Where do tony and maria meet

where do tony and maria meet

Bernardo's best friend, supposed to marry Maris; kills Tony. Chino Where do Anita and Maria work? . Describe the scene where Tony and Maria first meet. Meet the cast of West Side Story: Tony and Maria . What do you feel the audience will get out of seeing our production? West Side Story is. Maria is the leading female character in the film West Side Story. Contents. 1 Character After the girls leave the shop, Tony meets Maria there, and they sing "One I have a love and it's all that I have / Right or wrong, what else can I do?.

The Jets are white, misfit teens lead by Riff Micky Calin. Although the Jets are mostly boys, a young teenage girl called Anybodys Lee Becker is also part of this gang.

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Riff a Jet plans to challenge Bernardo a Shark to a rumble at a community dance that evening. Tony Riff's best friend, Tony, has left the Jets and works at Doc's drugstore. Riff convinces the hesitant Tony to come to the dance with the rest of the Jets.

She is to be married to Bernardo's friend and fellow gang member, Chino, a man she does not love. The Dance at the Gym At the dance, the feud continues, but non-violently, because of the presence of the cops.

Still there is line between the two. The adults, attempting to make peace, ask the teens to dance together as friends.

where do tony and maria meet

The two gangs dance, but as a kind of non-violent suggestion of the rumble to come. Bernardo catches Maria and Tony in a kiss. Angry, he separates the two and calls for a "rumble. He searches for Maria, calling out her name. A window above him opens.

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He begs to speak to her. Hesitant, Maria meets with him on the fire escape. They kiss, promising to meet the next night at the bridal shop. America As the rest of the Sharks leave the dance, their girlfriends congregate outside their apartment building. The women discuss the differences between Puerto Rico and America. One of the girls, Rosalia, laments about being homesick.

Anita points out the better things America has to offer.

where do tony and maria meet

Meanwhile at the drugstore, Tony tells his boss Doc that he is in love with Maria. Doc warns him there will be trouble ahead. The two gangs have agreed to meet at the drugstore to establish the rules of the fight.

As they wait, Riff tells the agitated gang members to "keep it cool". Finally the Sharks arrive.

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The leaders agree upon a fair fight: At last he arrives and together the couple dreams of their future wedding. She meets Tony who used to be part of the Sharks' enemy gang, the Jets, at a community dance at the gym. They immediately fall in love. The couple meet several times after on her balcony, at Anita's shop, and at Doc's, Tony's workplace before deciding to run away together after the rumble.

They are about to leave when Chino shoots Tony for killing Bernardo. Whatever happens to Maria after Tony dies is left a mystery.

Meeting Scenes of Romeo and Juliet and Tony and Maria.

Maria is based on Shakespeare 's Julietwho falls in love with Romeo after their first encounter, just like Maria did with Tony. Best known portrayal[ edit ] The best known portrayal of Maria was by Natalie Wood in the filmalthough the singing voice was provided by Marni Nixon. Tony visits Maria on her balcony after the dance they had met at. The song acknowledges their new relationship: The song is about Maria feeling pretty, as well as "dizzy" "witty" "charming" because: Tony and Maria sing a continuation of "Tonight.

He returns to Maria's house after he killed Bernardo at the rumble. The song represents their decision to flee from the city to: She tries to convince Maria to find another love, but Maria fights back with: