Pokemon ash and iris cilan meet again

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pokemon ash and iris cilan meet again

After Dawn Ash and Brock seperated their ways, Dawn was going to Hoenn to continue her dream to become a Top-Coordinator, sadly she got. For Pokemon X on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Ash is in Kalos region and Iris and Cilan are still around" - Page 3. Heck, they couldn't let TR's character growth stick, and they're back to being So far, she's completely failed to meet up to the standards of her game character. It's Ash. Best Wishes Until We Meet Again! Until the Day We Meet Again!! They all have plans for Kanto: Ash can't wait to get home, Iris and Cilan really want to see .

Iris is a wild girl that Ash met while traveling in the Unova region. She is bold and adventurous.

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She appeared to be a wild child and had been seen swinging from vines in the forests to get from place to place. She also seemed to have very good reflexes in avoiding attacks. Like Misty at the start of their journey, Ash is in the dark that Iris may or may not be a Gym Leader. Also, like Misty, Iris thought Ash was a little kid but helped him out since he doesn't know a lot about the Unova region.

She also told Ash and Cilan of how she obtained her Excadrill: Younger Iris In Movie Time! Iris cheered on for Ash in his Gym Battle with Elesa. Then she and Ash had some fun in Nimbasa City visiting all the attractions. Iris also met Champion Alderhad the opportunity to befriend some Deino that belonged to other trainers, and she also dressed as a shrine maiden to summon Landorus.

She visited her hometown and helped her friend tame her Hydreigonafter which she was challenged by Draydenbut was defeated. In Jostling for the Junior Cup! Her first round was against her rivalGeorgia. Iris used Dragonite and Georgia used Beartic. Despite Dragonite not listening to her, Iris defeats Georgia and advances to the quarter-finals.

In the 2nd round, she battled Dawn. Dawn used her Mamoswine and Iris used her Dragonite again. Dragonite listened to her at first, but he disobeyed her again. Despite that, Iris defeats Dawn and advances to the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals, Iris battled Ash. Ash used his Krokorok and Iris used her Dragonite.

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During the battle, Dragonite started to listen to Iris which was why she was winning. The battle took a turn when Ash's Krokorok evolved into Krookodile. Ash's Krookodile learned Dragon Claw and he used it on Dragonite, which was super-effective.

After he had been hit by that attack, Dragonite started to lose control. Ash's Krookodile then used Crunch on Dragonite. Then he jumped out and used Stone Edgewhich was also super-effective. In Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige! Iris quickly said she would rather pass through the Village of Dragonssupporting the fact that she had been trying to avoid Opelucid City.

Ash and Cilan agreed, to Iris' relief. His mother was one of the best cooks he knew, but she said that the real mastermind was up at the lab. That made it sound like she was taking cooking orders from someone else.

pokemon ash and iris cilan meet again

And she had that HE was waiting for them. There were very few male cooks that he knew of, and even fewer that were better than his own mom. The only one that could come to mind was Ash stopped in his tracks so suddenly that Iris, who was behind him, nearly ran into him. He looked down at Pikachu. Then, excitedly it cried; "Pika-Chu!

Pikachu, though delayed, easily caught up to Ash as he reached the gate to the steps leading up to the double doors of the Lab. As Ash made to push the gate open, Pikachu leaped clean through the bars and pelted up the steps, Ash hot on his tail. Once at the top, Ash wrenched open the door sprinted down the hall, but had barely gotten five feet when something large, wet, and sticky collided with his shoulder and sent him toppling to the ground.

Iris and Cilan, who had just come through the door, cried out in alarm, and started calling for help before they heard a muffled laugh coming from underneath the purple mass. I guess you missed me! It likes to hang around with Professor Oak inside," Ash told him. There, sure enough, stood Brock, wearing an apron and holding an enormous bowl of fruit salad.

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Scrambling up from the ground, he and Pikachu ran to greet their old friend. So you must be Iris and Cilan. Ash told me all about you guys in his letters to me. It's nice to meet you in person!

pokemon ash and iris cilan meet again

The Joy from Saffron City even agreed to dinner with me last week! I almost forgot that you were a pokemon connoisseur," said Brock. I accepted and I arrived here about three days ago and have been busy cooking with your mom ever since. And where's Professor Oak?

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They might still be out there. Ahh Ash, you're finally here! And you, must be Iris and Cilan," he said, looking over at them. Everyone's waiting for you. With a tremendous crash, what appeared to be a large blue bullet slammed into his stomach and sent him crashing to the floor again squealing incessantly.

And she wasn't alone either.

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At the sight of the scene before them, Dawn, Misty and Brock started laughing together, while Ash stared open-mouthed, and Iris and Cilan simply looked bemused. Snorlax was lying in the grass below them breathing in and out deeply, so that the small boy on top of its stomach was rising and falling over a foot with every breath.

Beside them, a girl was shouting at the top of her lungs. Long time no see! At the sound of Ash's voice. Snorlax looked up, saw Ash, let out a delighted bellow and stood up. Max, who had been thrown up into the air by the force of its bellow, fell all the way back to the ground with a thump.

Laughing, everyone except Snorlax went back inside and sat down in the large sitting room overlooking one of the laboratory's meadows. Brock went back to the kitchen to get some drinks and snacks and by the time he'd returned, Tracy had joined the group after finishing his chores downstairs and all the introductions had been made.

As Brock set the platter down, Ash spoke. I had just finished competing in the Johto grand festival and thought it was a great idea, so I started back here. I arrived about four days ago. Of course they both agreed, but then Max asked to come as well, and I finally agreed to let him come, since he didn't come with me on my journey through Johto. Oak told me that I was requested specifically, so I thought I'd better make it work.

pokemon ash and iris cilan meet again

I didn't want to let you down.