Steven universe and connie meet

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steven universe and connie meet

Stevonnie is a fictional character from the animated series Steven Universe, created by Rebecca Sugar. A "fusion" of the protagonist Steven Universe and his friend Connie. Connor Meets Steven Universe Episode Buddy's Book [The episode begins with Steven, Connie, Andrew, Teardrop Pearl and me riding Lion and warping. Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar. . a flashback showing how Ruby and Sapphire met and formed Garnet for the first time, was Connie (voiced by Grace Rolek) is Steven's best friend.

She is quiet, stoic, pragmatic, and described by Steven as "mysterious", but over the course of the series she becomes more emotionally open, especially in expressing her love for Steven.

According to the writers, her great self-confidence is reflected in the fact that she never asks questions. She also has a precognitive ability she refers to as "future vision".

Garnet has three eyes, over which she wears a visor. In the first-season finale, " Jail Break ", it is revealed that Garnet is a fusion of two smaller Gems named Ruby and Sapphire. Garnet's existence is thus a personification of Ruby and Sapphire's loving relationship—she describes herself as "a conversation" and "made of love"—and her personality is a stable blending of Ruby and Sapphire's traits. The character of Garnet has won acclaim from critics as a representation of a queer relationship.

The second-season episode " The Answer ", a flashback showing how Ruby and Sapphire met and formed Garnet for the first time, was nominated for an Emmy Award and adapted into a children's book. They are portrayed as having contrasting personalities and abilities: Sapphire is an emotionally reserved Gem who held a high rank on Homeworld, having ice-related powers and the ability to see into the future; [11] while Ruby is impulsive and hotheaded, has fire-related abilities, and was a common foot soldier on Homeworld.

Garnet's qualities are the result of a "conversation" between these two contrasting personalities. At the end of the fifth season, after a period of questioning the basis of their relationship in the wake of revelations about Rose Quartz's past, Ruby and Sapphire recommit themselves to each other through marriage.

Her mischievous sense of humor often provides comic reliefand her fun-loving and relatively childish nature bolsters her friendship with Steven. Her amethyst gemstone, from which she can summon a whipis embedded on her chest; she also makes frequent use of shapeshifting capabilities. Her rebellious and hedonistic personality covers for deep-seated feelings of inadequacy, resentment, and fear that the other Crystal Gems do not respect her, and a long-term character arc involves her learning to respect herself and her capabilities.

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Pearl Steven Universe Resembling a ballerina in her slender build, costume, and graceful style of movement, Pearl voiced by Deedee Magno Hall is a short-tempered, precise, intellectual strategist and technician. Her gemstone is a white pearl that is embedded in her forehead, from which she can summon a spear and can create holographic images. Pearl harbored a deep romantic devotion to Rose Quartz, leading to lasting grief over Rose's absence and jealousy over her relationship with Greg; major character arcs for Pearl include her slowly learning to cope with and move beyond these emotions.

On the Gem homeworld, pearls are a "made-to-order" servant caste, and the fifth season reveals that Pearl originally served Rose Quartz in Rose's original identity of Pink Diamond. Pearl has learned to move beyond her caste role as a fighter and technician, but still has difficulty learning to feel independent rather than subordinate. Critical response to Pearl has largely appreciated her portrayal as a complex, sympathetic, yet flawed queer character.

Although Steven lives with the Gems during the time period of the narrative, Greg remains a constant presence in his life. Greg is laid-back, accepting, and supportive of Steven's adventures, though often made uncomfortable by Gem magic. A series of flashback episodes portray the history of his relationship with Rose Quartz. Connie is introduced as an intelligent, introverted, and lonely person in the early episode "Bubble Buddies", and she rapidly develops a close relationship with Steven.

