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There are indications Maha Zoldyck is more powerful than Zeno or Netero. He definitely was at some point but is Zeno's grandfather. Like many. Hisoka didn't challenge Netero, he said that he wanted to fight him. You're crazy, Meruem was probably the strongest creature ever by the end of .. Zeno was also in the box, and neither the anime or manga has ever shown him meeting Zeno. Or split in cells and suprise attack Hisoka from behind. Hisoka and Netero vs King Meruem. .. Calling Parents by Their Name: After finally meeting him face to face, Gon takes to calling his Cell phones look like they've leapt ahead 5 years and at one point Killua is clearly using . Even members of the Zoldyck family show up every now and then, especially Zeno and Silva.

Also why Pitou decided Gon must be taken out. While Chrollo has a nice toolkit, I really don't believe that as he is now, he stands a chance against Meruem.

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If he could learn a LOT more abilities, and gain a lot more power? Maybe, but even then, how does he compensate for the speed and strength disparity being a Specialist? He would absolutely have to surprise him. Assuming that super strong aura doesn't negate abilities on its own, AND assuming that Shalnark could surprise Meruem somehow, AND that he lands his dart. Then yes, Shalark could win, simply because he could then simply have Meruem tear himself apart.

I still somehow find this scenario unlikely though. As the only enhancer in the Zoldyck clan, and able to fight Netero to a standstill in the past, he's very strong. But he's also very very old now, and it's unlikely he could do it is his current state. When he was at his prime? Possibly, but the same could be said for Netero as well.

The official power charts, and just observation in the anime as well, seem to conclude that he would not be able to beat Meruem. Zeno is strong sure, and his battle experience is very high, however, even he admitted Chrollo would take him in a serious fight.

Given these facts, it seems unlikely he could defeat Meruem in any capacity. I find it inconceivable that Hisoka would have lost to any of the Royal Guard, particularly Menthuthuyoupi, and it's difficult to imagine him being defeated by Neferpitou or Shaiapouf either.

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There's too much focus on raw strength and nen power; Hisoka is a master martial artist, while the Royal Guard were just born and know nothing about the art of fighting, they just kill people with their overwhelming power.

Kite's loss to Pitou is irrelevant to me, because it was never once said or even implied that Kite was a great martial artist, he was always shown fighting with weapons. The Election Arc also strongly implies that he can perfectly assess a person's true strength, and if true, he still wished to fight Netero knowing how strong he was.

The Guanyin statue would have thrilled him. There's also the fact that he only wants to fight people he believes can challenge him, but the only person in the Phantom Troupe he's interested in is Chrollo, which means that he regards everyone else in the Troupe as so beneath him that they aren't worth fighting.

And you have to remember that he's never once been shown fighting seriously, every time he fights he either kills his opponent instantly or just plays around with them, we don't know how good he actually is.

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We knew all along that Netero was powerful, but didn't know just how much until he fought Meruem, Hisoka could also have immense hidden power that he's never needed to show. Please enlighten me on how Hisoka would have been able to defeat Youpi with his martial arts skills.

Hisoka would get slaughtered. And for the record, Pitou had a pretty tough time beating Kite with one arm.