A capricorn woman and leo man in relationship

Leo man Capricorn woman

a capricorn woman and leo man in relationship

Learn why the Capricorn Woman and Leo Man couple rates a score of 10/10 for and dependable and that you take relationships as seriously as she does. I also have a Leo man guide and Capricorn woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your. Relationships between a Leo man & a Capricorn woman can be incredible. Both love to work & have a strong drive to succeed. Learn more about this powerful.

After all, this is the Royal Coach. Get her back home on time caveat: This combination is utterly romantic while following all the rules of decorum. Leos are very generous but must make sure their gifts and displays are in perfect taste. Be sure your gifts are tasteful, i. Paradoxically and wonderfully, passion between these two grows proportionally with respect. Both signs are sincere about releasing all their emotions into the relationship when the time is right. It can be a very beautiful experience of renewal and commitment.

These two make reliable and trustworthy friends. They both pride themselves on loyalty and the fact that love passion never goes to their head. Their ability to remain rational and caring about each other through all the ups and downs is remarkable. With Leo taking the lead, this is likely to be an all out full courtship press to the altar. Both signs are conservative, tend to favor marriage and enjoy doing things the old fashioned way. She will expect to be provided with a nice home, by the way, and a safe car.

Capricorn helps Leo relax and get into the moment rather than looking at it as a performance. When they finally wind up tumbling around like two kids in gym class, you know their bond is getting strong. If Leo deems it necessary to unwind affairs, it will be done carefully but with a little melodrama as well. There may also be a third party involved at a very discreet distance.

Both feed off each other and reach astounding heights very quickly. Woman dating a Leo man. I've only had serious relationships with Leo men actually. Tried other relationships with different sighs but, never really worked.

Its just the whole Leo persona in a whole that I like. The only problems are that they can be just as stubborn, can be lazy, and can't spend money too well, and they like attention toooo much Which actually isn't a problem.

I like giving it out to one special person if some space can be involved once in awhile. They don't like it when I'm secretive, or sarcastic sometimes. Sooo it evens out. My 1st love was a Leo man but we broke up I promise myself if I ever meet a Leo male again I wouldn't let him go. I meet my Leo mate which is now my hubby I agree with some of the zodiac comments. That is so true about Leo man they love hard and are hard to get ride of.

Im a Leo Man, and my 4 yr relationship recently ended with my wonderful Capricorn Girlfriend. Im trying to give her space, but its hard, as we have a beautiful daughter together. She lets things like finances and my previous marriage get in the way, but what she tends to forget in my opinion is how wonderful we make each other feel. She has been my rock, and I would do anything for her. My family is important, and I want very much to work out our differences.

I am a Capricorn women and I've had 2 serious relationships in my life Both with Leos. Ive never had the jealousy, or over protective issue with either of them, or maybe I didn't notice.

The first one was with my Highschool sweetheart 3 years older than me which lasted 9 years. Let me tell you, being in this relationship has been an eye opener for me! I loved him for his sweet caring side, being soo optimistic, a charmer, smart, his great physique, his humor, excellent finance management skills, his passionate tender side. We were able to compromise on little things like shopping, and where to go to eat, But let me tell you when we came to a real life disagreements marriage, family, friends the sparks came flying out the roof.

He was way too spontaneos when I was more systematic. I did love him in every inch of our relationship but at times I felt unappreciated or dumb, frustrated, somehow after our major fights, we always made up and it was OK again, the makeup sex was always good because Leo's are really passionate!. When I finally got out into the dating market 2 years laterman thats when I realized I made a mistake and what I had let go or gave up!!

Trust me I had to find that out the hard, hard way! Currently, I'm with another Leo, whos about 10 years older then me. This guy has just swept me off my feet and blown my socks off!

I have also managed to do some soul searching and realized maybe I need to loosen up a bit and not be as uptight like I was in my 1st relatioship. He makes me feel soo special and the center of his attention everywhere and everyday!