An avid reader of fantasy literatureshe admires what she calls Steven's "magical destiny" and is eager to be a part of it; her increasing involvement in Gem adventures, eventually becoming accepted as a member of the Crystal Gems, is a long-term plot arc of the show, including learning to fight with a sword belonging to Rose Quartz and coming to see herself as Steven's equal despite not having magical abilities of her own. Another character arc involving Connie is her learning to push back against her overprotective parents.

Lars is inconsiderate, irresponsible, and abrasive, but insecure and desperate to be accepted by those he considers to be the "cool kids". Sadie is friendly and shy, but has difficulty asserting herself and tends to try and fix Lars' issues for him. Despite Lars's negative attitude, Steven considers Lars a close friend, and Sadie has a crush on him.

Lars and Sadie's intermittently affectionate and antagonistic relationship is a recurring focus of episodes in which both characters feature. Matthew Moy has stated that Lars is one of his favorite acting roles, and has described his character as a "complicated fellow". Lars is prominently featured at the end of season 4 and beginning of season 5, during which he is abducted and taken to the Gem Homeworld with Steven; his character arc in these episodes focuses on him learning to overcome his fear of embarrassing himself and being perceived as inadequate.

This storyline culminates when he is killed defending Steven and others from Homeworld security robots, and then brought back to life by Steven's healing powers. When revived, Lars's body has turned pink, and he manifests magical properties, including the ability for Steven to teleport to a pocket dimension via Lars's hair. With his newfound confidence, he becomes the leader of a band of fugitive Gems and captain of a stolen spaceship.

At the same time, Sadie, left behind on Earth, develops the self-confidence to quit her job at the Big Donut and join a horror rock band with the "cool kids", "Sadie Killer and the Suspects". Her gem is embedded in her abdomen. Although she appears only in flashbacksher legacy and her absence define the lives and relationships of the other main characters.

She led the ancient rebellion against the Gem homeworld, and the Crystal Gems describe her to Steven as loving and seeing beauty in all forms of life. Flashback episodes show the development of her relationship with Greg from infatuation into love and understanding, and eventually her earlier history as well.

Steven initially feels great pressure to live up to her example as a compassionate leader, but his relationship with her memory is complicated at the end of the third season when he learns of morally questionable actions she undertook during the war.

Straight to Video", the first episode in which she appeared via a videotaped message to Stevenwas nominated for an Emmy Award for short-form animation. Originally immature and spoiled, Pink Diamond fell in love with the diversity of the planet's life and the possibilities that came with it; she created the alternate identity of Rose Quartz to lead the rebellion to protect life on Earth, and eventually faked her own assassination to break free from her former life.

Lapis Lazuli[ edit ] At the time of her introduction, Lapis Lazuli voiced by Jennifer Paz is a Gem from Homeworld who was trapped in a magical mirror on Earth for thousands of years.

After being released from the fusion in the third season premiere, she forms a close relationship with Peridot and comes to accept living on earth. Her character arc in her intermittent appearances since then has involved her slow recovery from the psychological trauma of having been imprisoned and being part of an abusive fusion, and coping with the fear of being victimized again. At the end of the fifth season, she joins the Crystal Gems to fight Blue Diamond.

She has powerful telekinetic control over water, and can produce wings made of water from the lapis lazuli gemstone embedded on her back. Stranded on Earth after the events of the first-season finalePeridot becomes a recurring antagonist in the first half of the second season before being eventually captured and convinced to ally with them to defuse the Cluster. When the Crystal Gems first encounter her she wears technological "limb enhancers", giving her a fearsome and robotic appearance; after she is captured, she loses them and appears childlike without them.

She is cranky and self-aggrandizing in demeanor, but demonstrates willingness to learn from her mistakes and to treat others with greater respect and kindness. Her gemstone is a triangular peridot embedded in her forehead, [20] and she discovers in the third season that she has the ability to telekinetically control metal objects. Jasper[ edit ] Introduced at the end of the first season, Jasper voiced by Kimberly Brooks is a powerful warrior from Homeworld and a renowned veteran of the ancient war against the Crystal Gems.

A subordinate of Pink Diamond created on Earth, she holds a long-standing grudge against the planet and Rose Quartz for Pink's purported destruction. She is openly contemptuous of those she perceives as weak or defective and is "determined to never be weak or vulnerable" [21] herself. Her gemstone is a yellow jasper in the place of her nose, and her Gem weapon is a heavy helmet.

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She is the principal recurring antagonist in the second half of the third season; as a perfectly formed Quartz warrior, she becomes the target of Amethyst's resentment and desire to prove herself. At the end of the season, she attempts fusion with a corrupted Gem monster, becomes corrupted herself, and is neutralized and captured by the Crystal Gems.

Great Diamond Authority[ edit ] The Great Diamond Authority are the leaders of the Gem Homeworld and its colonies, whom all other Gems are created to serve without question. The first two Diamonds introduced in the series are the vindictive, impatient, and disdainful Yellow Diamond voiced by Patti LuPone and the depressive and sentimental Blue Diamond voiced by Lisa Hannigan. Yellow and Blue, despite their different approaches, are both motivated by their mutual grief and guilt over Pink Diamond 's death, before finally learning at the end of the fifth season that her demise was faked, coming to believe that Steven is her.

Yellow and Blue themselves are intimidated by White Diamond voiced by Christine Ebersolewho has remained on the Gem Homeworld for eons; her first appearance portrays her as passive-aggressive and condescending.

steven universe and connie meet

Steven regards Lion as a pet. Lion provides Steven with connections to Rose Quartz's legacy—he brings Steven and Connie to Rose's secret armory, and a number of Rose's keepsakes are stored in a pocket dimension accessible via his mane, including her sword and a videotaped message to Steven.

Lion is introduced in the early episode "Steven's Lion", in which he appears mysteriously in the desert and follows Steven home.

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In season 5, it is implied that Lion was originally an ordinary lion, and, like Lars, developed his magical nature as an effect of being treated by Rose Quartz's healing tears. In the same season, his pocket dimension becomes accessible through the one accessed through Lars's hair.

Pumpkin[ edit ] Pumpkin is a living pumpkin that behaves like a dog. It was created in the episode "Gem Harvest", as a result of Steven's ability to create sentient plants.

It was adopted as a pet by Peridot and Lapis. Other recurring characters[ edit ] Other human characters[ edit ] Steven Universe possesses a large cast of occasionally-appearing human characters in Steven's hometown of Beach City, many of whom become the focus of individual episodes that explore their relationships with the main characters and each other.

According to critic Sara Goodwin, one of the great strengths of Steven Universe as a series is the depth of development it gives to its "normal human being" characters and how the superpowered characters are affected by them.

Sour Cream's younger half-brother, whose frequent odd and destructive unsupervised behavior Steven finds disturbing. Ronaldo Fryman Zach Steel: Peedee Fryman Atticus Shaffer and Mr. Peedee is Ronaldo's cynical and world-weary younger brother, and their father Mr. Fryman is the proprietor of the French-fry stand "Beach Citywalk Fries. Jenny's twin sister and father. The Pizza family runs a restaurant called "Fish Stew Pizza.

In the fifth season, Nanefua is elected mayor of Beach City. In the second intro, she wears a white, button-down, collared tank top, gray button-up shorts, her pink glow bracelet, peach sneakers with white bottoms and laces, and white socks.

Personality Connie is introverted, curious, and intelligent. Due to her parents' lifestyle, specifically her father's job, Connie rarely stays in one place for long and has been unable to form lasting friendships, which left her frequently feeling lonely. Her parents are very strict and do not allow her to participate in common childhood activities such as eating donuts or anything with trans fats, although she ate one in " Crack the Whip ".

This has led her to flat-out lie about Steven's non-nuclear familydue to paranoia at how her parents may react. Despite her obedience to them, Connie is not above exploiting loopholes, such as not buying snacks at a theater and instead bringing them from Steven's home. Connie has grown used to the strange dynamic of her friendship with Steven despite her initial uncertainty of it.

For example, in " Marble Madness " when the Gems destroy one of Peridot's robonoids in front of her, she reacts passively awed and only comments that she loves hanging out at Steven's place. She can be a bit deadpan at times, such as when she jokes about cutting off Steven's hand in " Lion 2: Her hobbies appear to include tennis and reading, and she also plays the violin, as seen in " Fusion Cuisine ", " Sworn to the Sword ", and "Nightmare Hospital".

Due to Pearl's negative reinforcement, she also began to display a reckless side, but this was quickly put out by Steven. The episode also highlights her strong feelings for Steven through her dedication to becoming his knight. This boost in confidence is also shown in "Nightmare Hospital", when Connie stands up to her mother about her strict upbringing and rules, and also even revealed her involvement in magical affairs.

She is also revealed to have prepared for surviving in the wilderness by reading a book on wilderness survival. However, despite all her training and preparedness, Connie freezes during an encounter with one of the Gem monsters they are hunting. In the end, she chooses to call Pearl via Steven's walkie-talkie, which Pearl commends her for after their subsequent encounter with Jasper who they found had been hunting the Gem monsters.

The episode also shows a lighter side to her when she, Steven, and Amethyst have fun around Beach City. Connie even eats a donut despite it going against what she told Steven in " Bubble Buddies ", demonstrating her growing independence. She also confides in Steven and Amethyst about freezing during her first mission, causing Amethyst to tell her she should stop overthinking things and follow her instincts in battle.

She takes Amethyst's words to heart as she fares far better when the two of them along with Steven and Lion encounter Jasperand the two Gem monsters from "Gem Hunt" that Jasper had tamed to take on the Crystal Gems.

Together with Steven, Connie bravely confronts Jasper to prevent her from shattering Amethyst, fusing in mid-battle which allows Stevonnie to save Amethyst and force Jasper and her remaining Gem monster to retreat.

After Amethyst regenerates, Connie tells her she was right about how she should follow her instincts. A softer side to Connie's internal struggles with her emotions are shown, as the guilt from the result of her actions at school left a noticeable change in her behavior.

steven universe and connie meet

After learning that her guilt was natural, she decides to confront her emotions by later apologizing to Jeff and make amends. After this, she is able to clear her mind and is more confident in understanding not to let her emotions negate or cloud her thoughts by keeping them in. On Connie's phone, it shows that she had taken a picture of them happy together, which is something she would have never done if not for the lesson with Garnet.

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She is also able to pass this knowledge onto Steven, assuring him he had to be honest about how bad his feelings were so he could move on, like she herself did. She asks Steven to wait for her so she can go into space with him though this fails as Steven and the Gems had to leave immediately or risk losing track of Blue Diamond and Greg forever. The episode also shows her devotion to him as she took his request to protect Beach City to heart.

This goes as far as to pretend to be him, dressing in his commonly worn attire and sleeping in his bed. The episode showcases her development with her increasing confidence and maturity. This is shown when she scolded Peridot and Lapis for their behavior which was something the shy quiet girl Steven first met would have never done.

Her leadership skills are also on display when she told them to be themselves and organized their efforts to fix the damage they did. All of this is a result of her exposure with Steven and is proof of how a figure like Steven can inspire someone like Connie to express what they could not have done before. She becomes more upset when Steven tries to downplay the situation and disregards her feelings possibly to avoid facing his own, as well as the harsh reality of the situation, at least for the time beingand decides to take some time away from him in order for the two of them to process their respective feelings about the incident alone.

When Steven and the rest of the Crystal Gems are incapacitated by Blue Diamond's pathokinesis attack, she leaps into action and tries to attack Blue Diamond with Lion to free them. While the attack ultimately fails, and results in her sword being broken, she continues to fight alongside the rest of the Gems.