Spirited away chihiro and haku meet again

Chihiro and Haku (Spirited Away) Will Meet Again

spirited away chihiro and haku meet again

Spirited Away- Chihiro and Haku have meet again at last. And I think only then would she be able to see Haku again. Shortly after the events of Spirited Away the ancient weapons from Nausica went. One of the most successful films from Japan that has reached many hearts worldwide, Spirited Away is the highest grossing film in Japanese.

Just a very odd idea that came to mind while watching the movie again. I don't think this story is fantastic, but I thought I'd share it So enjoy! Constructive criticism is welcome, speak your mind, but if you review just to insult me or the story then don't bother.

The characters may be OOC since I truly couldn't figure exactly how would they behave in some circumstances but I still hope you like it. I don't own anything except for some characters of my own creation.

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She sat on her bed and looked out her window, a window that had a view to the mysterious forest that led her family astray all those years back. Yes, she thought to herself, it has already been six years since then. Chihiro pulled the covers and lazily turned, dangling her legs off the bed, one hand rubbing her still sleep ridden eyes while the other remained loosely fisting the covers. Moving both hands to rest on her lap, Chihiro thought back to the recurring dream she'd been having from when she had been a ten year old spoiled and panicky girl.

She knew it hadn't all been a dream, there were many things that proved it, from the hair tie Zeniba had given her to the unmistakable oddness surrounding the fact that Chihiro had taken four days to save her parents, four days that her parents didn't remember but had noticed nonetheless. But above all else, there was still that tingling feeling on her left hand, the same tingle as when Haku's hand had left her own when the time came for her to go back.

She sometimes regretted not looking back, but she knew she probably would have regretted even more if she had. It hadn't only been about herself, it had also been about her parents and they deserved better than the loss of the world they knew on a selfish whim from her.

No, she had done what was right and she vowed to herself she wouldn't regret any choice she'd made, they were all part of her growing up after all. Are you already awake?

Chihiro quickly got back and made the bed, checked her mobile phone where it lay on the nightstand and ran out her room, straight downstairs and into the kitchen. You'll end up waking your father" her mother scolded lightly, never taking her eyes off the stove as she made some tea. Chihiro took out some cereal, getting the milk from the fridge as well as a bowl and a spoon from the washed dishes drying on the counter and setting everything on the table.

She slowly poured the milk and added the cereal, making a slow tempo knowing that her mother liked to join her for breakfast and would soon be finished with the tea. When her mother sat down, a cup of hot green tea in her hands, Chihiro started eating her breakfast. Your father and I were thinking it would be the perfect opportunity for you to show off your skills" her mother suggested, a light smile gracing her rosy lips. Chihiro had proved to be a master at flower arrangements, as well as most of the domestic traditional chores like embroidery as well as the art of making and serving tea.

Chihiro didn't really think these were exceptional things but they pleased her mother greatly, who liked nothing more than to be a perfect hostess and coming from a traditional family, it made her proud that her only child was so skilled on these arts.

But Chihiro was also very interested in the spirit world and was aiming to be a Shinto priestess. This however, didn't really appease her parents, who thought it a waste of her qualities and for this reason, Chihiro told them she would take a degree in biology, since studying living things brought her nearer to nature and the spirit world.

Will Haku and Chihiro meet again???

Yes, she knew they were everywhere and with her studying to be a Shinto priestess, she now knew how to get them to show themselves to her. Pondering on her mother's suggestion, Chihiro didn't think it was a bad idea at all, but she really didn't feel up to take part in the competition, since she never thought it was fair to use flowers in that way.

She always helped at the festival, since she got so many requests and the money helped with her savings, but she never participated and she wasn't about to start.

Disappointment flashed briefly through her mother eyes but was rapidly masked when her mother smiled back. Chihiro knew better than anyone how easy it was to disappoint her parents, whose life was led by their material trends and above all else, they seemed to pour down onto their daughter all their expectations, often forgetting to think on what Chihiro would truly like herself. Chihiro finished her breakfast and excused herself, retiring to the safety of her room. She opened the wardrobe and searched for suitable clothes for the day ahead.

You'd think that someone with such feminine skills would dress all girly, but Chihiro often used plain loose and comfortable clothes instead of flashy or very classy clothing, which her mother sometimes fussed about. Every year, around the time she moved to that town, she would make a trip to the forest and into the old tunnel. Many would assume she was just going for a walk in the forest but at the lateness she usually returned, some would start questioning her sanity.

Her parents didn't approve of these little yearly escapades but since they were just once a year and they really had other things to worry about, it rarely moved beyond small comments. Chihiro looked at her left wrist where her beautiful shiny purple hair tie was as a rush of memories threatened to invade her. She pushed it aside and swiftly tied her long waist length hair in a neat ponytail, dressing herself and grabbed her backpack.

