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cypenv.infoin is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. Her brother, a tyrannous king, forces Clary to marry the King of Idris (the Lord of the Barbarians). . The day she meets Jace Lightwood is the day that she begins to question .. She's from Athens, he's from Sparta. Are Clace your favorite ship in the Shadowhunters series? A lot has happened to these two Jace and Clary meet for the first time. Shadowhunters - Clace: The. Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Romance - Clary F., Jace W. . and do her make up and get started on a few drinks before meeting Simon at a club. . humans, were's, a warlock and she even noted two shadowhunters.

Alec glanced over at him and then raised an eyebrow back at his sister, who scrunched up her nose and shrugged, and then looked back at her phone. They had been back in Raven Creek for five hours so far, and they had managed to avoid people.

That wasn't going to last long at all, given everyone knew that a Herondale Alpha was coming back into the city, and they knew it was this weekend.

That was why Jace and Alec had decided to get it over and done with, and go out for a few drinks at the local club, make a public appearance.

It was nowhere near as fancy as the one that Isabelle stayed in back in New York, but it was high end for this city. Jace waited until she disappeared inside, listening to tap of her boots as she head inside, and he used his supernatural hearing to wait for the ding of the elevator and for the boots to walk inside, and then the doors to slide closed.

When he turned the car around and headed back into the township, he looked over at Alec. Jace nodded, because that was true. They got into the main part of the city, the term 'city' being used a whole lot more loosely than it was in New York. Raven Creek was a city, but it wasn't overflowing at the seams like New York was, and that was what Jace wanted. When he had escaped to New York after the death of his parents and loosing their pack, it was because he needed to loose himself.

He wanted to find his center again, and be at home. There were a couple of glances from people that they past on the street, but it was dark, and both Jace and Alec had their heads ducked so that they weren't particularly obvious. One of the people who past them was a werewolf, and their footsteps stuttered as they past and clearly caught the scent of an Alpha. The two boys pulled out their wallets, and Jace was about to jerk out his licence, with the embossed werewolf stamp in the corner, when the bouncer finally looked at him.

Jace just pursed his eyes, looking bored. The music and the smell of alcohol and sweat hit both werewolves the moment they stepped inside, and they needed to take a moment to filter out the thousands of noises and scents and sounds.

Jace had mastered the skill of focusing on only what he wanted to a long time ago, but sometimes it still took moment or so, especially when he was in a new place. They started toward the bar, and that was when the looks all started.

It was probably initiated by the way that the were's who were mixed in with the humans in the club instantly picked up on his scent, and the scent of his second in command. Their eyes flashed gold in respect as he walked past and they bared their necks in submission. That meant that the humans and the shadowhunters around the werewolves all started to pick up on him as well. It was a normal reaction, and Jace gave a few nods of his head before focusing back on walking toward the bar.

And that was when he smelt it.

It smelt like strawberry, and something flowery, and something slightly bitter but not unpleasant, and home and love and— "Jace? Jace swallowed hard as he let his eyes fade back to their normal golden hue. There were hundreds of people in this club, and the instant he started letting scents flood back in they became a little overwhelming, and that was hard when he was trying to find just that one person.

As in, your—" "Yeah, her," Jace snapped and then turned toward the bar. There was a girl standing there, a petite red head with a killer body, wearing a tight dress that did everything for her figure, and an Angelic Power rune that was partially showing from underneath the dress on her shoulder.

Alec was saying something else, but Jace was completely ignoring him as he started walking directly toward the girl. She was annoyed, and she turned around and stalked off toward the dance floor. It was as though there was an invisible cord attaching the two of them together, because he was following straight after her. There were people noticing him and Alec, but he wasn't paying them any attention, completely intent on getting to her.

Something caught the red heads attention, because she stopped, just as they were about to reach her, and looked around. There was a waitress in front of them, the only person between Jace and the girl, and she only narrowly avoided walking straight into the girl.

Usually with Jace's enhanced reactions, he would have easily been able to side step around the waitress, but he was caught off guard, only focused on the girl, and he walked straight into the waitress. The waitress fell to the ground, reaching for the glasses and huffing under her breath, but when she glanced up, she seemed to recognize who he was.

But clearly the red head hadn't. Her green eyes were sparking furiously, plucked eyebrows pulled together, and looking indignant on the waitresses behalf. She faltered for a moment, her head half turning as though hearing someone behind her, but then she was right back to focusing the full force of her glare back on him. Jace was fighting to keep the smirk off his face as he saw her beginning to look around, noticing that they had a lot more attention than a few spilt drinks warranted.

