Rainbow dash and blitz meet

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rainbow dash and blitz meet

Do you like it? I draw OC on order (for free)! Write in the commen Rainbow Dash and Rainbow Blitz rub their noses. Rainbow Dash cried. She stood up, her hands clutched in front of her as she watched the television screen. The Beehive Blitzers, her favorite Blitzball team. However, she sighed to soon, whatever came out of that spell was not the Rainbow Dash she knew. "Gah, that thing is gonna get me a.

Any way other than that I came here to help you before I start setting up for the party! And then after that you and me can go and tell every pony that the party will be at his new house - the library! Thank you Spring Rose!

Well do this in no time so we can set up the party! It was around fifteen more minutes before she actually finished all of them and was able to put them all in her cart.

She was about to strap the harness onto herself when Bubble Berry jumped and stole it from her slipping them on himself. The walk was full of chatter and laughter, Bubble Berry being the main one to make Spring Rose laugh. Ponyville soon came into view and so did all the ponies that were busy preparing for the celebration. As she cantered by many of the ponies greeted her friendly and waved hello to which she would shout back a hello or send a smile their way. Almost every pony new Spring Rose as they have visited her small cottage at least once to get a break from everything.

Spring Rose finally got to the town hall, slightly out of breath, and saw Bubble Berry waiting excitedly for her by her cart as he bounced up and down. Spring Rose sighed in relief as she saw that everything was still in tack and calmly trotted over to Bubble Berry. And that would mean we have more time to set up everything for the party! So you can go ahead and start without me. Are you able to gather everyone for me though?

How did you get your mane like that?!

(SFM) My Little Colt: Dusk Shine meets Rainbow Blitz

I wish I could get my scales to look as good as your coat! He had a light purple coat, his mane colour had a navy blue, dark purple and pink colour in it and he also had light purple eyes.

His cutie mark was a dark pink star with five small white stars around it. The dragon on the other hand had a purple colour to her body with a lime green stomach, a small tooth sticking out of her lip, she had dark green spikes on top of her head and light green ears, she also had a green eye colour as well. The dragon, now known as Barbaralooked down sheepishly to the ground as she muttered an apology. I myself think you are quite beautiful. Spring Rose turned to the stallion that had been silent most of the conversation, only to find him staring right at her, a faint purple hue to his cheeks.

Anyway, you're helping with the decorations right? But everything looks in order here. Would you like to stay and chat while I finish it? Okay well good bye. Almost five minutes later Spring Rose was already done and was already making her way around to tell every pony about the party that was going to happen.

She had already told a few and was just on her way now to Apple Acres to tell the family that lived there. Trotting up to the gate Spring Rose smiled as she saw all the apple trees and animals were all healthy. Glancing around she spotted one of the ponies that had come to visit her often picking apples down from the tree.

Applejack and Spring Rose had known each other for a few years now and had become very well acquainted with each other, well really they were good friends. Applejack had an orange colour coat, a blonde mane and tail and he also had light green eyes and three freckles underneath his eye, he also has a more stocky kind of body that was built for working.

He also wore a cowboy hat and sometimes wore a work horse collar like his big brother Big MacIntosh.

  • Element of Hope (MLP;FIM Genderbend)

His cutie mark was three red apples. His cutie mark obviously represented him well as he loved his family business - which was obviously an apple business - and he loved working with apples and loved apples in general. I could stay back for a few minutes. Spring Rose closed her eyes as she felt a sudden rush of wind go by her making her mane and tail fly back.

When the wind had passed she opened her eyes slightly only to find herself staring into two dark pink eyes. Her eyes widened in shock as she took a step back. He had a nice light blue coat, his wings being the same colour, his mane and tail were both rainbow colours with his tail being a bit more on the jagged side and his eyes were a dark pink colour. His cutie mark was a cloud with a rainbow lightning bolt coming out of the bottom. This caused his face turn bright red as he retreated behind his bangs.

Dash then reached over the table and held his hand. He turned to her and saw her look at him with a loving gaze, which made his heart skip a beat. With blushed smiled he looked to his soup. They went back to eating their meal. After a brief moment of awkward silence, Dash finally spoke up. He then saw her fidget a bit in her seat. You deserve somepony who can keep up with you. Heck you even beat me here.