She shoved her Shinto books inside, her phone and her sketch book. Picking a few last things from the kitchen, Chihiro moved into the living room, her father already awake. With a backpack that full? You're going for that little escapade you do every year aren't you? You know I don't really like you to stay out all day only God knows where without a good reason, and as I see it, you haven't come up with a good reason even after all this time but since you've insisted so much and I've never had a reason to doubt my trust in you, I let you have your way on this matter, but Chihiro, don't you think it's about time you grow out of that habit?

Whatever was wrong with it? Why did she have to give up on her connection to the other world, to her fondest memories and to the other half of herself?

First they didn't approve of her studies now they want to take away her peace. She quickly composed herself and smiled. You worry too much, see you later! Her mother looked back from hanging the wet clothes and waved at her daughter, shaking her head slightly in disapproval when Chihiro was out of sight. Chihiro tied the backpack to her bike and got on, eager to get to her destination as soon as possible. His expression was cold and there wasn't any trace of the kindness he showed to Chihiro all those years ago.

And it's 'Haku-sama' to you Lin" he said, never stopping or looking away. She missed Sen, the girl had been her only true friend for the short time it had lasted but she knew she couldn't come back to the spirit world. Fate brought the girl to them. This time they would have to go to her.

spirited away chihiro and haku meet again

Every now and then they would get news from Sen by means of some soot balls Kamaji had requested to spy on the girl. It seems no matter if Sen wasn't his granddaughter, he acted as if he was her grandfather, but so did Zeniba, who had offered to help with gathering news from the girl as well. As luck would have it, Yubaba didn't allow Zeniba into her domain or got along with her, but Boh was her child and she never denied him anything so far, besides previously not letting him go out of his room from fear he'd get sick or injured, so when Boh decided he wanted to see his aunt, Yubaba consented on some terms of her own.

The group then established a date every year to meet and talk about the news and events about Sen. The same date that Chihiro used for her escapade. Haku was the only one that didn't partake in these gatherings, receiving the news from Kamaji alone on another time of his choosing.

The river spirit didn't like to open himself to a lot of people for he knew what weaknesses lay bare when he did and so he hardened his heart again when Chihiro left, pulled his shields back up and only let himself relax on Kamaji's presence, who was the only one to truly have seen that side to him besides the girl. Never in every single day that had gone by did he forget his promise but he had a contract with Yubaba, no matter if she couldn't control him anymore, a contract like the ones she made were hard to break.

He had been busy for the last years with trying to get Lin out of the bathhouse so she could do what she always dreamed about without her having any knowledge of his plan. For this, he had to make a deal with the old witch. Lin's contract wouldn't be broken, Yubaba would give her a year to do as she pleased on the condition that Haku pay for that year of work with ten years of further servitude and only then would they discuss the ending of his own contract.

It has been six years so far and Yubaba still hadn't consented Lin to leave. Time in the spirit world didn't have the same meaning as in the human world.

spirited away chihiro and haku meet again

Spirits lived much longer than humans could ever dream to and their death was a different matter altogether. When spirits died, if they died, they would disappear forever or enter the human life cycle, the former more often than the latter. Humans died and came back, over and over, to learn, to mature, to love and to cherish what best there was in life. Humanity was the garden spirits vowed to nurture but it became haywire and unruly, turning against their caretakers.

So ten years servitude was a small enough fee for one year of freedom. Besides, Lin deserved it. Haku arrived, bowing slightly to the witch as she rounded her desk full of jewels and took in her apprentice's appearance.

The river spirit was reliable as long as she kept his contract, his only means of freedom under her control, but she knew she wouldn't be able to keep him bound forever. He was too powerful and beyond her reach since the little incident with that little brat. Sure he never made a move against her since then, but he had a defiance that easily outmatched her cunning and manipulative nature, what with her old hag of a sister Zeniba also interfering and her own child being none the wiser, she knew she was up against a losing battle.

Even so, she thought, she'd get her winnings out of what she still could get from him while he was under her rule. Lady Okinawa lives in the forest surrounding our spirit gate and I made a bargain. Go collect it for me. I expect you back in the evening. You can also tell Lin she may take her leave for one year.

Dismissed" she simply said, waving him off like a servant. Haku bowed again and left. He headed straight to the boiler room. One of the soot balls noticed Haku's arrival and made some weird noises, making Kamaji look back at him and declaring a break. Lady Okinawa lives on the forest by the spirit gate, although it's currently closed, it's your best chance!

The day she comes to the gate! Lady Okinawa is temperamental, mind you, but she's very kind and very wise, she might just know what you can do to meet Chihiro this time! I will find a way to see her again but I will do it myself" he said, closing his eyes in frustration.

Haku opened his eyes again when he felt a hand on his shoulder. She's a very strong girl and she's grown, you've been delaying things with your denial. You deny your love" Haku frowned at this "yes, love, no matter what love you believe it to be, it's love nonetheless. She has come every year with hope to see you yet still knowing that she likely never will, yet she believes in the promise you made.

If you delay much more she will move on and you'll lose your opportunity. I'm not saying you have to go and promise her a 'forever', no I'm saying go see her, talk to her and may you meet again when another opportunity arrives but don't just crush her hopes like that, you're her dearest friend" Haku sighed.

For all the centuries he lived and for all the wisdom he possessed, he knew all this and still hesitated. Granted, he'd never got himself involved with the humans before, his only duty was to his beloved river until the girl fell into his waters and he just couldn't let her drown, even if he didn't know why, he couldn't. Now, things should have ended then but as fate would have it, his river was dried, making him a lost soul, she came along again and he found himself questioning his true duty.

What fate awaited him? What was in store for him? But he knew, Zeniba had told him, his soul was bound to Chihiro's and that was why. He didn't understand it fully but he knew that if he were to never see her again it would slowly kill him but if it meant she would be happiest that way he wouldn't hesitate.

Love was a very dangerous emotion in the spirit world, most spirits didn't love beyond their birth channels but the few that did often lived painfully, suffering a thousand times more than any human in the same condition. The so called unrequited love was poison to a spirit. A spirit would fade away just like their human world part, be it river, forest, whatever the like, it would fade with them as their soul knowing it could not merge would start moving on.

Humans were reborn with their true love over the centuries, many times over, while spirits came to be to protect the world. Sure some spirits found happiness with humans and entered the life cycle with their beloved on their next life, since linking a spirit's soul to a human's would bound their life, so when the human dies, the spirit will follow.

True some humans changed their loved one during their lives when their soul loses its link to the other half or when they break the link themselves to forge a new one.

It was rare, dangerous and very unlikely. Not many souls were compatible with more than one half but some haven't yet found their half, being free to link. But really how likely was it that the feeling he had was of that nature and how even more likely was it for Chihiro to be part of one of these exceptions?

Chances are, even if he figures he loves her, she won't feel the same or can't. But Haku doesn't like to dwell on this, he doesn't believe there is anything beyond a deep friendship love between them even if he doesn't deny he won't fight against it if he does develop feelings for her but until then, he has vowed to not mistake his feelings.

He knows himself and knows right now, Chihiro wouldn't be able to respond anyway, she is too young by human standards and even if she were infatuated it was dangerous to involve himself with her at such a volatile age as the one she was currently in, not that he believed any wrong from her but it was human nature.

  • 5 Reasons Why Chihiro and Haku from Spirited Away Will Meet Again

At the beginning of the movie, Chihiro was quite sceptical of moving to a new place, worried and lacked confidence. However, at the end of the movie she has a different outlook on her new life. Even after her changes in development throughout the film, we find it hard to believe that she could change her mind that suddenly without having a reference to base her change in decision on. Considering the fact that no time has passed in her memories.

The promise Before Chihiro departs, she makes a promise with Haku that they will meet again. Chihiro will most likely try to find a way back to meet Haku, when she eventually remembers. After discovering something that has changed her way of life so drastically, one would be certain that Chihiro will no-doubt try to rediscover the spirit world, especially because of the promise to meet Haku again.

One important theme from the film that Miyazaki encompasses is the use of Shinto motifs as a basis for the film, where they say that every living thing has a spirit. It was Haku that saved her by carrying her to the bank. The Japanese version, however, explains that the river still flows underground. This is why Haku was working for Yubaba, as he was lost and had no way to get home. Haku is no longer bound to Yubaba because he was released from her contract after recovering his real name, which means that he is able to go where he pleases, even possibly to cross between worlds, in order to fulfil the promise.

It's made from the threads your friends wove together. This item proves that her time in the spirit world was not just a dream. But what is the significance of this hair tie? We believe it is her connection to the spirit world. Zeneba explains that the hair tie will protect her, meaning that it contains magic.

The glittering at the end when Chihiro returns to the human world further reinforces the fact that the hair tie contains some kind of magic. Also there is the possibility of Haku entering the human world, as he has done once before. How the portal opened in the first place is a mystery, but the movie gives us a suggestion that there is in fact more than one portal.

Hidden Meaning in Spirited Away (Miyazaki) – Earthling Cinema

Looking back to the beginning of the movie when they first enter the spirit world, Chihiro and her family enter through a tunnel beside two other tunnels. This could mean that there are in fact, other ways into the spirit world. Haku has been released from his shackles and he is no longer bound to a certain place, which means he is now a free spirit. As Haku is a river spirit, perhaps he can only move where there is water.

After all, he promised. Extra There is also a rumoured ending that was originally only released in Japan, along with the original release of the DVD before it was translated to English.