Meet the medic secrets and lies

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meet the medic secrets and lies

Who: Pyro. Medic! Listens: Who: Heavy. You are dead, not big suprise! Listens: . Here lies Scout. Wave goodbye to your secret crap, dumbass !. A page for describing Characters: Team Fortress 2 Support. Main Character Index | Offense Classes | Defense Classes | Support Classes | Non-Player. that in "Meet the Medic" one of the doves that the Medic owns is covered . But the devil is the king of lies, madic says,"Don't worry, ribs grow.

Why don't go fight somewhere less I'll catch you up. Admit it, Sax- You're gonna miss this. You made your point! You get what I'm saying here? We could both live for- [Heavy headbutts TFC Heavy, after which he lifts him up and bashes his back against his knee] Heavy: You killed my friend. I do not need to live forever. Just long enought to sit here You might not wanna sit down just yet, big guy Gettin' this thing workin' I wonder where the others are Yes, I was wondering the same thing.

Except about your pants. And when you'll be putting some on. It's nothin' but robots and rubble here, mate. We're not exactly sneakin' through a pants store. I still don't see why you couldn't have stolen pants of the dead man. Y'do know what people do in their pants when they die, right? It would still be preferable. Sniper Pointing at Spy: Give us your coat.

I said give us y- Spy Interrupting Sniper: The clot is from silkworms raised at a suit microfarm in Tuscany, from a secret pattern passed down by monk tailors since the seventeenth century. I will let you use it as an adult diaper See all these robots? Last one got a couple of lucky swings in though. Does it look bad? It looks good right? Yeah, I'll probably be okay. Man, am I tired by the way. Give us a moment. There's something I need to tell you. Make it quick though.

I am real tired for some reason. I'll be right back. Shining light is directed towards Scout Oh hey, a bright light, that's somethin' I could walk toward I knew you'd come, Tom Jones. Do you know my hit song, Sex Bomb? I'm an alive human on earth ain't I? Check this crap out. It's a Sex Bomb tattoo.

Scout, 27 years ago I dropped a "Sex Bomb" on your mother. I was young then, and I ran from the explosion. But now the fallout of that Sex Bomb has caught up with me. This is where the analogy starts to break down, so if it's alright with you I'll retire the Sex Bomb metaphor now. He sits down next to Scout You're stronger than you'll ever know, Jeremy.

I'm proud of you. I've always been proud of you. Scout Just about to pass out: You're in Heaven, dummy! Thank god you're dead! Now we can finally hang out! Holy crap, you guys got a foosball table up here? Oh, dearest child [God shows 3 foosball tables, and a vending machine to Scout] Scout: Holy crap, Heaven is the best! Scout Talking to himself: This is the most important flex you'll ever do probably.

The ladies back on earth. They've all lain with you, right? Why, were they supposed to? You were my GIFT to them! Geez, that's what I've been saying God: Of all the ungrateful Ooo, that does it. I am gonna send a Oh, why even be clever? I'm just going to blow up the earth. They're good people at heart. Just a buncha dum-dums tryin' their best.

I'll send you back. But I swear, this is their last chance to all have sex with you. Well, you'd better get going. I wish you were my son. But I already got a dad. And his name is Tom Jones God: But your father isn't- God corrects himself Oh, right.

Tom Jones is your father. Man, I just dropped a Sex Bomb on that steam room! Say, who's up for some foosball? How about you, young fella? You look like- Tom Jones then gets necksnapped by an angel Scout: What was that crackin' noise?

We're making popcorn you need to go [God farewells Scout as he leaves Heaven] God: See you in December 4th, ! Should we bury 'im? If you're hiding a Shovel, rinse it off and give it to me. I could use a weapon. There's another wave coming!

Lube me up, sweetie! I am going out in a blaze of honey! We cannot fight unlubricated! Then we would just be naked. What else we got? Here are drums of gasoline! Zhanna, you are a genius! Now you can light me on fire! I will light us both on fire! Oh, you are gonna love it! Our eyes will be the first to boil away!

The ears will be the next thing to go. Then they begin to thing about it twice On second thought do not light us on fire. We killed so many robots Miss Pauling is buried under a pile of them. I am concerned for her!

