Nagato and konan meet naruto fanfiction

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nagato and konan meet naruto fanfiction

What if Konan and Nagato had bested Naruto at the end of their climatic battle, . As she tossed Naruto's body onto him, their eyes met, and. Naruto confronts Nagato, convinces him that war and terror will not lead to peace but to have faith in others. In doing so, Nagato . Konan says to Naruto before turning back to Nagato. Konoha – Daiymo Meeting Hall. Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Family - Naruto U., Nagato U., Konan, Pain/ Pein - Chapters: 2 - Words: "We'll meet again, Uzumaki Naruto.

Nagato looked around the village using his gifted eyesight.

He was always amazed at what his Renningan could pick up apart from his normal eyesight. That's how he saw what made him freeze in his tracks. In the alleyway, a small form was limping to a dumpster and trying to climb into it.

Curious, Nagato strayed from his friends towards the alley. Coming closer, he saw a small child with ragged clothes and blonde hair digging through a dumpster. Seeing his face made the usually quiet man gasp in shock. The poor boy, as he found the child to be one, had bruises on his cheek and a swollen lip. Dried blood was seen on the boy's face and clothes. The boy fell on his butt and started scooting away from the stranger. He instantly knew the boy was beaten recently, as the bruises and blood was clearly not self-inflicted, the question is why?

Why would anyone hurt a child? Slowly approaching the boy, Nagato held his hands out in an open manner and said quietly, "It's ok, child. I mean you no harm. Who did this to you?

nagato and konan meet naruto fanfiction

Where are your parents? I been 'lone forever He may not have had an easy time being in the village that killed his parents, but he could see this boy had been through more than he could ever admit to have gone through. He heard footsteps approaching and used his enhanced vision to see Konan and Yahiko approaching. Why'd you run off He turned back around. Konan took another step forward, alerting the boy to her presence. He froze mid-step and started to back up.

Come on, it's ok. Eventually, he came close enough to Nagato that he could lightly grip his hand. Nagato knelt down to his level and looked over to his friends, signaling them it was ok to approach. Yahiko knelt next to Nagato and smiled at the blond. He smiled slightly at the child, "Hello Naruto. It's a pleasure to meet you. Does it hurt anywhere? Let's get you to a hospital.

Konan picked him up carefully and held him in a cross of a hug and cradling him. Yahiko and Nagato followed behind Konan as she and Naruto talked quietly.

Yahiko leaned closer to Nagato. As Konan and Naruto walked through the streets, the people glared at them. He can't be older than four," the orange shinobi grumbled. Nagato turned his attention to a flash of black. Yahiko looked ahead at Konan and hesitated. Nagato sped up so that he was next to Konan. She nodded and Naruto cocked his head. Nagato instantly realized who he was calling grandfather and nodded. It's dangerous so you might The blue haired woman in front of her was glaring holes through her head and the wall behind her.

He-" "Konan," Jiraiya said from behind her. Next to him was a kind looking elder in red and white robes and a matching hat.

Now, Miss Kyuoki, I believe we asked for a room for little Naruto-kun. Konan was absently running her hands through Naruto's messy blonde locks. Jiraiya smiled at the motherly side of his student and looked over at the brooding Yahiko.

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Yahiko was glaring out the window of the hospital room. Nagato and Sarutobi were talking quietly amongst themselves next to the bed, with Konan occasionally jumping in. Naturally the subject of their conversation was the small blond heir to the Uzumaki and Namikaze clans. Jiraiya scowled at the memory when Sarutobi informed him how his godson was treated. Yahiko turned to his sensei and said, "Jiraiya Are you just going to leave him here?

If I could take him with me, I would, don't get me wrong. But Sarutobi-sensei has it under con-" "Sensei, shut up," Yahiko snarled, "That boy had his left leg sliced open and was covered in his own blood and bruises. Kami knows that the only reason he's alive that it's his tenants will to live. They aren't going to follow the Yondaime's wishes no matter what law your sensei puts down," Yahiko said in a growl, "And speaking of your sensei; what exactly has he done to help the boy? Yahiko cut him off, alerting everyone to their conversation.

Three fucking days for nearly killing a child! You have the gull to tell me you were doing everything in your power to help the boy, but were you really?

You wanna keep lying to yourself about helping him, fine. Yahiko turned to glare at his sensei. Yahiko took in a deep breath and walked to the door before pausing and looking over his shoulder. Konan was holding Naruto's sleeping form close to her, the blond simply snuggled closer to the warmth he'd never felt before. I have been neglecting Naruto-kun. That reasoning didn't waver Yahiko's decision in the least.

