Minato and kushina meet future naruto

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minato and kushina meet future naruto

Team Minato takes an impromptu step forward into the future and meet the older Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Angst/Adventure - Naruto U., Kakashi H., Rin, Minato N. . "I'd think again, kid, this brat isn't just Kushina's.". Team Minato, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kushina, Mikoto, and Fugaku are 6 paths to see the future and try to change it for the: Involves everyones lives, important events etc. . "When did you think we were supposed to meet up?. So when he said he had found a way for them to find out the future, they "Yeah Minato," Kushina whined to her husband, "I could b eating.

That can't be right. Either way, I'll just wait and see. Minito crouches down to the ground and place one finger on the grass. There's about twenty enemies. It's probably just a bunch of shadow clones though. Besides, now's an excellent time to try out my new jutsu I've been developing.

Jiraiya whistled impressed at the brat's original jutsu. Besides… it's like you said, Sensei. The leader of this mission is me. It's a rule that a team must follow it's leader's orders. Hitting the rock nin. Said in uses an earth style technique to appear in front of Obito who panics before Minito takes him down, showing he was also a shadow clone.

Luckily Minato gets their places a seal on the nin and grabs Kakashi pushing him away but not without Kakashi getting injured. Shortly after his bag hits the ground. Are you Konoha's Yellow Flash? Now I know what they meant by that. He has skills but he needs to learn how to execute them properly. I've told you before. There are also time where you have to cope with the situation.

If you don't control you mouth, then you mind will become just as weak. And one more thing…Kakashi, you shouldn't use that jutsu again. It's true that you have the destructive force and speed needed for it, but when you're moving too fast, it's near impossible for you to see the enemy counter your attack.

Therefore, it's an incomplete jutsu. The most important thing for a shinobi is teamwork.

minato and kushina meet future naruto

Later that night "Sensei. Even thought I'm called an elite for being born into the Uchiha clan, I'm a loser. I acknowledge that Kakashi's an amazing person, but…" Obito trails off. Obito blushes and looks away from the smirking Kakashi. In front of his father's name, even the title of "Legendary Sannin" pales in comparison. Since he spent his childhood with such a genius, he might look at you guys and consider you unsatisfactory. He was a hero who dies protecting the village.

Kakashi never brought him up before. Until that incident occurred… " "Incident? Both Rin and Obito turned to Kakashi in shock before looking back at the screen. The success of the mission, or the life of his comrades; of course if he followed the rules of the village, he couldn't abort the mission, but to save the lives of his comrade, he abandoned the mission.

However, because of that, the Fire Country suffered great losses, and his comrades in the village blamed him. In the end, even the comrades he saved slandered him. Because of that, his mind and body became weak, and Sakumo-san took his own… From that point forward, Kakashi never opened his mouth about his father, and he started to insist that the rules be followed above all else.

Obito…even if only a little, try to understand him. Don't bear a grudge against him. Everyone, do you best; it was only by chance that the enemy from yesterday was scouting by himself.

From now on, they'll be team battles. Minito smiles at his effort. They are currently walking across a stream keeping their guard up. Kushina bit her bottom lip a tightened her grip on Minato's hand.

He glanced at her and her eyes said it all 'I have a bad feeling about this'. Obito uses the fireball jutsu to burn all the bamboo shoots heading their way. The enemy nin appears and Kakashi engages the enemy, while the other nin grabs Rin. Her scream alerts Kakashi and Obito, who stop's fighting the enemy. Obito Growls while Kakashi yells for them to wait when he sees they're about to leave, but it's pointless and they disappeared in a poof of smoke. The enemy wants to know our aim.

They won't kill her right away. Luckily on top of that, Rin is a medical ninja. Even as a prisoner, she should be treated well, as long as she provides medical treatment to the enemy. More importantly, the problem is the enemy discovering our aim. If that information leaks, they'll immediately make preparations to guard the bridge. If that happens, then mission will become too difficult. Meanwhile Kakashi is bearing his head in his palm, still not sure what he should do in this situation.

Right now, rather than the mission, rescuing Rin takes priority! If this mission fails, the war will be prolonged, and many more sacrifices may occur. Could you really throw away a comrade who went through life and death with you so easily?! You must obey my instructions. Not matter what the situation is the squad is scattered, the decisions are made by one person.

That's why the rule that squad members must follow the instruction of their captain exists. Obito, you don't have any power, and that's why I'm the squad's capta-"he's interrupted when Obito grabs him by the shirt. Only you have the power to save our comrade, right?! Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura,Sai and Tenzou watched them interacted with each other in fondness.

Tenzou had stopped them from running towards the group to interact with them as it will cause unnecessary problems and did some short explanations of the situation telling them those people were time-travellers and that they will know what everything is about after they went to meet up with Tsunade-sama about it.

Tenzou smiled before replying: While the two young ones were Kakashi senpai's ex-teammates, if I'm not wrong their names are Uchiha Obito, and Rin" pointing to the boy and then the girl.

I wonder is that how Kakashi —sensei got his sharingan from? Oh looks like we got a reply from Tsunade-sama. Tenzou read the contents quickly and asked them to wait here before running to inform Kakashi of Tsunade's instructions. Tenzou whispered into his Senpai's ear: Kakashi stopped towards his own team and scratched the back of his head sheepishly: It took Naruto all of his willpower and self-control not to run to Jiraiya and Hiruzen and hug them to death as he had missed them so much.

