Anakin skywalker and obi wan relationship

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anakin skywalker and obi wan relationship

I'd say that the relationship most closely matched that of a big brother doing his best to raise a younger sibling on his own. If you observe Obi-wan and Qui-gon interacting, there is no que Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars character). It was a secret relationship that would have made Romeo and Juliet curl up and cry, but Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala's marriage was. Anakin Skywalker fighting Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Revenge of the noteworthy is the way this affects Obi-Wan's relationship with Anakin.

He showed off his skill as a marksman in both his fight against General Grievous as well as his time disguised as the bounty hunter, Rako Hardeen, where he successfully utilized a sniper rifle.

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Along with his proficiency with blaster technology, Obi-Wan also proved on numerous occasions that he knew how to handle himself in unarmed combat as well. Against Jango Fett on Kamino, Kenobi temporarily lost his lightsaber but was able to hold his own against the skilled bounty hunter. Perhaps even more impressively, during his fight with Pre Vizsla, Kenobi was able to defeat the leader of Death Watch with nothing more than his bare hands.

anakin skywalker and obi wan relationship

While it may sound like English or whatever language the film has been dubbed into the most common language spoken in the Star Wars universe is actually called Galactic Basic. The idea of Galactic Basic allows a single fictional language to encompass any dubbed version of the film.

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While Galactic Basic was by far the most common language spoken by Kenobi, this was far from the extent of his linguistic capabilities. Given his experience as a general in the Republic army during the Clone Wars, Kenobi visited a wide array of planets and interacted with individuals from countless species. The two instantly connected and began working together on various missions with their respective Jedi masters, Qui Gon Jinn and Adi Gallia.

Over the course of their missions, they began to realize their true feelings for one another but eventually decided to do what the Order would instruct them to do and buried their feelings for one another. This caused an eventual rift in their friendship that they were never truly able to repair. With this Star Wars Legends story in mind, no longer is it merely a teacher scolding a student to follow the rules, but rather, a friend passing on advice learned from experience.

As discussed in the film, the Sith had not been seen anywhere in the galaxy for many years, so the appearance of Darth Maul was a shocking revelation for the Jedi Council. This itself would mark the first time a Padawan would be granted the title of Jedi Knight without being required to pass the Jedi trials.

The most common Force abilities we see are things like Force pushes and telekinetic abilities that allow the user to manipulate objects around them. Obi-Wan has used his fair share of Force enhanced capabilities, most famously the Jedi mind trick in the first film.

In fact, the first thing you hear from Obi-Wan was a Force assisted animal call.

Dolittle in a way. It was another uneventful, doubly sunny day on Tatooine, when suddenly, a krayt dragon appeared and tried to attack a 12 year old Luke Skywalker.

anakin skywalker and obi wan relationship

Luckily for the future Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi had been watching over him and slayed the beast, saving young Luke. He introduced himself and took the boy home to his uncle.

Gone was the young farm boy looking for adventure and before us stood a powerful Jedi Knight. The Jedi Council and Palpatine both noticed this and both sought to use it as leverage, playing Obi-Wan and Anakin against one another in Revenge of the Sith. Some cracks show long before that, though.

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Anakin was considering leaving the Jedi Order, disturbed by what he saw as the hypocrisy of the Republic. For some Star Wars fans, this was a major revelation: Anakin had considered leaving the order before Revenge of the Sith, trading the life of a Jedi for a peaceful civilian existence?

anakin skywalker and obi wan relationship

Maybe he would have ended up as a navigator on a spice freighter. What a different world it would have been if Owen Lars had been telling Luke the truth. That reform sometimes includes himself. In the comic, Anakin realizes that his decision to leave his mother might have been more about his perspective on life as a slave than about what was actually best for him.

Now that he has more context, his own young life with the Jedi looks different to him. Instead, he goes to Yoda, who suggests that Anakin and Obi-Wan go on one more mission together because they both have a lot to learn.