And were's and humans alike were all exposing their necks in respect, and when she looked back at him, her eyes were wider—still angry, but a little more wary. He let his true eyes show, the red bleeding through into his orbs. I've got lots of recommendations I want to make coz I've been away for so long, but I'll just throw a couple out there.

Alright, so, tell me Me and my hubby always travel for Christmas to see extended family, but it was just a quiet one at home with a couple of his family members, so that was nice. And for New Years we rented out a house by the beach with a couple of our close friends, so that was amazing. So it was actually almost a benefit that they had made the movie, because they knew where the landmines were in the material and they didn't want to step on them again.

We felt like we reaped the benefit of them having learned those lessons, and it's really a testament to the underlying appeal of the material and the book series that it could recover from a movie that didn't do that well. Michael Reisz executive producer: What TV is able to do, as opposed to a feature film, is explore all the nuances that might not have the time to be explored within two hours. What we really sought to do was take the richness of the world that Cassandra created and see how we can, hopefully, do this in many seasons of a TV series, where we have full hours at a time to explore the very specific relationships, very specific adventures, and the evolution of the characters.

So it allowed us to go into greater detail and really explore the things that the fans absolutely love about the series, and create new surprises that fans of the books can come in fresh and be excited about.

We looked at the TV series as our own kind of unit and just ran with it. Once we got the green light, I read all the novels and did an unbelievable amount of research on what were the high points, what we were trying to get to, what absolutely had to be kept and everything like that. But no matter what book you're adapting — it doesn't matter if it's a famous book or not — you have to decide what you can and can't include.

For instance, the novels stay very close to Clary's point of view and on a TV show, just by the fact that you have all of these characters and storylines, you have to shift the focus to other people as well. These books have got a lot of moving parts and are so famous that we had to build in some surprise for even the diehard fans.

We're hoping they're going to say, "Wait a minute, that wasn't in the book! They got to this part that I really loved, but they did it in a whole new way. We knew there was going to be some dispute with some of the things we're doing and we think we're winning more battles than we're losing. It was actually more exciting than nerve-wracking. Marjorie David co-executive producer: When Cassandra wrote the novels, she was developing the characters as she was in the process of writing, which is often the case with novels.

But we had the whole tapestry of their lives from the beginning of the series to the end, so we were able to take things we knew about the characters in novel number five and pull them into novel number one. Since you're seeing characters in the show and you're with them all the time, it's something the audience needs to know. That's how we got to move it around and so far the fans have been pretty okay with it.

I've always had an affinity for stories that have a lot to do with transitioning into adulthood. What drew me to this is that I love that period in life; I've always had an affinity for stories that have a lot to do with transitioning into adulthood.

Ache For Us Chapter 1, a mortal instruments fanfic | FanFiction

I saw that reflected in Shadowhunters; the opportunity to talk about that period where things have so much intensity and you're experiencing things so deeply and thoroughly, be it music or love or relationships of any sort. I really identify with stories that take place during that point of life as a primary point of entry.

I brought that to Charlie's AngelsThe O. It just seems to be a place where I'm very comfortable. Plus I like the opportunity to tell stories of a secret world — whether it's comedic expression, as in Men In Black or something decidedly more serious. The idea of there's something out there that we don't even know about, but it's going on right in front of us, day and night.

It's an exciting story platform. Those elements are what really brought me in to it. Among the series' cast members are Katherine McNamara, whose credits range from Broadway to guest starring roles on television and such features as Maze Runner: Sword of Destiny, as warlock Magnus Bane. The casting of this show is something that's very, very dear to me and I'm proud and pleased with what these actors are doing with these characters, and the way they're finding their voice and bringing it to life.

I'm just exceptionally proud of them. Katherine McNamara actress, "Clary Fray": I'd been looking for a role I could really grow into and this one really brought that. I'd read the script and I knew of the book series, and I fell in love with the world, the stories and these characters that are so three-dimensional and developed and flawed in so many ways.

And who exist in this incredibly rich world. Katherine has the burden of being the lead of the show. She's obviously a very attractive, very dynamic actor, but here's what made me want to cast this young lady: She's brilliant, and she's intelligent, and I can't fabricate intelligence as a director.

Either the actor has that intelligence and that verbal acuity and that skill set, or the actor does not. Katherine is just wise beyond her years. She has an extraordinarily active mind and she's very, very intelligent. What a huge asset that is to play with.

One of the things I loved about working on Broadway was working with a cast of people mostly the same age for such a long period of time, playing the same character, really getting to know these people and having a home and a family at work. That's something that's so rare in this industry, because people are moving, constantly doing different things and recycling coworkers.

