Armaan and tanisha relationship goals

Armaan Kohli's tweet confirms split with Tanishaa Mukerji - Movies News

Bigg Boss: Armaan returns in the main house, Tanisha gives a tight hug and Tanisha Mukherjee in the house who were separated for a couple of days. . Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma are giving us new BFF goals!. The relationship became so volatile that at one point, Tanishaa slapped him Neither Armaan nor Tanisha have released any statement to the. Matters now seem pretty serious between Tanisha and Armaan now, are even claiming that Kajol is not at all happy with their 'relationship'.

Why did Kajol not want to talk about Tanisha-Armaan? - Movies News

The dormant dislike between Gauhar Khan and Tanisha Mukherjee has finally exploded and the animosity they share is out in the open. From day one the two prominent ladies of the house have evidently shared cold vibes and the situation is getting worse now. During the toy making task Tanisha accused Gauhar of taking things lightly and acting biased.

Gauhar irked with the actress' comments retorted that she knew her duties better and needed no advice.

Armaan Kohli's tweet confirms split with Tanishaa Mukerji

Tanisha was further seen making fun of Gauhar's frail health condition and mocked her repetitive fainting streak. This was not the first time Tanisha has taken digs at Gauhar.

Previously too, the actress had hinted that Gauhar attempted to flirt with Armaan. The actress along with Andy made a parody of Gauhar's medical condition and was reprimanded by host Salman Khan for being insensitive. She even picked on the model calling her 'just a cook'. On several occasions Tanisha was seen venting her annoyance towards Gauhar rather unceremoniously.

No, my mother has never told me to settle down.

Armaan Kohli Tanisha Mukherji Confused Relation - Break up or Marriage?

Not once has she told me to get married and have children. If you want to have babies, have babies. You cannot expect an outside relationship to make you happy.

Bigg Boss 7: Fights bring out the ugly side of Tanisha and Gauhar

I have always been happy. You were by his side, when he was unwell. My mother has brought me up right. I care about people. We are individuals in our own right.

armaan and tanisha relationship goals

You stood by him then. I felt that everybody was against him in the house and I am somebody who will stand up if there is ganging up going on. He has a temper, but they were provoking him to get reactions out of him. His reactions were not necessarily appropriate but when he was wrong, I did tell him that in my own way and I did not stop being his friend.

We were always different but you need time to really get to know someone. Will you act with him if the opportunity arises? YesI guess. Professional relationship is different. My mom and my sister support me percent. They respect and trust my decisions. Tanisha, Armaan finally admit love in Bigg Boss? I am focused on my production house right now as opposed to something that happened 20 days back.

armaan and tanisha relationship goals