Meet mike and amy

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meet mike and amy

In late April, Mike told Amy that they were going to meet a friend of his down at the Seattle waterfront for a day out on his friend's boat. Surprise surprise, the. Mike & Amy Melbourne Wedding Photographers. Not too long ago Mike & I were privileged to capture the wedding of Meet the team. Amy, Mike and Marty are all surfing buddies. Amy is the sassy one of the bunch and she's usually found around her mobile phone, catching up on all the gossip.

Mike and Amy Photographers is a boutique wedding photography studio that is based in Coffs Harbour and services areas as far north as Brisbane, as south as Sydney and as far west as Tamworth. We also love to capture newborns, gorgeous expectant mums and cute little families. Mike and I are a husband and wife team of photographers.

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We shoot weddings together and independently. We are both natural light photographers and use little to no artificial lighting in our images.

‘What If We Get Married?’ Series Premiere Recap: Meet the Couples

We believe that well chosen natural light makes for beautiful images that simply cannot be recreated with the use of artificial lighting. We both love to photograph weddings — they are probably our favourite form of photography.

However, we also love newborn, maternity and family photos. I personally adore vintage themed weddings; these seemed to be really popular this wedding season, and we have had a fantastic time shooting them. Mike and I also love farm and country weddings.

Having said that, variety is the spice of life, so all weddings are a pleasure for us to be a part of.

Mike and Amy King's Team

We always like to finish our day with a walk through our neighbourhood. Each wedding or shoot we do is unique and comes with its own set of challenges.

meet mike and amy

A motivating factor is also to see how happy clients are when they see their images on our blog for the first time. What inspires you to capture your weddings in this way? We try and incorporate not only a photo journalistic approach to our weddings, but also a fashion aspect as well.

When we photograph a wedding, we want our brides to look like they are from a magazine; but at the same time, we also love to capture the emotion that is shared and expressed on the wedding day. They spent the better part of a year to make it "livable".

meet mike and amy

Mike is also a builder and remodeler. He and Amy performed most of the work themselves and they have expanded and improved the property through the years. They remain there today. Mike and Amy have two sons, John and Sam, who are currently attending college. Amy indicated, "One of the benefits of working together in real estate has been the ability to spend plenty of time with our family.

As with most real estate couples, their conversation rarely wanders too far from the "business". Fortunately, they both enjoy the daily challenges of running a business and the ever changing real estate market.

meet mike and amy

They opened their own brokerage, King Real Estate, Inc. We expect to thrive regardless of market conditions. There are always opportunities for companies that consistently provide good service.

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This is a great market to sell real estate. I feel very good about our prospects. We are here when you need real estate help.