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Orwell Winston & Julia relationship

Winston and Julia: Rebels with Different Causes. In moment begins a new relationship between Winston and the girl who you later find out There ages. The relationship between Winston and Julia is interesting. While both This is a very large age difference between a couple. For a young. It is the allure of change that pulls Winston and Julia together, not love. .. on " love" when he juxtaposed the relationship between Winston and Julia with the the or even very different from what we understand love to be in our own society.

Their reasoning, perspectives and inspirations were quite parallel due to some differences in age among other factors. For instance, Winston thought of how the future generations could have a much better life free from the influence of the Party as it was before the party took over leadership but Julia could not think of this since she did not know of life before the Party.

She was rebellious just for the sake of being against the party but nothing much. Their love affair started in a very peculiar manner where Julia falls down and Winston offers to assist her just as he would do to any other person. It was at this moment that Julia gets the advantage of airing what she had longed for a considerable period of time by giving him a note in which she had written that she loved him.

Although Winston had been unreceptive towards women and particularly Julia, he was touched by the words in the note and their love affair kicked off although they kept the affair secret for a long period of time Brodeur and Orwell The love relationship between Winston and Julia does not seem genuine and credible due to the circumstances that surrounds it. There appear that there is no complete love between them and there is lack of emotional connection although they both have the desire of loving one another as can been seen through their desire to stay together.

Political rebellion was the foundation of their affair and emotional love was lacking.

To What Extent Is Winston And Julia’s Relationship Credible?

The existence of the common idea of being against the Party is also a contributing factor towards their togetherness as they can easily confide in each other in their struggle to rebel against the party and in so doing avoid being lonely. The love relationship between them did not go far and they eventually departed as they both betrayed each other which could have been avoided if they truly loved one another.

They could even end up marrying each other Katifer Winston and Julia relationship is a good one and makes the novel fulfil its purpose. In the relationship, Julia teaches Winston the idea of love and the love feeling is then manipulated and directed towards Big Brother.

During the two minutes hate Winston gets hallucinations about trying to mortally wound Julia, and at that time he realizes why he hates her so much. It was because she represented what he could not have; she was young, strong, and beautiful.

Complimenting Contrast between Winston and Julia

Later in the book Julia and Winston meet in a hallway and she falls. While Winston helps her up Julia gives him a note saying "I love you". They then secretly get together and Winston finds out that Julia has had affairs with other party members, even though this is strictly forbidden in the party.

From then on Winston and Julia get together many other times always switching spots so that they would not be discovered.

Complimenting Contrast between Winston and Julia | ENG Science Fiction

Although Winston and Julia both rebel against the party they are completely different in their reasoning, inspiration, and motives. Winston rebels in hope that future generations will be free of the party and be able to live in something like the Golden ages or the times he remembers from before the party took over, or at least in a time where they are free to think what they like and are not denied the privilege of the truth.

Julia, being younger has no memories of a time before the party and therefore can't imagine a time without the party in control. She rebels not for the future generations, like Winston, she rebels more for the sake of just rebelling. Julia believes that the only way of rebelling against the party is with secret acts of disobedience or at the most isolated acts of violence because she doesn't believe that anyone or anything can defeat the party. Also, although Julia is against Big Brother, she does not seem concerned about the extent of his control.