Addams family morticia and gomez relationship advice

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addams family morticia and gomez relationship advice

For my money, Gomez and Morticia Addams are the height of #relationshipgoals. There is not a couple anywhere in the world as passionate, in tune, and. Everything that is beautiful and pure about love and makes marriage looks possible I learned from The Addams Family, film, Morticia Addams, Gomez Addams. "The Addams Family" matriarch and patriarch's love is so pure and strange no other of "The Addams Family" and noticed how much I loved Gomez and Morticia's relationship. . Don't fuss, take her advice, agree to just disagree on things.

Cast and characters[ edit ] The main cast: Addams Family[ edit ] Morticia Addams Carolyn Jones — A cultivated and beautiful woman who knits, dabbles in art, plays the shamisenraises carnivorous plants and trims roses by clipping off the buds and arranging the thorny stems in a vase. With long, straight ebony-black hair, she is always attired in a long, floor-length tight black dress, and with her aristocratic bearing and detachment, she is often the calm center of the chaotic events of the household.

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His ardor is greatly intensified when she speaks French. Gomez is very wealthy as a result of owning numerous companies and stocks, and squanders money in a cavalier manner while remaining wealthy, while his hobby consists of gleefully detonating model trains. He refers to Spain as his "ancestral home" with his family background referenced as " Castilian ".

Astin added this trait to the character as he had already been a cigar smoker prior to the show's debut, but then quit after the series ended. Fester is quite fond of dynamite and blasting caps. He often relaxes on a bed of nailsby inserting his head into a book press or by being stretched on a wooden torture rackwhile he powers light bulbs by placing them into his mouth.

Morticia and Gomez summon him with a hangman's-noose bell pullto which he immediately appears on screen and replies, "You rang? Cassidy made a cameo appearance as Lurch on an episode of the Batman TV series, and on TV music shows while promoting the pop song of the era "The Lurch" and the dance which it accompanied.

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Wednesday Addams Lisa Loring — Gomez's and Morticia's daughter and the youngest member of the family, Wednesday is a strange yet sweet-natured little girl who enjoys keeping bizarre pets such as a black widow spider named Homer and a lizard named Lucifer, in addition to playing with a beheaded doll named Marie Antoinette.

Kind-hearted and smart, he occasionally conforms to conventional standards contrary to his family, such as joining the Boy Scouts. He also enjoys engineering various machines, playing with blasting caps, and playing with his pet octopus Aristotle. Thing — A disembodied hand that appears out of boxes and other conveniently placed containers.

Gomez's constant "companion" since childhood, Thing is always ready to assist family members with minor daily services and diversions, such as lifting the receiver on telephones, retrieving the mail, lighting cigars, pouring tea and playing chess. Thing apparently has the ability to teleport from container to container, almost instantly: Thing sometimes appears from different containers at opposite ends of the room within seconds of each other. Though Ted Cassidy would often portray Thing, assistant director Jack Voglin would sometimes portray Thing in scenes where Lurch and Thing appear together.

However, Thing was regularly billed as "Itself" in the closing credits.

addams family morticia and gomez relationship advice

Family members[ edit ] Cousin Itt Felix Silla ; voiced by Tony Magro — Gomez's cousin, Itt is a diminutive character composed entirely of floor-length hair accompanied by a bowler hat and sunglasses. He speaks in rapid, unintelligible gibberish that only the family can understand.

addams family morticia and gomez relationship advice

The character was created specifically for the television series. The flowers entwined in Ophelia's hair actually have roots that travel down into her foot, and the foot raises when one of the flowers are tugged on.

They are demonstrably affectionate with each other. But beyond the sexual tension, there is a quiet connection rarely seen in sitcom families. If you watch closely, one of them often has a hand rested gently somewhere on the other. Whether in an act of support while they tackle a problem together, or simply a small gesture of affection, they frequently touch, letting the other know they are loved and supported.

addams family morticia and gomez relationship advice

And frequently, it is Morticia herself initiating sexual advances. She is a woman both comfortable with and in control of her own sexuality.

This can be hard to find on modern TV shows; to normalize it in a black and white sitcom from is very impressive.

addams family morticia and gomez relationship advice

Morticia and Gomez have disagreements, but rarely fight. Most sitcom families during their time had the wife voicing her opinion but deferring to the patriarch of the family to make the final decision, often with a stern lecture from Dad to Mom.

Relationship Goals I learned from 'The Addams Family'

Modern sitcom parents are fueled by petty arguments, often with the pendulum swung too far the other way, having Mom belittle Dad, the buffoon. Morticia and Gomez are a partnership. When a conflict arises, they discuss it with calm heads, they brainstorm solutions, and they make a plan.

And both of them hold equal weight.

addams family morticia and gomez relationship advice

Their goal is to solve the problem, not to win the argument, and that is something all couples should aspire to. Their children are well-mannered -which they learned from the fantastic example set by their parents — curious, bright, and considerate of others.

They seek help from a professional.