He's affectionate and our sex life never never boring -everytime is absolutely passionate -fire hazord! Hes sweet, and compliments me, he does spend money carelessly clothes, jewelrybut ive been able to help him be a more wiser spender, he likes the flashy things in life, but has learned from me to settle or save for more important things car, home.

We havent had a serious argument or fight yet, but im sure with this one hes older and mature I can talk and work it out because he cares and is willing to compromise. I guess I feel like we compliment each other well. He loves to be pampered and so do i, so I don't mind buying him gifts, or doing little sweet things for him, because he does them for me.

What I have is what he doesn't have but wants, and what he has is what I don't have and want. Im a more jealous person, and I see that when other women flirt with him it bothers me alot. I guess in the end Opposites do attract, Im an example. If you are willing to communicate, let your guard down and just let someone love you, you will go far in any relatioship, thats what I had to do to learn. But truly LEOS are lovers and they will love you if you are true to them!

These are just some things I noticed with being with Leos! Well, I am gettgin married to my Leo. We were childhood friends due to my sisters dating his brother and best-friend.

We moved away and 15 years later, we ran back in to eachother. He has a child and I don't but any who We need to learn to take turns in letting your spuse vent I keep mony hidden for us when we are in a bind. He know that speaking with me about his baby mama when she is acting stupid will uspet me so, he has leanred not to speak to me about it unless I ask I can beat her up It's all about comprimise ya'all!

I am a Leo man in pursuit of a Capricorn woman. This girl is magic, from the first time I saw her I cant look away! We have only but a single date, and I have never felt more attracted or at peace with anyone, and we havent even kissed! She is beautiful, intelligent and generously overworked. When I am away from her I feel off balance.

However I am a bit nervous, she is reserved, and somewhat shy and I find reading her a difficult task. This makes it very difficult to tell if this feeling of admiration is mutual. I am not exactly sure what to do next, I do feel that rushing anything would be a bad idea as I don't want to loose her I believe that there's a strange connection between Capricorns and Leos. These two totally different signs have different behavior and personality traits but often these two get on real well.

Its like they need one another,call it karmic! But this is a sunsign pattern with Capricorn ruling in leos 6th house of service and Leos being in Capricorn 8th house of mystery! Who here believes that there is a good connection here even though the books say their incompatible! My name is Heather and I have dated two Leos in my life time.

They tend to want a lasting relationship and it's rediculous how much we have in common. My current Leo partner is so much fun and Sex is never boring. They have heart and are absolutely fun to be around. I have also broken up with one and we managed to get right back together.

I particularly think that The Tarus and the Cap is a horrible combination I was married to one for six years. Great family man but just couldn't continue that relationship. I am now back with a Leo-and they truely are passionate creatures. I want to move forward into a more serious relationship with him but it seeems like he thinks we are already serious. I have amazing chemistry with him but it seems like he's running from it.

In the beginning of our relationship people out of no where would ask when we are going to tie the knot, I think they could see our destiny far before him and I. He tells me he loves me, makes me feel desired, and is the sweetest man I've ever been with. I just want and need more! For any Leo man serious about being with a and really loving a Capricorn woman. First of all make sure your intentions are sincere. Too many times, a immature Leo man will pursue a Capricorn woman and it will end in great disappointment, because he was not ready or serious in his intent.

Capricorn women are born ready. We are very loving, caring and giving but only to those who we feel can handle it. There is no other woman on this planet who will love, cater and cherish a Leo man like a Capricorn woman. Yes she can be aloof and distant and appear to have a wall up, but why should it be easy for you?

Who are you to just come along and get the royal treatment without proving that you are worthy of receiving it. No doubt we can deliver and will, but you must pace yourself. No it won't be easy. If you want easy, go for a Libra woman. We are very loyal, honest and we support our partner and will be his best friend.

The main problem I have found with Leo men is their ego.

a capricorn woman and leo man in relationship

Look we Capricorn women recognize and see your greatness, and just because we don't compliment you every 5 minutes does not mean we don't realize who you are. We do realize it, that is why we allow you into our world.

We can refer you to several people who have tried to get in but couldn't.

