Atticus and scout relationship

Scout & Atticus Relationship – To Kill A Mocking Bird Essay Example for Free

atticus and scout relationship

I'm not sure but in the novel, Scout and Atticus don''t have a conventional father/ daughter relationship. As Scout mostly grew up without a mother, Atticus was. The relationship helps us understand Atticus and Scout. When Scout questions Atticus he replies to her in a way that she will understand but also in a way that. Who did Atticus say was the bravest person he ever knew? Who told Scout he would marry her and then neglected her? Why was it a sin to kill a mockingbird?.

Atticus believes in justice and the justice system. He doesn't like criminal law, yet he accepts the appointment to Tom Robinson's case.

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He knows before he begins that he's going to lose this case, but that doesn't stop him from giving Tom the strongest defense he possibly can. And, importantly, Atticus doesn't put so much effort into Tom's case because he's an African American, but because he is innocent. Atticus feels that the justice system should be color blind, and he defends Tom as an innocent man, not a man of color.

Atticus is the adult character least infected by prejudice in the novel. He has no problem with his children attending Calpurnia's church, or with a black woman essentially raising his children. He admonishes Scout not to use racial slurs, and is careful to always use the terms acceptable for his time and culture. He goes to Helen's home to tell her of Tom's death, which means a white man spending time in the black community.

atticus and scout relationship

Other men in town would've sent a messenger and left it at that. His lack of prejudice doesn't apply only to other races, however. He is unaffected by Mrs. Dubose's caustic tongue, Miss Stephanie Crawford's catty gossip, and even Walter Cunningham's thinly veiled threat on his life. But those are only a few of the characters in To Kill a Mockingbird; what about the rest?

atticus and scout relationship

It will assist you in keeping track of the To Kill a Mockingbird characters as you read. The Finch Family The main characters in this novel are part of the Finch family. During the bulk of the novel, she is six to nine years old. Therefore, as you read the novel, you have to consider her credibility in reporting the facts of those times.

Jem goes through a significant change during the book, trying to come into his own as a young man and understand his feelings toward his father. He acts as a guardian to Scout on most of their adventures, much to her chagrin. He has a casual, friendly relationship with his children; as Scout puts it in chapter one, "Jem and I found our father satisfactory; he played with us, read to us, and treated us with courteous detachment.

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He is a doctor living in the Boston area, but occasionally enters the events of the novel. Scout looks up to Uncle Jack and considers him to be much livelier than her own father.

She and Scout frequently butt heads. She acts as a surrogate mother figure to Scout and Jem, whose own mother died when Scout was two and Jem was six. Scout and Calpurnia tend to argue a lot, but at the heart of their relationship is a strong bond.