He could be stubborn when he wanted to be. I have a feeling that with our efforts, combined with Sensei's, we can bring peace to the world! Besides, hasn't the past three years been the best we've ever lived? Do you really want to give that up? She didn't even have to answer that one. How can you know that they'll accept us? Nagato awaited his friend's reply. And even if that won't be enough, I'll be willing to do anything they want, if it'll keep the family together!

They want to interrogate me? If they want compensation for letting us stay in the village, I'll fight to the death for it! Just because we would be living in the Hidden Leaf doesn't mean we would forget about our home here. We will overthrow Hanzo one day, but wouldn't it be great to have Sensei and the Hidden Leaf help us do that? Sensei trusted and helped us even when we weren't from his country, and I'm absolutely certain he'd help fulfill our goal of liberating Rain Country in a heartbeat.

It's only fair for us to offer our assistance, too! I don't even want to think of 'us' and 'them' anymore; when we bring about a peaceful world, there certainly won't be any of that! When Yahiko's mind was made up, nothing could deter him. And his reasoning made an awful lot of sense. For a while, Nagato had been inwardly debating whether or not to go along with Yahiko's new plan of action, and Yahiko's speech finally convinced him.

Sensei has done much for us, and it is only fair to repay him even a little for the three years he lived with us. And you are right; we shouldn't be selfish in bringing peace to just our home…" Yahiko grinned at his friend and gave him a thumbs up.

Konan closed her eyes and bit her lip. There was so much uncertainty, and yet both Yahiko and Nagato were willing to go through with following Jiraiya home, thus leaving theirs. She wanted to wait and think it over, but she knew how rash Yahiko could be. And Nagato was a firm believer in Yahiko's ideals, so… Smiling tentatively, Konan gave her answer. Let's set out right now! Ten minutes later, the three orphans said farewell to the home that they had come to know for the past three years, and set out.

Nagato clutched the keepsake that their Sensei had left behind, his first ever novel, and ran in formation with Konan and Yahiko… The journey into the Land of Fire was very different for the three orphans of Rain Country. For one, they got to see the sun for much longer than they ever did back home. And for two, the ecology was vastly different. With no ever-present rain, trees and lush grass were allowed to grow freely. Well, more than was allowed back home, anyway. The three orphans could've easily stopped to admire and appreciate the change in scenery, but they were all too focused on their destination: The Hidden Leaf Village.

They hadn't been stopped by border patrol, surprisingly. A battle must have been brewing nearby, or the Leaf Shinobi were sloppy at border patrol. We'll reach it eventually. Nagato wordlessly watched the two as they darted along the road. Konan did have a point; they really should have looked at a map. For all they knew, the Hidden Leaf was days away, and they had passed Jiraiya a long way back.

But then again, Jiraiya-sensei would've noticed them if they did. Besides, they'd only been running at a decent pace for five hours. Jiraiya wouldn't stop to take a break yet… probably. There was always the possibility they passed him and just missed him; he was more trained in the Shinobi Arts, after all. Pushing thoughts of Jiraiya-sensei to the back of his mind, Nagato's thoughts drifted to the Hidden Leaf.

What would it be like? What would the people be like? Truth be told, Nagato still had some concerns about this little change in plans. Yahiko was very convincing with his speech, but it was also true that Leaf Shinobi killed his parents, believing them to be Shinobi themselves. No matter how strong the Hidden Leaf was, the people there could still make mistakes, just like anywhere else.

It was highly possible that they could be perceived as spies upon reaching the village. Nagato shook his head to clear away the doubts. Everything would be fine. It might be a little tough at first, but they would adjust.

No doubt about it. But still Nagato wondered as they raced along the dirt path… Needless to say, Nagato's doubts resurfaced once the three orphans reached the front gate of the Leaf Village. Stat your names, ranks, and intentions! The three tensed but swiftly obeyed. We're from the Hidden Rain Village, but we hold no Shinobi Rank… Um… Oh, and we're here because Jiraiya-sensei finally returned home, and we didn't want to leave him…" Yahiko finished off kind of weakly. The two Chunin on front gate duty listened to Yahiko's introduction, but didn't appear as if they believed a word of it.

nagato and konan meet naruto fanfiction

Moving outside of the small booth, the Chunin motioned for them to follow him. Hesitantly, the three orphans followed the Chunin. The Hokage was the leader of the Leaf Village, and they were nervous about meeting with him without seeing Jiraiya again first.