Leo Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

So Leo men need to be confident and realize that the mere fact that you are in our presence is because we want you around. When we don't want to be bothered with anyone they will know. We don't do things to seem popular to other people, we could careless about public opinion. Leo's tend to flock towards people who give them "false flattery" and wind up paying for it dearly in the end.

A real Capricorn woman will never have intentions of hurting or using you. As a matter of fact, we are equally if not more giving and caring as you. Now when it comes to our emotions, we don't always know how to express what we want, but a real man will figure it out. Give us the same attention and adoration you want.

It's that damn simple. Leo's are basically grumpy when they are hungry, horny or sleepy. So the plan is to cook for him, bed him and fall to sleep next to him. So Leo men if you are lucky enough to get a Capricorn woman, don't screw it up and abuse her trust by going off on your prowls for a piece of easy ass.

You stand to lose a lot if you lose a Capricorn woman.

Leo man and capricorn woman - Leo man and capricorn woman Love compatibility

She is definitely misunderstood by many. If you find one, treat her right, because she only gets better with time. I am a Capricorn woman and I am truly madly and deeply in love with a Leo woman. The more I know about her the more I want to know about her. I love her work ethic as well as her generous and charitable character. I truly adore this woman in every capacity, yet she has no idea. I don't want to risk wrecking our friendship,due to the possiblility that she may not feel the same.

I must admit im sucked in. D My mum is a Capricorn, and my dad is a Leo. This relationship has its ups and downs. My mum finds my dad lazy, she wants him to be ambitious like her, and wants him to find a proper job like her better paying jobbut it won't happen. She feels he doesn't donate much to the family, and he likes to boss people around. Yes, my mum finds that my dad boast too much about himself, and embarrassess her in front of friends.

He also never gives people time to say their own thing in conversations with friends. Great relationship with a long time to sort out problems. I'm a Capricorn lady, 18 currently in a relationship with a Leo guy, he's I have to admit on a few things, some of the things the zodiac pointed out based on our compatibility was right!

Yet I don't always believe that it is always wholeheartedly, true. In the beginning of it all, we started of as friends. The things he was into was way over my head, meaning he was doing a lot and advanced whereas I was just a rookie.

Now, I don't know about everyone else, but from friendships with Leo's they tend to be secretive and baddies, because there were times he would tell me things when it wasn't the full picture. Which made it hard in the beginning with our friendship - good one minute, then bad the other. It's true, Capricorn's are very reserved. All in all, we are very loving and now after the drought in the beginning ended.

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He can be messy, spend his money on dumb shit, but like they say opposites attract!!! I said it My figure of speech. Very intense at times because Leo's are the L I o and s,lol. Nevertheless when we're making love it's always better; --not going into details Oh, and last, I agree I always like to make my Leo man relax and know he doesn't have to get my attention so hard.

He already stole the show! Also I observed Leo's sense of humors, tend to be very bold at times and there's things I find humor in and some that had me puzzled!

Leo Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

I mean, he can be controlling and want to know what I'm doing and where I'm at! I sometimes can think a lot and usually my Leo man helps me bring it out, I try even though it's hard. Last but not least, when we're talking and when I look into his eyes I just can't help but to stare deep into them! Also I've known 2 other Capricorn girls that I've just felt an instant connection with. I think these two signs have great chemistry! I have a long distance relationship with an Leo i am a Capricorn woman.

Usually I don't spend time on pointless dating sites. I decided to try one out, I end up with him: He is so amazing! This man is an amazing person and will go to any lengths to just be able to love me. I find that I am very attracted to Leo men, physically and mentally. I cannaot wait to take things further!

I have not once met a Virgo man that I have liked, even though they say were the most compatible. I must not be looking in the right places: P I am a Leo woman and I am truly madly and deeply in love with a cap woman. She doesn't know it. She is my teacher from last years. She hate me because I asked question a lot. But in other sem. She looks me same age as my age. I'm 36 years old. I love her work ethic as well as her generous and mysterious character.

