Toph and iroh meet

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toph and iroh meet

Iroh later encountered and talked with Toph, and during this meeting, according to Toph, Iroh would not stop talking about Zuko. Before he and Zuko reunited. Toph met Iroh in an Earth Kingdom forest when she temporarily separated from Aang, Sokka and Katara after having an argument. Although she had heard. Toph and Iroh share a pot of tea and engage in amiable conversation as strangers, and in the end work together against the greater evil, Azula.

toph and iroh meet

Upon being reunited with her youngest daughter, Toph let herself be hugged and readily returned the embrace. After successfully escaping the prisonToph noted how proud she was to have such great daughters as Suyin and Lin.

While not often openly kind, Toph showed a warmness toward her only granddaughter. During her visits to Zaofu, Toph would often tell her tales from her past. In AG, when Toph went to rescue her family, Opal rushed to hug her, an action Toph did not resist, although she cut it short and moved to hold Opal's hands instead.

toph and iroh meet

Appraising her granddaughter, she fondly noted how much she had grown, though questioned her judgment when learning that Juicy was her flying bison and Bolin her boyfriend. But they never gave me the one thing that I really wanted: Toph had a complicated, love-hate relationship with her parents, Lao and Poppy Beifong.

Being that their daughter was blind, her parents viewed her as helpless and fragile and therefore were extremely over-protective of her. Toph was restricted inside her family's house and guarded at all times.

As a result, she never had any contact with her peers and never managed to form any real friendships. In fact, they kept her under such close guard that many people in her own village were not even aware of her existence.

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Toph resented her parents for their treatment of her and as such, would often run away from home. After using an impressive display of earthbending to free Aang from Xin Fu and his fighters, she confronted her father who had seen the whole thing. She pleaded with her parents for them to see her for herself and not as a helpless blind girl. Her father reacted by placing her under even more restrictions which caused Toph to run away from home, join Aang on his journey to save the world, and teach him earthbending.

She claimed that her parents had changed their mind, but in reality, they had not and still held the same opinion of her.

toph and iroh meet

After the group arrived in Ba Sing Se and were able to talk to the Earth KingToph received a letter she thought was from her mother. Toph seemed happy to find out that Poppy was in the city and that she seemed to finally accept her for who she was, judging by the sound of the letter which Katara read to her. Nevertheless, Toph was nervous at seeing her mother again after she ran away from home before she was able to enter through the doorway of Poppy's supposed place of residence.

Once inside, she found herself captured in a metal cage, her hopes concerning her parents smashed by the fact that they had sent two bounty hunters to drag her forcibly back home. She found herself so unwilling to return home under these circumstances that she managed to overcome the given illusion that earthbenders could not manipulate metal in her desire to escape being taken back home to her parents against her will.

Perhaps because she was holding a grudge against her parents and their authority for doing this to her, upon entering into the Fire Nation Toph began acting rebellious by scamming several people for money. Feeling that this was getting out of hand, Katara confronted her about this behavior, which only caused Toph to lash out at her.

toph and iroh meet

The earthbender accused her of being "motherly" and made a reference about how much fun they were having without parents. Upon Toph saying this, Katara reasoned that she only acted wild because of her relationship with her parents. After the two made up, Toph revealed to Katara that she did miss her parents and felt guilty for hurting them when she ran away.

In the end, Toph asked Katara to help write a letter to her parents, which they sent to them via Hawky. She spoke to Sokka of how her parents expected her to be not only helpless and thus in need of constant care and observation by others, but to simultaneously be a well-mannered, soft-spoken, little lady, so that all she felt was "pressure and pain". Despite Zuko's claims that he would be fine on his quest to capture the Avatar, Iroh still looked genuinely worried.

Even though they were all each other had left, Zuko left Iroh for a short time.

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He went so far as to encourage Zuko to find a nice "lady friend" and prompted Zuko to go on his date with Jin. When Zuko tried to capture AppaIroh stopped him and insisted that he had to stop letting others control his destiny, namely his father. This encouraged Zuko to instead free Appa and abandon his identity as the Blue Spirit, whom he was dressed as during the capture.

Through his sickness, Iroh was by Zuko's side day and night to comfort him and care for him, knowing that his spirit would be cleansed as a result of his better decisions. Zuko started taking on a more positive attitude after he regained his health and the two were happy to work in their new tea shop in the Upper Ring. Azula captured Zuko and asked him to help her conquer the citywhich would earn Zuko his father's respect and possibly restore his honor.

Iroh vehemently insisted that Zuko must do what his heart told him and not to give into another's demands. Iroh was later captured and was clearly ashamed of Zuko's actions. Zuko regretted his actions almost immediately.

toph and iroh meet