It's nice to step back and have a home for a little bit and to really dig in deep with the same people and the same story; to dig into the nooks and crannies of the story and the character and see where it takes you. TV is such a fun medium, and it keeps you on your toes. There's no room for breaking, no room to stop and rest. It really makes you work hard and that's something I thrive on.

Isaiah Mustafa actor, "Luke Garroway": I wasn't familiar with the books — my daughter was all into them, so when I heard about it I just thought, "New York City detective; let me see what this is all about.

Your character is a werewolf, but he doesn't play a werewolf. In the end, I played Luke as a normal detective, a caring father figure to Clary and kind of moral compass of the show. He doesn't change much in season one; if he's going to evolve, it would be in season two. You get more of a sense of who he is as the season goes on. In season two you'll get a better sense of his personality and how he has an impact on the Shadow World.

Dominic Sherwood actor, "Jace Wayland": Generally, early in your career you can't be as picky with jobs, but I try very hard to only do things that make me happy, things that I would enjoy. Otherwise, why am I doing it?

When I read the script, it was fun and it was funny, and there were great people attached. I liked the character, I liked the script, I liked the world.

Plus McG was on to produce and direct the pilot, so it was a combination of everything that drew me in. Jace, to me, is kind of the living epitome of what a Yin and Yang is.

He's the epitome of the good and bad and the good in the bad and the bad in the good. He's kind of in his world; a very talented soldier doing what he thinks is right, very often without the approval of his superiors. It's kind of complex, almost like a fantasy Jack Bauer.

Matthew Daddario actor, "Alec Lightwood": When a part is offered to you, you have a couple of reactions. Initially you say, "Okay, I like work," and then obviously you have to either by force or not by force become interested in the material. Luckily in this case the material was very appealing to me. I find Alec to very vulnerable while in a position of power.

He's hiding how he really feels from himself and obviously is a very flawed character - which is always interesting. He's young, but he gets to go through a kind of growth where he becomes an adult and a happy one at that.

That struggle is very endearing and I relate to it. I'd say the season started with an emotionally stunted young man who is struggling with identity issues and issues of motivation and purpose. He feels a sense of duty, but that's not enough to drive somebody, you need to have things that are meaningful to you beyond what you've been told to do.

Through the season he starts to realize that his understanding of who he is supposed to love changes, and he gets more in touch with himself. As a result, he comes to terms with who he is. I hadn't read the books before, although I had auditioned for the movie, so I didn't have a real sense of Magnus. I just knew him as this ancient warlock, but when you dig a little deeper it's more than that.

He's the life of the party, he has a bit of reservation about the people he tries to help, and he's hedonistic. But there were just so many layers to him and the more I found out, the more interesting he became to me. Throughout the first season there's a lot of layers being stripped away and also him putting layers back on that were there. Talk about a guy who has been around for over years — give or take a hundred, because he doesn't always tell the truth all the time.

At the same time, he has this very human aspect of these emotions that still get to him, that he can't completely throw away. An integral aspect of the novels and something that is fully embraced in the series, is the growing relationship between Magnus and Alec frequently conjoined as Malec.

Shadowhunters 3x02 - Jace Tells Clary His Feelings After Date

Unlike a lot of shows in the fantasy genre that might shy away from same sex relationships Buffy notwithstanding, of courseShadowhunters treats the duo pretty much the same way that any growing relationship would be treated. No trumpets heralding how progressive the show is, just a matter of fact approach. It's something we encourage the writing staff to really lean into.

We felt that was a big appeal of the source material. Everyone I asked about The Mortal Instruments said that the appeal was the romance. The relationships were a big driver of the interest underneath the science fiction and fantasy elements, so it felt important to keep that balance strong. We have a lot of relationship drama on our network - it's a staple of our programming - so it's nice to feel that this show fits in with those in terms of its core storytelling.

The show is all about the relationships; that's what really holds it all together. Whether "favoriting" — I'm talking in social media terms — a relationship or what they like to call "shipping," just putting a couple together, it's this world of connections at the end of the day. Then there's Luke, just hanging out in some dark room So many questions, so little time.

Why does he have a weapon? He can literally transform into a Werewolf with claws for hands! Why would he need a knife?

Shadowhunters: the complete history

Who is he fighting? The most important thing is that the team is all back together! And Valentine has been captured! They better enjoy these moments of peace before there's another war between the forces of good and evil. It's only a matter of time! Did we miss anything important from the trailers?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments! And check out all of Season 1 and Season 2A right here on Freeform while you're waiting for June 5th.