Kakashi was extremely proud of Naruto for his self-control and maturity. All of his kawaii genins, Sai included had become Jounins and grown up very well. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Sai and as you guys known him as Tenzou. Everyone here are jounins and we were on our way on an S rank mission before seeing you guys.

Team Kakashi bowed and said their greetings, before moving on together towards the village.

minato and kushina meet future naruto

Once near the village gates, Kakashi instructed them to run with him to avoid attention. While running past the two sleeping guards of the day, the Chuunins, Izumo and Kotetsu, Kakashi yelled at them to wake up and do their duty while Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura scolded them to stop slacking away, earning chuckles from the time-travellers, while Rin and Obito said in unison they can't believe those two were Izumo and Kotetsu.

Soon they reached their destination; Tenzou knocked the big heavy metal door. Hearing a shout come in from the inside, Tenzou opened the door and all entered to a room where a big busty woman with big boobs was sitting infront of a big personal table with the Kanji for Fire in the front and carrying a piglet and beside her standing was a short haired girl clad in a black yukuta standing beside her pouring a cup of sake.

Inside the room, were different Kunoichis and Shinobis of different ranks sitting neatly in rolls and were looking at the newly arrived people with huge curiosity.

The door was locked once they entered and a privacy jutsu was placed by Tsunade. I don't believe it, Tsunade — hime's the Godaime Hokage? The Time-Travellers released their henges, sending shockwaves throughout the room. Tsunade almost fainted after seeing all the familiar faces that were supposed to be dead.

Minato looked younger from the time she last saw him, Sarutobi looked younger as well, Jiraiya was definitely younger, in his early late thirties to early forties maybe, Sakumo looked almost the same when he died. Obito was the same, so was Rin according to Tsunade's memory. After a few minutes of chatters and noises, Tsunade spoke up: When Yamato send word to me of what happened, I immediately gathered all my most trusted shinobis to come listen to this.

Naruto, Kakashi, Yamato, Sai and Sakura and you guys, indicating the time —travellers, come forward. In the Room, Naruto noticed that all the other Rookie 9 were there sitting at the front, indicating their important statuses in the ranks of the Konoha Shinobis, it seems that the council wasn't present which makes things pleasant enough.

I proclaim that all are being discussed here is the village's no. After we hear from them, we will decide on a suitable way to tell it to the village. The truth must not be leak out to anyone or it can be disastrous, got it? All the shinobis in unison replied a "Yes, Hokage-sama". With some help from the coders from Konoha and his hours of research at the Konoha's Library and Archives, he finally found out what's the scroll for and the ancient writings on it.

After numerous experiments and checking of his creation plus consultations with his sensei, Jiraiya and the Sandaime Hokage, they decided to try out the time-travelling jutsu.

Minato was whistling with happiness after the long meeting with his sensei and Sandaime Hokage, he decided to go tell his good friend, the fame Konoha's white fang, Hatake Sakumo about it. Both laugh about it with Sakumo teasing how Minato's a crazy maniac to create a jutsu like this. Days later, when hewas due to meet his team for training, he announced to Rin, Kakashi and Obito about the new jutsu. All his three little students were shocked and Obio refused to stop bothering him regarding that matter.

Soon, Sandaime summoned those that Minato shared with to come take part in testing the jutsu, saying it would be a great experience. Minato did warn them that, they will likely not be able to return back to their own time and by doing so, changes history and the future. Jiraiya then babbled on about how they can go to the future to see what's like and avoid the incoming war with Iwagakure. Everyone agreed on the consequences should the jutsu worked.

Then Minato and Jiraiya set-up the jutsu and soon one by one stepped into the seal who acts like a portal and when Minato woke up, he found himself lying on the road with Sakumo, Jiraiya, Obito, Rin and Sarutobi… Kakashi was nowhere to be found.

Was he lost or something? Obito then rushed to talk before Tsunade could open her mouth: So I think he never made it in time before the jutsu was gone. So all these sums up to whole thing happening. Luckily, that I have knowledge of this jutsu. So I'll discuss that in private with you guys later. I will now make a declaration to the rest of the shinobis and please do not interrupt me as things will make sense to you later.

I will officially announce their presence in Konoha in 12 days' time. The time-travellers were surprise to hear Orochimaru's name and that he's dead. As for the shinobis, they felt that its smart of the Godaime to push the blame on Kabuto so easily.

The room was once again filled with noises and Tsunade coughed out loud to gain back their attention. Seeing Naruto's pout, Tsunade smiled and said, "Well, Kakashi and Naruto will be needed to behind to deal with the time-travellers and Sakura is needed to help me and Shizune with the checkups of them. For the S-rank mission, Yamato will be the new leader of the 8 man team.

So get prepared and set off immediately. Meeting dismissed for all of you except for Kakashi and Naruto. All the shinobis left except for the time-travellers, Kakashi, Shizune, Naruto and Sakura.

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Tsunade went over to whisper to Kakashi before speaking out loud: While Naruto and Kakashi to go rest up before meeting me in my office in 2 hours' time. Kakashi seeing that Naruto was still sulking about how he's left out on the mission decide to cheer his student up before breaking the news to him. I have important things to tell you. Rin and Obito is about 8 years and them both are new genins.