I don't want to risk wrecking our friendship ,due to the possiblility that she may not feel the same. I must admit I can't live without her. All I think about, monopolizing my thoughts in the form of day dreams and when I sleep she has managed to creep into the recesses of my mind. Hilarious attraction and fleeting repulsion sums up my interaction with leos!

They're exuberance and adorable extroversion amuses and intrigues while the stubbornness and tendencies towards idealization and being controlling that I can relate to are a bit daunting to say the least! I know three Capricorn. Two are women which are in different age period and Last one is toddler baby boy 1 year 8 or 9 months old. One is my teacher,other is my employer,and third one who some time I take care of him.

I desperately love my Capricorn woman Teacher. I saw in her eyes she loves me too. She talks me very politely,She gives me all positive sign when she is in front off me. But when she is away,her email responses delayed,I offer her to play " " game again, she said, yes but no chance. I miss her so much. It effects my life,my work and every thing. My employer who is 44 years old. She never appreciate me and my work.

But she always under estimate. And the baby boy he never gives smile when I say him "Good morning. I just understand that Capricorn are selfish,polite for their work,they just use Leo energy and power for their own purpose. Really it all comes down to how happy a person makes you and you find that in your heart not on an astrology website. The only thing is that he doesn't want a relationship and we BOTH have trust issue.

I feel like we both have a wall up and so many girls want to pursue him, so often times I think he wouldn't ever want a serious relationship with me. I want him so bad but I hate to show it, and when I do, I feel like I'm doing too much. Our chemistry during sex is amazing though. I am Leo man and she was Capricorn.

She was the perfect lady beautiful, highly educated, hardworking and good girl. She manage to tame the lion. The problem I faced in the 6 years relationship is not getting enough of her attention. She dedicated most of her time in work and family. She always accuse me for having affair and it always lead to big arguments. Despite the problems, our relationship continue to grew stronger each days. At Novshe went to Amsterdam for medical treatment accompanied by her parents. She fall very sick since May but the doctor confirmed it was not H1N1.

The last phone call I received was during Christmas One year passed, and still no news from her. I hope she in good health and still alive. Hope one day I will heard from her again. But then, I'm not a typical Cap. I dream and often openly so; I talk about my dreams and visions. I'm spiritual and creative and my Leo's great at realizing our dreams.

Unfortunately I have a short fuse, explosive temper but my Leo's thick skinned, calm and even tempered and more rational than me and no where near as emotional as I am. I can also take his confrontations because I give back as good as I get!

He's taught me to be tactile and I actually enjoy intimacy now. Right from the beginning I told him that the only thing I take forgiven is that all relationships require attention and work and regular open communication is a must and that might be why it works.

I'm absolutely not confrontation shy and won't back down if I feel he's being inconsiderate or displays disrespectful behavior which always hurts him when I point it out but he's a great listener and can be reasoned with.

Very typically, he needs confirmation and praise, I don't need either but I won't tolerate being taken forgiven either! I was with a Leo from age 16 to almost I started to see all his flaws in black and white I lost weight he bowed down to me The girl inside me meant not hing after I realized this I gave up on the relationship inside and I sure he felt the change in me.

He went ahead and got a next girl pregnant while still with me: I love a lot of thing about that man and right now I cry ever so often because I miss him so deeply I never had a father in my life and he because every-man to me I pour a part of my soul into him and now that I have to take it back it is the worst pain probably feel He claims he has never had a girlfriend or took a girl to momma which worries me but as I said I am taking things slowly and enjoying every moment for what it is Capricorn woman on a Leo man - all of these comments are so true!!

I'm a Capricorn woman who's been with her Leo man for 3 years now: I've always attracted a lot of Pisces which were ok, I've had some disasters with Cancer signs but Leo is the one for me. We balance each other out. I'm messy and clumsey, he's tidy and mr fix-it. He likes our home to be a show house that he can show off to people. He spoils me with lots of presents. He wants fast cars and a big house with a pool where as I want a little country cottage with a garden.

