Alucard and integra relationship questions

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alucard and integra relationship questions

Relationship with Alucard[edit]. They were not asked what kind of relationship they had but .. If you have any questions please ask them at the Media copyright questions page. Thank you. BetacommandBot , 7 November (UTC). The relationship and personalities between Alucard and Integra clash. emotional with slight anger issues and she is a protectionist when it. I agree with your statement on Alucard and integra relationship. the rest and if they dont catch on well theyve got bigger problems XDD.

It's one of the pillars for her character. Many famous British women Judi Dench and Julie Andrews for example are knighted rather than married to knights.

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Because of this I changed it to 'normally connotes'. For one, it's riddled with mistakes, and for another it focuses on her relationship with Alucard and completely ignores her relationships with Walter and Seras. As of today, I removed it to stop the acts of vandalism. But her full, proper name is Integral. Just check the manga or the official OVA website. I checked the credits at the end of the OVA and you're right.

When I posted that message I didn't really payed attention to them. By the way, the anime does feature her name as integura. That's what confused me. Though it says clearly in the manga he did that years ago, not in the current time, including some inapropriate words such as "dog", and others. Also a badly chosen comparement: It's childish to tipe such a thing as a similarity to a character, so, I sugest people should be more precise when editing.

Wiki if for "facts", not theories. The 'The one who is hit will stand up taller! Both the Bird of Hermes, the most trustworthy translation group has made it that way and the translation of the OVA for that scene. That's the final word! The one who get's hit will stand up taller!

This conversation is a very important part of the whole Hellsing plotline, and the question of "killer and weapon" was often brought up by Alucard. Keeping the quotation in it's exact form is important, and more translation groups and private translators translated it in the exact same manner as mentioned above.

If one prefers that difrent translation by Dark Horse, please, don't ensist on replacing it with the exact translations. The Japanese translator member of BOH never said that phrase was wrongly translated either.

alucard and integra relationship questions

There are some of us who prefer the Dark Horse version because is official and is also the English wiki page. If you don't like it, edit the version of either language to your liking, but not the English one.

Without that, there won't be a contrast between Alucard who is turned on by her violence and the bloodshed in result and Integra who may or may not feel the same as both phone calls ended with the same note: Alucard taunting Integra about her own humanity. Grofica2, please be kind and re read the Manga, that's one of the most pivotal traits for Integra and the whole situation loses the connection, likewise with what Major says after about her.

I edited much of the what if, what if not romantic speculation to focus on the relationship aspects like devotion, understanding, trust, etc.

I don't find necessary to include Alucard in romantic speculation with any of the Manga characters. The vampire section was moved to the anime portrayal. If you change anything, please explain why was necessary. Too much noise for nothing. It's bad enough like that. Why don't we just say 'Integra is Alucard's master', 'Seras is Alucard's fledgling' and nothing more? Analyzing more is only going to lead to more confusion. I don't dare to think how many times these profiles have been changed.

On a side note, the Major is mostly Alucard's opponent main character-main villain than Integra's. Even in this opinions are different! However, he has declared Integra as his most important personal enemy due to being dangerous to his plan. Alucard and Seras have given Integra the role to end him as she has just moments before she steps in the Zeppelin.

Captain and Zorin are shared enemies for Seras and Pip, but they would fit better in Seras' section, likewise as Major and Maxwell in Integra's. The important is that Major, Maxwell and also Jan Valentine are enemies or antagonists that Integra has faced of or currently is trying to end. Likewise Zorin, Captain or Jessica to a degree in Seras' case, regardless that Captain has been also Alucard's and Walter's enemy in the past.

As for that, that's what says at the beginning of their pages.

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I wouldn't mind removing those sections, but someone else will likely add them back, so is a pointless exercise. Let them remain as they are now for it illustrates perfectly what Hirano stated.

I notice the image page specifies that the image is being used under fair use but there is no explanation or rationale as to why its use in this Wikipedia article constitutes fair use. In addition to the boilerplate fair use templateyou must also write out on the image description page a specific explanation or rationale for why using this image in each article is consistent with fair use.

