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40 of the Best Twitter Brands and the People Behind Them

In response to Twitter shutting down Vine on Thursday, Vine founder Rus Yusupov threw a little shade at the social media platform. Beauty blogger Chloe Morello launches attack on hairdresser Toni & Guy for “I don't know what they did,” she said in a video, while pulling at her Chloe Morello slammed a UK Toni & Guy salon for her recent haircut. This is how they cut my requested 'long curtain fringe' While most of the town is united behind Hillary Clinton, more than a few celebs are all about Donald Trump.

Она бесхитростна и целеустремленна, и когда достигнет своей цели, то скорее всего совершит цифровое самоубийство.

My Blowdry Routine: Toni & Guy Haircare (hairmeetwardrobe)

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