We're both fiercly loyal and make a great team when we agree, heaven help anyone who gets in the way of something we both want!! He completes me in so many ways, I don't know how I lived with out him. I am a Capricorn women married to a Leo man, I've always had a strong attraction to Leo men and this is my second long term relationship with one, but to me, things seem opposite as far as emotion is concerned, I do keep things to my self but well let you know if asked, but both Leos I've been with I?

My Husband and the guy I dated were both secretive and it drives me crazy! I'm a very open person with whom I feel comfortable, so this makes me feel as if they didn't feel comfortable with me and was counting down the days until we part. Well there's been a lot of ups and more downs in our 6 year marriage, the man is draining me and he's boring and to black and white for my colorful world, I'm calling it quits'. Well, i'm a 34 year old Leo man who has dated lots of girls before I met my Capricorn soulmate.

When I was younger, for some reason I was attracted by the opposite signs to Capricorn. I dated three Libras and an Aries woman. What can I say about the Libras?

a capricorn woman and leo man in relationship

I regret every minute I spent with them. Pretentious, full with self-importance and superiority complex, they thought the world revolved around them. Libras tend to lie for non important issues and try to trick you using their charm so that you do what they want. The only thing Libras care about in their lives, is sex and beauty and that makes them very shallow. The Aries girl, from the other hand was a control freak, with the attitude of a man.

She would try to make me jealous flirting with other men, or dressing inappropriately. There couldn't exist a calm, romantic moment with the Aries girl, she destroyed my romantism with her provocativeness. I also dated a Saggitarius woman, but she didn't do relationships and we hardly lasted for a couple of months.

And finally I met HER, the woman of my dreams. She was not as beautifull as my Libra exes, and not as lively or passionate as the Aries and Saggitarius. But she had something that captured me. She is a tiny woman, with the most sweet face, glowing eyes and a permanent smile. She is shy, but I love that. She is classy and well educated. She makes me proud of her when I introduce her to my circle.

Sex with her is always a challenge, sometimes she is shy, other times she can be dominant-but in a sweet way. I love talking with her for hours, she can be very deep and witty. I even love her sarcasm. She is just 25 years old, but so, so mature. I never met any person as frank as her.

I was totally wasting my time with those stupid Libras that I dated. My Cappy girlfriend is an angel compared to any other girl. She makes my day when I see her smile, and I know that I can trust her because she's a honest person. We never fight, I love her so much that I listen to her needs and try not to be a stubborn Leo. When I make her sad I can't forgive myself.

And, when she comes back after a fight, I actually melt in front of her. A Leo man could sacrifice his pride and ego, if he knows he is respected by the woman he loves. Did I mention she's the woman of my life? I recomend the Cappy-Leo experience to any of you! I loved and love a Leo man with all my heart.

As a Capricorn I rarely trust, and have to say he is the first man I ever trusted, which was foolish.

a capricorn woman and leo man in relationship

There is a reason Capricorns put up a wall, and there is a reason they are stubborn for it to be broken down because when it is, there is much tenderness and much vulnerability, and when someone so wonderful and vibrant as a Leo gets in, they are hard to let go of.

And my lion strayed, and I am left shattered and unable to trust ever again. Capricorns are as proud and stubborn, if not more so, than a Leo, and when humiliated in infidelity, we feel it like a stab wound to the soul. He was dramatic, an actor, an exaggerator, which now translates very clearly as a liar.

If you can help it Caps steer clear. I was with a Capricorn woman. I would never recommend a Leo man and Capricorn woman in a relationship. I'm a Leo man with a Capricorn woman, I am approx 14 years older but have been told I still "act young". We have been together off and on for approximately 4 years. This last time seemed to really hurt both of us and we both did our own thing for a little more than a month.

If what is said about Leo's having many women in their life is true, then I would be guilty. However, when in a relationship I am definately loyal to the person I am with, this being the Cap woman that I love. Things can be difficult without communication which is our problem.

Me being so much older, I have the know how, but my Cap has past upbringing issues to deal with which she is currently attending to.