of nearly defeating most of Naraku's enemies when they ganged up on him as he destroyed Tokijin before running off.

However, Moryomaru meets his end when tricked into absorbing Naraku, enabling him to reabsorb the Infant and consume Moryomaru from the inside out. As they were originally one, Hakudoshi possesses many the Infant's abilities while unable to be killed directly as he does not possesses Naraku's heart. Hakudoshi also acquired the demon horse Entei before the steed was killed by Inuyasha.

Like Naraku himself, Hakudoshi is sadistic and loves to cause chaos Voiced by: As Byakuya was designed to only exist as long as Naraku lives, his body can be severely damaged when Naraku suffers mortal injuries.

Originally, his purpose is to observe Inuyasha and Moryomaru's growing powers and report back to Naraku, gradually becoming more active in his creator's plans. During Inuyasha's final battle with Naraku, Byakuya uses the bladeless sword he carried on his person to absorb Inuyasha's stray Meido Zangetsuha to carry out his task: Though hit by Inuyasha's Meido Zangetsuha at point blank range, Byakuya accepts his fate as he achieved his purpose.

The anime gives some insight into Entei's background which was completely unexplored in the manga. Entei first appears to a rather powerful halberd-wielding ogre demon named Rengokuki who fought off hordes of demons with ease and had a strong will.

Recognizing his strength, Entei offers him his servitude and the two become a feared duo. He was destroyed by Inuyasha. They are resurrected undead manipulated by Naraku through Shikon Jewel shards to hold off his enemies during his time at Mount Hakurei.

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Though human, Kyokotsu has developed a taste for demons. Kyokotsu terrorizes the wolf-demon tribes before being defeated by Koga in battle, who pulls out his Shikon shard and returns him to the dead. A gay homicidal woman-haterwho wears women's kimonos and who sadistically kills his male opponents as a sign of affection. Jakotsu is armed with a snake-like sword which has segmented retractable blades that reach a great distance and bend at a moment's notice, making it difficult for an opponent to calculate his next move.

inuyasha kagome meet miroku and sango

The fight leaves Jakotsu severely weakened and Renkotsu uses the opportunity to steal his Shikon shard. He abducts Kagome out of lust, attempting to rape her the anime depicts him initiating a wedding ceremony before Miroku and Sango come to their friend's aid. Though he succeeds in poisoning the human heroes, Mukotsu is killed by Sesshomaru. Renkotsu is the band's most intelligent member and secretly acts against Bankotsu by stealing their comrades' Shikon shards for his use.

When Bankotsu learns of this, he kills Renkotsu. Renkotsu maintains Ginkotsu's mechanical body, before it is destroyed by Inuyasha.

inuyasha kagome meet miroku and sango

Renkotsu then rebuilds Ginkotsu into a tank-like body. Eventually, Koga causes Ginkotsu to self-destruct by clogging his cannon with a piece of Renkotsu's armor. Ginkotsu's jewel shard is subsequently used by Renkotsu to heal his wounds.