But if they attempted to flee and find Jiraiya on their own, their actions could land them in prison. Also, they were only trained to defend themselves. If they attacked Leaf Shinobi, it would reflect badly on Jiraiya, and the three children didn't wish for that to happen.

nagato and konan meet naruto fanfiction

Perhaps they should have thought a little more before checking in at the gate. Sneaking into the village would have been deemed suspicious, but would it really have been more of a hassle? Yahiko wondered a bit at this. His piercing eyes gave each orphan a thorough glance. They seemed harmless, but you could never be too careful. We wanna live here with him! Those three years were the best of our lives! True, he was at liberty to admit all this, and he was probably obligated to.

But did he really need to make them sound so desperate? Hiruzen frowned and leaned back, setting the pipe on his desk.

It was true that Jiraiya wrote back to him constantly about three orphans for the past three years, but never reveal what you know to the potential enemy. Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan shared looks between one another. They could easily request that Jiraiya be summoned to authenticate their story, but each one felt that wasn't the right thing to do in this situation. They communicated that gut feeling to each other through their eyes, but they were back at square one.

How to go about proving that their story was true? Nagato's eyes dawned with realization, and he reached into his cloak. Tales of the Gutsy Ninja. Hiruzen beckoned him forward, and Nagato stepped forward to place the book on the Hokage's desk. Then he stepped back in line with Yahiko and Konan. Hiruzen hummed thoughtfully as he skimmed through the book. The book was definitely in his student's handwriting, but Hiruzen couldn't recall Jiraiya ever writing a book. Turning to the back cover, he read the little note about the author, and what inspired him to write the book.

With a weary sigh, the Hokage nodded gravely. The Hokage resumed skimming the book, but he eased the orphans' fears a little.

And the author's note seems to indicate that it is him who wrote the book, as no enemy Shinobi should have knowledge of his personal information… However… We just need to eliminate any doubt. Jiraiya should be all the confirmation I need; he is eccentric, but I would trust him with my life. Hiruzen chuckled at his student's shock.

But he answered back in a serious tone. But the three orphans were still there. You don't need me anymore! But then he sighed.

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He had to confess to himself that he felt a similar, close connection with each orphan. I want to with all my heart, but…" Yahiko grinned cheekily at Sensei. We want to combine our world peace efforts with yours, and bring about a better world!

We will liberate the Hidden Rain, but first we want to repay you for all you did for us! Jiraiya never could resist those eyes. Jiraiya was still sputtering when Hiruzen spoke up again and chuckled.

nagato and konan meet naruto fanfiction

I will bring this before the council and make it official: Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato will be granted citizenship here in the Hidden Leaf. And if they so choose, they may take the Genin Test. We will see if what you have taught them will be enough for them to become loyal Shinobi of the Leaf.

And if not, remedial classes may be taken at their leisure. I would hate to dismiss such passionate students, Jiraiya…" Jiraiya blinked surprisingly, but then gave the Hokage a grave look. I will not let the council turn away these three. They have no doubt seen much while living in the Hidden Rain Village… perhaps too much. They will be placed with you for the time being, as I cannot guarantee them other residence at this point in time.

Hiruzen dismissed them, and Jiraiya numbly led them to his abode. This was just too much for him… "Okay, now that the written exam is over, we move on to the Taijutsu portion of the exam. Because they hadn't taken part in the Academy's curriculum, they had to be tested in everything in order to ascertain where they were at.

The orphans weren't so educated on history of the Hidden Leaf, but they answered what they could, including practical knowledge. And now the rest of the exam would be demonstrating that practical knowledge. Naturally, the Taijutsu that the orphans did learn wasn't the basic Academy style, and so the proctors for that portion of the exam were in for a shock when the orphans actually managed to land blows on them.

Nagato winced as Yahiko delivered a swift blow to the back of one Chunin's neck after getting behind him with astonishing speed. Oh, the Chunin got back up, but if that had been a real battle, the Chunin could very well have been killed for underestimating the enemy. Dusting himself off, the Chunin shook his head. Your fighting style is unorthodox for a beginner, let alone a Genin, but I suppose that's what you get when you learn from Jiraiya, and not from the Academy.

Jiraiya had made sure to drill Taijutsu into all three orphans hard. Ninjutsu wouldn't always work, and Taijutsu would serve as an excellent last line of defense.

None of the three chose to specialize in Taijutsu, Genjutsu, or Ninjutsu, even if Yahiko was particularly skilled in Taijutsu. Their reasoning was that if they ran into an enemy Shinobi that knew how to counteract their specialties, then they could be beaten with ease. And so, the three orphans made sure to train in Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu. Jiraiya approved of their training method, even if he himself was bad at Genjutsu. Still, he told them what he could about Genjutsu, and had even brought in the Toads to help tutor them in the arts of Genjutsu.