Ash ketchum and misty relationship test

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ash ketchum and misty relationship test

The bungalow that Ash, Misty and their Pokemon were living in for the Nothing that gave any problem to their relationship, but it was a little. In "Ash catches a pokemon" misty starts following Ash and when he . the relationship was one-sided with misty having the feeling for ash. Misty is one of the most well known and loved Pokemon characters, but Fans of the Misty and Ash relationship have adopted the song as.

In Princess vs Princess Misty Wants to enter a contest where one of the prices is a picture with a Star called Fiorella. Ash says "You must really want that picture with Fiorella Seeing how much concern Misty is giving to Danny, Ash, with the same jealous expression, yells "What's she so worried about him for?!

He is distracted so much by Misty's little crush on Danny that he loses his concentration and falls down the mountain a bit.

Much like his behavior in Princess vs Princessanother male getting Misty's attention seems to bother him. Outside of the anime hints: One could say the two girls on the card likely represent the more important females in Ash's life. The show was originaly going to end after pokemon the first Movie, and here is a clip of the first trailer that was only showen in Japan: Misty is seen with her daughter and considering how few people could be the father of that So its pretty safe to say it would have to be Ash.

Unused footage of Misty and her Daughter! So What do you guys think? Could Ash and Misty have loved each other? I never thought we'd face each other here, of all places! We'll give this all we've got! I predict May will win this one! I say Dawn has got this in the bag!

That's what we're about to see! I should bite my tongue before making such bets Ash and Misty could see their friends talking to each other in a friendly way, probably promising to each other to meet again soon.

Misty couldn't hold back a giggle. I guess you'd like to know what the price of the betting is, right? And here he thought Misty was saying that in jest! You never told me there was something riding upon this! Sadly for him, Misty was not about to relent that easily That could be her best chance to speak to Ash about that little problem she had, and see whether the situation could get better. So, after clearing her throat and working up a speech on the subject, the redhead got closer to her boyfriend and began speaking.

ash ketchum and misty relationship test

I'd just like you to answer a question I have. Now that she was so close, Ash could smell the scent of soap coming from her After that, though, Ash had no hesitation and answered, placing an hand upon Misty's.

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Of course I do I don't think I could have asked for a better training partner, really! There was never any doubt that Ash always tried to say the most reassuring thing. There's nothing we shouldn't be able to talk about I mean, I know you love me, and I love you as well, but And, in fact, his girlfriend had clearly expressed what he wanted to say and had trouble expressing The closeness was staggering The only background noise was the continuous, unending sound of the rain falling outside And in the end, Ash widened his eyes as he felt the soft skin of Misty's abdomen under his fingertips.

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Unable to stop himself, Ash stroked her side and back, as he felt Misty's warm hand touching his own back Suddenly realizing what territory he and Misty were treading into, Ash jumped back, blushing in surprise and embarassment They had gotten intimate and confidential before, but never to this extent He was rather ashamed at the fact that he was feeling rather excited, and tight in the pants as well I mean, I shouldn't have done that, really!

After all, she told herself, that wasn't a reason for a relationship as solid as theirs was going to break But it wasn't out of hesitation, just out of anticipation for such an important step in their relationship. I do know, Ash Even now that he was older, he had never been the kind of person to think things through too much, but this case was different Misty told him she was cool with it Would he have lived up to Misty's expectations of him?

And in any case, how would their relationship change after this? These were the questions going through Ash's head, and he wasn't sure about the answers. I'm okay with it!

I do like the idea myself! Misty, you aren't going to tell me you had this all planned, are you? There was no need for a genius tounderstand whatthat was all about After gulping down the pills thanks to a glass of water, Misty smiled cunningly to her boyfriend.

A boy and a girl in love with each other and living under the same roof There was a possibility, wasn't there? I really hadn't thought of that! Then, as Misty nodded to him, Ash slowly and carefully untied her t-shirt and slid it off her, leaving her torso only clad in her bra Misty couldn't help but appreciate the results of a life spent outdoors! Misty put him at ease with her smile as they cast the blanket aside and lay down on the bad, face to face.

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I was just observing that you had put on some muscle, since we first met! I try my best at it! Misty nonchalantly unbuttoned her shorts, took them off and threw them off the bed, remaining in just her lingerie in front of her boyfriend. She gently held his wrists and brought her boyfriend's hands, which were now hesitatingly stroking her sides, behind her back Again, Ash blushed and shivered slightly, before gulping and starting fumbling around Now, Misty was only clad in her panties, while Ash was only wearing his shorts Misty covered herself self-consciously Her sweet yet strong face, with her shining green eyes and her freckles, framed by long and beautiful red hair Her thin arms, toned by the constant exercise in water, and her white hands with graceful fingers Her small yet well-proportioned breasts, and her flat stomach, decorated with a cute round navel Her long slender legs, ending in a pair of small, dainty feet They kissed again a few times, immersed in that moment of intimity Ash's lips left a small trial of humidity on his girlfriend's soft skin, and Misty moaned with pleasure as he got to her nipples and took one between his lips, mock-sucking on it for a while before getting to the other and doing the same thing.