You and Fluttershy have accomplished the exact same things: Helped reform a draconequus, fought against a changeling invasion, and stop the evil Tirek. I struggle with that. This made a small smile appear on his face. Surprised by the initial contact, he grinned and mimicked the action.

The rest of the meal was spent with two playing hoofies with each other. After they finished and paid for their meal, the two headed out for their next destination. He thought for a moment. As they made it to the Cloudsdale Park, Dash stayed close by clinging to his arm. In an act of testing the waters, he draped his wing over her shoulder. To his delight, she leaned in closer to him.

With smiles on their faces, they enjoyed walking through the park. Along the way, Butterscotch would point out the various natural beauties they happened to come across.

After a few minutes, they decided to rest by the park fountain.

Element of Hope (MLP;FIM Genderbend)

They turned to sees Dumb-Bell approaching with his two running buddies Hoops and Score. Hoops was a few inches taller than Dumb-Bell and slightly brawnier than him as well. He had a light golden-brown coat, a brownish mane, and sea green eyes. He wore white short-sleeved collar shirt and black jeans. Score, however, was a short, stocky bluish gray stallion with a brownish gray mane that covered his eyes. He wore a black jersey shirt with white lining and tan shorts.

Dash merely rolled her eyes. The other two then joined in. Before she could react, Butterscotch stepped in front of her. For the first time today, he showed a manly expression as he glared at Dumb-Bell.

The three stallions looked to each other and then let out a mocking laugh. Dumb-Bell then motioned for his two buddies to encircle them. Even with them now surrounding the two of them, Butterscotch still showed not an ounce of fear. Upon him seeing her on the ground, Butterscotch felt his protective nature take hold.

rainbow dash and blitz meet

Dash began to thrash about. Just as he was about to punch her, his wrist was caught by Butterscotch. Score looked up to see his eyes had sharpened. When Score attempted to throw a punch, it was met with a swift thrust kick to his stomach. The impact sent him careening to the ground on his back.

rainbow dash and blitz meet

Angered, Score got to his hooves and charged Butterscotch to throw a haymaker. Butterscotch effortlessly blocked it and did a twisting grab to his wrist. Score yelped in pain as he fell to a knee. While immobile, Butterscotch delivered a palm strike to the chest, which once again sent him to the ground. As he did, Butterscotch grabbed him, rolled through it and tossed him into Hoops.

The impact knocked Hoops off of Dash. Butterscotch sidestepped his charge and grabbed his shoulder to slam him into the ground. Butterscotch recoiled back from the hit but then resume his stance. Hoops then appeared right behind him. With a nod to each other, they both charged him at once. Before Score could tackle him, Butterscotch grabbed his arm and used his own momentum to flip him over his shoulder to toss him into Hoops.

The two collided and were sent crashing into fountain. As they fell into the water, Butterscotch returned to his defensive stance. Before he had time to react, he was sucker punched by Dumb-Bell. Never the Selves Shall Meet: Twilight is initially worried about this, but luckily her worries prove unfounded. She keeps it up for most of the fic, not sure what them interacting will cause.

A majority of it appears to be her being just plain scared of meeting her alternate selves.

rainbow dash and blitz meet

Applejack mentioned a time Rainbow Dash got stir-crazy from being cooped up too long. Apparently it wasn't pretty. Spines brings up the poison joke incident when they recount Butterscotch's actually Fluttershy's strange behavior, referring to him as "Butterbabe".

My Little Pony--Equestria Girls--Canterlot High Stories--Rainbow Dash Brings the Blitz

Presumably Butterscotch was cursed with a very sexy female voice that time? Everypony's reaction to the chaos that would be created if Pinkie Pie and her counterpart Berry Bubble collaborated on a party.

Also to the realization Rarity has tricked them so she can go see Elusive.

rainbow dash and blitz meet

Cake's gender-swapped selves are just each other's body shapes with their natural colors. Applejack is shocked to see this. Both Rainbows have a version of this.