Nagato and konan meet narutobase

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nagato and konan meet narutobase

The original plan was to have nagato revive madara with rinne tensei Nope. Like Itachi and .. Even Konan did not know. Well, since this has become more or less of an Itachi vs. vs (kisame isn't in the picture, but is in this fight)The Legendary Sannin are ordered by Sarutobi to 4) Sannin vs Pain (6 paths, no Nagato), Konan, Zetsu. And I understand Guy wouldn't be able to locate Nagato. .. Remember from the Guy vs Madara fight Guy started breaking space .. Still have Konan to fight. .. Naruto's base reserves without being an incarnate or jin are.

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nagato and konan meet narutobase

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nagato and konan meet narutobase

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nagato and konan meet narutobase

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nagato and konan meet narutobase

We have seen this as Konoha was attacked by Pain after Itachi died and not before that so it make sense. Thread on Narutobase discussing why Itachi couldn't kill Tobi: Establishing why Itachi could never kill Obito once and for all Why didn't he get rid of Itachi at least after they start to capture the tailed beasts?

Itachi was a Leaf's spy, but he was nevertheless a useful asset to Akatsuki. Add to this the fact that Itachi never had the chance to share any intel he gathered with Konoha, nor did he manage to interfere in Akatsuki's plans at any point and you get an ALMOST full picture.

Itachi and Kisame vs Nagato and Pain

The last reason Tobi kept Itachi alive was because of Sasuke. As we know, Itachi wasn't willing to cooperate with Tobi really.

nagato and konan meet narutobase

But, thanks to Itachi's death by the hands of Sasuke, Tobi was able to persuade Sasuke into joining him. That's how he gained a powerful tool because an ally is a wrong word hereespecially after Sasuke got Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

In other words, killing Itachi would be a complete waste.