The girl archer her back, trying to offer her lover as much of her body as she could Ash detached from her breasts soon after and went downwards, kissing her belly as his hands caressed Misty's legs on her thighs, her calves, her ankles Misty moaned again as Ash planted a kiss on the discolored patch of skin on her abdomen, then she couldn't hold a giggle when he gently kissed her navel, and his fingers tickled the soles of her feet and played with her toes.

You're not offended, I hope! It seemed Misty was the one who was trying to have some fun now Misty couldn't believe her own audacity as well If those were just the preliminaries, Ash could only guess how much he would enjoy the act itself And it looked like he wouldn't have to wait long, either. As Misty's grasp loosened, the young man felt his girlfriend's hand hesitating upon the rim of his ever-tightening shorts, her intentions being clear enough to him He decided that two could play at that game - calmly and caringly, he began lowering Misty's panties And finally, winning their last resistances, they began taking the last remaining piece of clothing off each other; slowly and awkwardly at first, but then, with a last quick tug, they remained naked in front of each other, for the first time ever.

The air in the bedroom seemed to have been galvanized, as if the surrounding environment itself couldn't wait for the two to make that final step Misty took a deep breath The redhead's face scrunched slightly at first She spasmed, causing the bed to rock slightly Misty cracked one eye open and, depite the burning feeling in her chest and abdomen, she managed to smile to her boyfriend.

Whenever she got hurt, that was a way for her to keep her calm and ease the pain. She waited for a while, as the burning feeling ebbed down to a wave of pleasure that radiated through herwhole body. When the pain died down, Misty gulped and saw Ash standing over her, holding her shoulders lovingly.

ash ketchum and misty relationship test

Misty's body finished adapting to the new situation. Now they were joined, in a way she could only dream of until then. He saw Misty close her eyes, and heard her breath mingling with moans of pleasure and joy Misty was feeling in Heaven right now She kissed him back and began shifting slightly, in order to make it more pleasurable for both of them.

In the coziness of Ash's bedroom, wrapped in the soft blankets and each other's warmth, they felt like they were the only thing existing in the world for the moment. A few minutes passed, and Ash accelerated, groaning briefly and feeling that he was getting closerto his climax Just a little more Misty exclaimed her beloved's name and screamed in pleasure, arching her back as she reached her climax as well.

Both were feeling like an electric shock was coursing through their muscles and their nerves, sending them into an incredible state of ecstasy! Ash grits her teeth, breathing deeply as he shivered Finallly, both of them flopped down on the bed, tired yet happy. Ash slowly detached himself from Misty, and both remained laying on their sides, looking at each other while they basked in the afterglow.

Misty's delicate hand flipped a fringe of black hair out of Ash's clammy forehead, and the girl smiled, her face red and her eyes trembling.

Ash reached forward and gently rubbed her tummy, keeping as close as possible to her. Ash smiled back at her. I just wish I had seen it earlier I never imagined doing that I'll be really happy!

ash ketchum and misty relationship test

Rain was continuing to fall outside, lulling them to sleep with its soft sound Still feeling sleepy, the aspirant Pokemon Master slowly opened his eyes and saw Misty waking up herself. They stood in silence for a while, as they tried to shrug sleep off The room was dark, but a few small rays of sunlight were filtering through the cracks in the windows, which meant that the bad weather of the previous day was now gone.

I think we're in for another long day! Not even bothering with shoes, the two lovers walked outside, to their temporary house's garden Misty's Gyarados was getting his coils in gear, while Charizard and Infernape were busy in an arm-wrestling match, and Pikachu was doing push-ups near them! It was a rather But it was really nice, Misty Ash gently picked up his small friend and hugged him before answering the question. I meant exactly that! Okay, everyone, once you'reall up and about, we get some breakfast, we get dressed, and we head out!

We're looking at another day of training! Their confidence that they would have made their dreams come true together was now stronger than ever, with their bond coming out stronger. Whatever fate had in store for them, they would face it together Well, that's about it. My first venture is the world of lemons, with my favourite Pokemon pairing, and I have to say I'm rather satisfied! I hope the same goes for you Pokeshipping fans Have a nice day, everyone!

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