But also proud of us! Yes, she made a worthy sacrifice.

meet the medic secrets and lies

She will be missed. She is clearly still alive. Phone phone phone phone Come on, come on. Where have you been? Well now, I can't say where I am. But I am with her. An' I hate to put a rush on it But I'm gonna need that Australium y'all were lookin' for. Engie, it's gone, it's Well, it's sort of in space.

I'm so sorry Engineer: I'll give her the bad news. Well, she can't come to the phone right now. I'll have her call ya back. Engineer ends the call Miss Pauling: Who is on phone? Zhanna, can I tell you a secret? Yes, this is fine. She's planning something big She's been planning it her whole life. For a lot of lifetimes, actually. And I think I screwed it all up. You have broken something. So you will fix it. And we will help.

For what I said at back there in the submarine. You are a part of the team. You are weak woman, but you have strong skull. Miss Pauling, I also want to tell you you a secret. Stay away from my man. I see you watching him. Any woman would want this. What are you gals gabbing about? I am telling Miss Pauling I will kill her if she looks at you again.

For shame, Miss Pauling! You are my boss! You have been undressing me with your eyes since we escaped! My eyes would have to dress you first! Because you have been literally naked the entire time we've been on this island!

I have fought naked my whole life. But I have never felt naked until this moment. For shame, Miss Pauling. For shame Miss Pauling: You idiots Why can't you be Spy, naked Sniper, and Scout arrive I've been looking through your file. You've been a real monster up there. Honestly, you probably would have ended up here anyway. I feel silly that we even bothered with a contract. I'd say you got the better of us on this one. Still, a deal's a deal, and here you are. I'm sure you'll find the paperwork in order.

Now this is interesting. Here in article nine section seven it says the contract is only binding if you own a majority stake in my soul You sold it to us. Originally, yes, this was the case.

But you see, I've since surgically added eight more. Let's put it to a vote: Who thinks I should go to hell? So that's one vote for hell and eight for Heaven. If you could call me a car There is another option.

If you were to send me back to earth, say, for another fifty years You're a clever man. You tempted me once, after all. I'm sure you'll figure out a way to trick me out of my other eight souls.

Medic looks at a pen on the Devil's desk In fact: I said that's a lovely looking pen. Would you give me a soul for this- Medic: See, you're well on your way! I don't like my chances. At any rate, I should really get going. I'll give ya this For a buncha losers, you guys sure are hard to kill. You are a coward. Could I trouble you for a moment? But I shot- How- Is that a pen? At one point, yes. Now it's a detonator.

More of an inductor, really. I'm terrible at naming things. Either way, it induces labor. I think I gave you Three healthy baboon fetuses. The important thing is when I press this button, they will instantly grow into fully developed baby baboons in your abdomen. On the small end, they're usually about 30 pounds at birth. Although a healthy male can reach up to 80 pounds!

And that's without the fertility hormones I've been putting to your rations! A-Are you kidding me? Of course I'm kidding you. Is good to have you back, doctor. It is good to be back, my friend. Only you could come up with bluff that insane, doctor. Oh, it was nothing. Any field Medic worth his bone saw is skilled at the art of improvisation.

Medic looks into his supply pack Where is Medic has taken a device out of his pack Heavy: The actual baboon pregnancy inductor. I simply couldn't get to my medical kit in time. The human body can gestate one, maybe two baboons at most.

Medic activates the device with a click Anyway. And that's the last of the robots, lads! Look, there's Heavy and Medic! Miss Pauling grabs the remains of the life-extender machine Not this too! We spent six months huntin' down her best.

Team Vanguard, for God's sake. We got 'em all. All she had left was you rejects. You wanna know how we beat you? Maybe it was just luck. Maybe it was something else. It's because we don't have souls. Then it zooms out furthermore to show the dismembered corpses of the massacred BLU team, with the Pyro whistling to the song playing in Pyroland whilst the entire town burns down around them. It doesn't help that in their head, they're bopping along with the music happily. Change to real life, and they're just walking slowly and methodically as they murder each member of the BLU team.

