Andromache and hector relationship help

andromache and hector relationship help

First Andromache, foreseeing Hector's death, pleads with him to withdraw from the fighting She reminds Hector that all of her family have already been killed in war, . writing careers—advertising, screenwriting, fiction, nonfiction, and self- help. . Look, I'm an international relations major, and I don't particularly care about. Poor, doomed Andromache of Thebes, the wife of Prince Hector and the mother of Astyanax, has a small but vital and tragic role in the epic poem by. Get an answer for 'From the conversation between Hector and Andromache, choose details which and find homework help for other Iliad questions at eNotes.

The entire action of The Iliad takes place over the last few weeks of the ten-year Trojan War. Andromache's Background and Family Andromache is from Thebes. Her father and brothers were all killed by the Greek hero Achilles, and her mother died as well, leaving Andromache alone. By the time the action of The Iliad starts, Andromache is a happy wife to the city's hero, with whom she has an infant son, named Scamandrius, though the Trojans call him Astyanax, or ''King of the City'', as the heir to the heir of Troy.

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An urn depicting Andromache and her family Throughout her appearances in The Iliad, Andromache is portrayed as a wife and mother. She primarily appears in Books 6 and 22 of the epic poem.


Andromache in Book 6 In Book 6, Andromache is shown in a rather untraditional place for a woman. She is standing atop the walls of the city, watching what is happening below. With her is a lady-in-waiting carrying her infant son. Andromache begs Hector not to fight, as she is sure that he will be killed.

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Andromache tells Hector about how his family is all she has. Here, we learn how she lost her family to Achilles and how she is terrified to lose Hector as well.

andromache and hector relationship help

Duties As Wife[ edit ] In Iliad 22, Andromache is portrayed as the perfect wife, weaving a cloak for her husband in the innermost chambers of the house and preparing a bath in anticipation of his return from battle Here she is carrying out an action Hector had ordered her to perform during their conversation in Iliad 6 6.

Traditional gender roles are breached as well, as Andromache gives Hector military advice 6. Although her behavior may seem nontraditional, hard times disrupts the separate spheres of men and women, requiring a shared civic response to the defense of the city as a whole. Andromache's role as a mother, a fundamental element of her position in marriage, is emphasized within this same conversation.

andromache and hector relationship help

Their infant son, Astyanax, is also present at the ramparts as a maid tends to him. Hector takes his son from the maid, yet returns him to his wife, a small action that provides great insight into the importance Homer placed on her care-taking duties as mother 6.

A bonding moment between mother and father occurs in this scene when Hector's helmet scares Astyanax, providing a moment of light relief in the story. After Hector's death in Iliad 22, Andromache's foremost concern is Astyanax's fate as a mistreated orphan In his Andromache, Euripides dramatizes when she and her child were nearly assassinated by Hermionethe wife of Neoptolemus and daughter of Helen and Menelaus.

Andromache is the subject of a opera by German composer Herbert Windt and also a lyric scena for soprano and orchestra by Samuel Barber.

andromache and hector relationship help

She also appears as a character in David Gemmell 's Troy series. Fall of a Cityshe was portrayed by Chloe Pirrie. Archived from the original on 10 December