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Restaurant Franchise Advantages and Disadvantages

meet and eat franchise

The concept was launched in early and the pub company and brewer expect to have 40 sites operating by April However Greene. Low cost fast food franchise in India is now offered by Meat and Eat. Be a franchisee and get better opportunity to grow your own business. Greene King has been brewing ale for over years and has branched into a successful franchise, now owning various franchises in the form of pubs.

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Greene King continue to support the fire brigade by having four employees who are on-call firefighters. The Franchise System Greene King recognise that franchisees are very important to their success. However they emphasis a crucial factor. The franchisee needs to fit in with the right pub.

Character, personality and values are all important when creating a pub with character. While the selection of franchisee is very important, the company does offer the newbie much advice and support to get going.

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The franchisee will first work with a Business Development Manager who will guide them through the first stages of the business. By using suppliers that Greene King have already connected with, the franchisee has access to a huge range of products all at the right price. Go Create is another feature of the company that the franchisee can benefit from.

meet and eat franchise

They produce artwork for any occasion, no matter what the promotion or marketing strategy is. Training programmes are also provided, where the new owner is shown the ropes in running the day to day business as well as shown how to develop and handle future plans and financial situations.

This familiarity and reputation allows an owner to instantly take over a franchise, without needing to start from scratch to gain a customer base. Recognition also lends itself to the psychology behind why restaurant franchises tend to succeed more so than independent ownership.

meet and eat franchise

A franchise becomes linked with an already established brand, and customers then associate this brand with a certain level of quality that they come to know and expect. Customers thrive on consistency and knowing they can get the exact same product or service from any franchise location, and take comfort that they are less at risk when spending money since they already know what to anticipate.

Restaurant franchise owners will be providing customers the same menu, operating hours, design, layout, policies, prices, and services that customers would be able to find in the same franchise hundreds of miles away.

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Despite the many benefits of a pre-established reputation, instant brand recognition can be a double-edged sword. In-Depth Training Process Franchisees can expect a very comprehensive training process before being able to launch their restaurants. This advantage allows a restaurant owner to learn all the key steps that will lead them to a successful business, something that an independent restaurant owner will likely never receive.

meet and eat franchise

Depending on the amount of past industry experience of the franchisee, training programs can last from a few days to a few months. The purpose of the training program is to provide the new owner with absolutely everything they need to know to be able to own and operate a profitable business.

meet and eat franchise

Classroom work, shadowing, and on-the-job training are aspects a franchisee can expect to take part in while training. The first piece of knowledge an owner will learn is the franchise operations manual.