BLU Medic's death was also horrifying. He gets forced into a barn, which subsequently has the door barricaded with an axe handle before being set on fire. The worst part is the look on his face as he realizes his impending doom And then of course there's the bone-chilling soundtrack that played in reality. Hell, just Pyro's brutal, remorseless rampage in its entirety has to qualify as one of the most frightening things in the whole series.

Although all the death and destruction that goes on is usually played up for comedy in the Meet the Team videos — it's played entirely straight here, complete with the BLU team being reduced to utter primal terror by the Pyro as it single-handedly massacres them. Somehow, the fact that Pyro is completely oblivious to the destruction they're causing and, in their head, they're simply spreading rainbows and joy around them, is creepy on many levels.

The screams of pain from the other classes in "Meet the Sandvich" are chilling. While rather hilarious, just trying to imagine the images the Soldier and Scout are providing is enough to make you shudder. It gets even worse with some of the cut lines — including Soldier begging Heavy to kill himand Scout frantically and tearfully begging him to stop.

You call that killing me? I am not dead!

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Cracking noise as his tone becomes noticeably more panicked Now I am ordering you to kill me! There is a checkbook in the left-rear pocket of my fatigues! I will pay you all of my money to stop! On the verge of tears I regret everything! I regret everything I've ever done! Give me back my leg bone! Just about the first half of Meet the Medic.

meet the medic secrets and lies

The Medic is literally holding the Heavy's heart, and it explodes. Oh, and lest we forget that Heavy is fully conscious throughout the entire operation. Although the horror factor is mostly subdued due to the fact that the Heavy did not seem to feel any pain apart from the breakage of a rib bone. He even laughs to the Medic's joke while his organs are exposed.

It's pretty possible that the Quick-Fix and the other Mediguns can nullify most pain, so the patient isn't in too much danger. The BLU Spy's head, which early versions of the video explained as a dead, decapitated enemy spy's head falling into the accidental chemical mixture which would inspire the Medic's Mediguns. Said mixture made the head fully alive, aware, and unkillable, much to the BLU Spy's horror. By the events of Meet the Medic, he seems almost used to his horror of an existence, but still begs the RED Medic to kill him.

And then The Stingerwhere Scout walks out of the operating room saying "You will not believe! In short, Scout has a live bird in his chest. In game, if the Scout is killed in such a way that he's completely evisceratedthere is a 1 in chance that a dove will fly out of the carnage. Apparently, bread gets green fleshy tumors when put through a teleporter Actually it's just some sort of self-aware beauty mark, doesn't make it any less terrifying however. What about all the Heavies with Sandviches that go through teleporters?

The bread they used was made from dolphin milk, fed only on pre-chewed grass. So Heavy's sandwiches should be fine. During Expiration Date, Spy pins Scout in a door and holds out his knife.

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He was perfectly willing to murder a teammate who wasn't a threat to him at that time. And topping it off, said teammate was later officially confirmed to be his own biological son. Though, considering what the Scout was putting Spy through just minutes earlier, Spy's actions could be somewhat justified. Comics and Other Supplemental Material The online comics can be straight-up disturbing at times: Every day I'm dead a little longer, Mr. I have seen the other side.

There is nothing there. In the Mann vs Machine updates, entire battalions of robots are heading to all Mann Co businesses.

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And since Mann Co is a Mega-Corpthese robots are practically all over the entire world. Oh and by the way, observant players can find the carrier tanks in the backgrounds of some maps.

Despite the game's comic nature, Gray Mann's actually a pretty creepy guy. The bald numbers fail to capture the true impact: Those who attack facilities intentionally know that they are destroying the morale of the communities they serve.

Such assaults are intended to exacerbate suffering and drive people from contested territory. Syria is far from an isolated case. And though Monday will mark the first anniversary of the US bombing which killed 42 at an MSF hospital at Kunduz in Afghanistan — including patients who burned in their beds and medics attacked as they fled the building — the organisation still awaits an independent investigation.

It is important to acknowledge profound differences between cases. In Syria, attacks are routine and clearly intentional; there is little doubt that the Assad regime and its allies are calculatedly hitting the healthcare system. Reckless as well as deliberate actions can be war crimes. But it is significant that MSF continues to share the coordinates of its facilities in Afghanistan and Yemento protect them.