Please go to the image description page and edit it to include a fair use rationale. And, how did she fit in with the only being that could truly understand what she was going through and why had he turned her in the first place? Some questions had finally come into a wide scope with the recent developments.

She was here to serve her new home, to serve under Integra as a protector of England from the undead. At first she thought that the relationship between her and Integra might have been as bad as her and Alucard.

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Integra was not happy with Alucard bringing her home as a vampire. As well Integra, in the beginning, seemed to stay in a cold manner when it came to Seras.

alucard and integra relationship questions

Yes, Integra was not too happy with Seras when she refused to drink her blood, but the tone seemed to change after Seras began to improve in her duties. Integra seemed to be responding better to Seras as time progressed. The only hitch was when Integra was harmed and Seras could do nothing about the situation. She had been stalled in the hallway by a brainwashed Walter and could not make it past the retired Angel of Death.

Luckily, or maybe unluckily, Alucard had shown up to finish of the vampire before either Integra or Seras were truly harmed.

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Once Seras was free she dashed to Integra's office praying that the Hellsing leader had not been harmed. When she got to the office she found Integra with a knife at her neck. Seras had tried to stop Integra but could not get to her in time. After Integra had been attended to she could see that look in Alucard's eyes. The look he had given he so many times before, the look that almost said out loud, "You failed again.

She could see it in his eyes, could see the great respect and care that Alucard had for the leader of Hellsing. She had run from his presence feeling that his eyes would never look at her the same way. She was not jealous of Integra but disappointed that her master did not see her as worthy. It was after this that she began to try her best to excel at her job. She wanted to earn her master's respect, but more importantly, she did not want to fail Integra like before again.

It was during this time that she had her second run in with Anderson. She could not help but scream as a great fear welled up in her at the sight of the insane priest. Alucard had shown up right in time to save Seras once again. As the two though Seras had moved back in the train to try and get out of the way. As she stumbled back one of her worst nightmares came true right before her eyes.

Anderson had beaten Alucard and cut off his head. The priest threw the head at Seras which she caught and began to scramble for her life. After she had made it out of the train she began to run down the tracks franticly wondering what she should do.

She clutched Alucard's head to her chest as she continued to run. She had not wanted this, she never wanted this to happen. No matter how bad she had been treated by Alucard she had never wanted him to be killed.

alucard and integra relationship questions

She was so afraid that he would never come back, that he would never show up to save her again. It was when the priest had caught up to her that Seras thought she was done. It was then, just in the nick of time as usual, that Alucard reappeared before her to battle off Anderson. After she had gotten back to her room that night she could not help but collapse and silently cry over the ordeal she had gone through.

She had to release the deep emotion she had felt when she saw Alucard cut down. As much as her and her master did not seem to get along she still cared for him. She cared for him like a solider cares for a commander that has earned the soldier's respect. Even if her and Alucard did not always get along he had won her respect many times over.

It was during this outpour of emotion that Walter had come into her room.

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Walter and Seras had always been close as the old butler was the first person that Seras had met that had treated her with true kindness. Walter treated Seras almost like a granddaughter, always concerned, always watching, and always helping Seras through her trials and tribulations. It was after these trials that Seras could answer the first question.

She was here to serve Integra and the Hellsing organization to the best of her capabilities. Her purpose was to stand strong for those that depended on her. The troops that followed her, the leader of the organization, and to try and live up to the expectations of her master Alucard. As she descended into the darkness of her coffin bed she thought back to the night in the blood tower. She had fought her hardest to at least help her master if not save anyone she could.

As she had fought her way inside the tower she had felt something inside her awaken. If she was going to help Hellsing she needed to be at her best and to do that it meant no mercy for their enemies. After finishing off a freak in the courtyard Seras had run to the inner sanctum sensing her master.

When she entered Alucard was in the middle of a fight with Incognito.