Meet phineas and ferb at disneyland

Video: Phineas and Ferb meet-and-greet experience officially debuts at Walt Disney World

meet phineas and ferb at disneyland

not available as a character meet and greet at Walt Disney World. In Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P's World Showcase Adventure. Helloooo. So, as you may know, Phineas and Ferb ended its run about 2 or 3 weeks ago (still in tears) and I'm checking on the Disney World. now closed to make way for Star Wars expansion at Walt Disney World to two popular meet and greets featuring Cars and Phineas & Ferb.

We need to look at how a character meet and greet experience comes into play. Top 10 Characters that we want to meet again at Walt Disney World Cruela De Vil When Cruela De Vil was meeting at Hollywood Studios, we got the opportunity to see one of the best Disney villains hands down one-on-one with guests who loved the quick wit and amazing personality that only she could bring.

meet phineas and ferb at disneyland

Overall, meeting Cruela was one of the highlights in my own personal Disney experience…and I wish that others could have the same! My favourite character is Meeko. Can you imagine a day in the parks when I got the chance to meet Meeko?

Kids Meet PHINEAS AND FERB - Walt Disney World - Hollywood Studios 2013

Related Article — Where to find Characters Vader Goofy and StormTrooper Donald Star Wars Weekends was an event that allowed fans to mix the two worlds together, with the outcome as hilarious as the above photo… The concept on paper was an easy sell.

Introduce Star Wars and their massive fan base to the Disney product and visa versa, with characters that we knew and loved like Goofy swapping a vintage look with a Darth Vader costume and forgetting his pants in the process.

Video: Phineas and Ferb meet-and-greet experience officially debuts at Walt Disney World

Pocahontas was meeting with her beau in the current Liberty Square veranda meet and greet Tiana was meeting there last we sawbut it was such a huge find for a character enthusiast. They were able to play off of each other in real form and it was so awesome to ask questions about Meeko and Flit…and see a true ad-lib sketch comedy session happen right in front of my face. Smee and Hook are classic characters that need to be out more together.

PS…look at my tan! This is what I looked like the last month of my contract after spending months and months in the Florida sun!

meet phineas and ferb at disneyland

The show has a lot of fans from back in the day, so Disney has decided to bring it around for a new audience. But if we go back a few years, we can see a time and place when Kim Possible was popular enough to have her own attraction, starting in the summer ofthe Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. The Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure was unique in that it could take you to one of seven different countries located around the World Showcase in Epcot.

Top 10 Characters We Want to Meet Again in Disney World - Steps To Magic

After a quick stop to pick up a pass that would tell you which country of your mission would be in as well as the time it would begin. For today, your mission, found above, takes you to the UK Pavilion, where Wade reaches you on your Kimmunicator that you picked up from some helpful team members. Your mission, regardless of country, consisted of trying to stop a different villain from the Kim Possible television show that had a connection to the country where your mission took place.

You would use your Kimmunicator to connect with Wade, who would help you throughout your entire journey to stop the villain and help Kim and Ron escape from any situations that they find themselves in.

Throughout the way, you would have to explore the land, and you might even get small prizes like a bag of tea.

meet phineas and ferb at disneyland

But you have to remember that when you finish your mission, you have to return your Kimmunicator, so other team members can help solve these mysteries. Now that you have an idea of what this attraction entailed, can I just say how cool of an idea it was?

Generally, I have noticed that kids are less interested in World Showcase than adults at least I wasso adding in a way for kids to be engaged and explore a lot of different areas from each country was super awesome to me.

Plus, with seven different countries being a part of this attraction, the adventure could stay new and fresh multiple times throughout one vacation.

meet phineas and ferb at disneyland

It was one of the most innovative attractions that I have seen the Disney Company build, especially considering that they were using reconfigured LG phones instead of smartphone technology that we have today. My favorite part is how they managed to take areas of the park that had been creating over two decades earlier and added in small little details for people to find and interact with.

The idea is not dissimilar to the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom that is in the Magic Kingdom today, and I believe it was a precursor to the attraction. But before I go any further, you can look below for a chance to experience the attraction yourself.