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We have the UK's leading specialist new build homes team. a week to make sure you meet any timescales for exchange that your builder Related Pages. Profile and contact details of Pygott & Crone estate and letting agency in Sleaford About Us; Selling; Buying; Additional Services; Meet Our Team; Testimonials. judging process, and are unafraid to ask some tough questions of the judges in order to . board empowers their team to meet this via a number of methods from iPads to .. It is a delight to once again recognise Pygott & Crone as a stand-out.

This can take up to 10 days to complete. To start your application you will be required to complete our application form and pay the application fee. You must also provide Photo ID and a utility bill showing the current address, dated within the last 3 months for each applicant.

pygott and crone meet the team ideas

You will be asked to give information to them so they can confirm that you have rented in the past without any major problems. The application process is in two stages. If the first stage is successful it will progress to the second stage at which point an application fee will become payable. Guarantors may be required for any applicant not in full time employment or on a low income. All deposits must be held in an appropriate Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

If Pygott and Crone are holding the deposit, the deposit will be registered with the Tenancy Dispute Service and an appropriate certificate issued to you. If Pygott and Crone are not holding the deposit, the landlord will advise you of the scheme in which it is held and the terms and conditions of that scheme will be provided by the landlord.

pygott and crone meet the team ideas

Your deposit is protected under the terms of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and cannot be released to the landlord without your consent or at the direction of the Scheme administrators. We look at 5 tips on making the most of web leads. We also take a look at QR codes and why having a mobile website is the key to making them a hit.

pygott and crone meet the team ideas

Finally we bring you an update on the progress of the Reapit letting solution and how one client in Leeds - Eddisons, has been using some of our advanced property management functionality for some time with excellent results. We hope you enjoy reading the newsletter and what's left of the sunshine.

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Whilst a growing number of other software providers have started copying this RPS functionality there is in most cases an important caveat and that is that most of these leads are coming from overnight feeds and can be as much as a day old.

Now if the odds demonstrated above are that stark how much worse can it be answering at best a call 24hrs late. With that in mind we have decided to share 5 best practice tips that should help you get better business from your web leads. When prospects call, email or submit an online form, they are actively asking you to engage with them. TIP 2 - Do Your Research Before Responding We work in a busy, fast paced world…… So look for solutions that let you provide personalised information - quickly and easily.

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Hopefully your web lead generation forms give you a good cross-section of information so you can begin a follow up call on the right foot. TIP 3 - Appreciate the Lead Not every lead is created equal and not everyone is ready to transact today.

That is future business, that you will be missing out on if your follow up is inconsistent or worse still non-existent.

pygott and crone meet the team ideas

If they emailed you, email them back. Same goes for calls. These individuals usually have more specific questions, and have often done more research on the area and type of property they want.

A detail brochure, a great article or blog about market trends or an audio visual tour of the area are all great ideas. When we follow up well it is a service to our prospects - service they will thank us for through future transactions and referrals.