Aw covert operations and the relationship

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aw covert operations and the relationship

The proposed legislation was designed to create 'seamless law enforcement ethical issues associated with covert operations are intensified in relation to. Such incidents are not surprising in India-Pakistan relations. R&AW is considered highly capable in undertaking covert operations abroad. This is an article on RAW operations. We managed to find some declassified covert operations carried out by RAW in the past, and they are . But when relations with KIA turned sour and it became a source of training and.

aw covert operations and the relationship

India and Israel signed nine pacts today including in the strategic areas of defence, security and counter-terrorism. Terrorism from across the border has been the major security problem for India especially in Jammu and Kashmir. India and Israel have signed pacts for security cooperation and counter-terror intelligence sharing.

There were reports that Pakistan was training Iranians revolution was yet to take place and Libyans with the help of the Chinese in handling of North Korean weapons in West Asia. In this background, Kao scripted a close cooperation with Israeli intelligence agency and RAW-Mossad liaison improved the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Mossad-RAW collaboration worked fine for India and insiders say that many tasks were jointly accomplished without the world getting a whiff of it.

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Things took a surprising turn in Pakistan was getting assistance from France in developing its nuclear power plant at Chasma. It was publicly known. Pakistan was also working on a uranium enrichment programme at Kahuta, secretly. General, I know what you are up to in Kahuta. RAW has got me all the details. As a result, the Syrian nuclear reactor was destroyed by Israeli Air Forces in September see Operation Orchardwhile Suleiman was assassinated by Israel a year later.

Suleiman was on a beach in Tartus and was killed by a sniper firing from a boat. Syrian investigations blamed Israeli sabotage.

aw covert operations and the relationship

He had disappeared while staying near Latakia, Syria. He was killed in a car bomb in Masyaf on August 5, The team which carried out the killing is estimated, on the basis of CCTV and other evidence, to have consisted of at least 26 agents traveling on bogus passports.

The operatives entered al-Mabhouh's hotel room, where Mabhouh was subjected to electric shocks and interrogated. The door to his room was reported to have been locked from the inside.

The agents' bogus passports included six British passports, cloned from those of real British nationals resident in Israel and suspected by Dubai, five Irish passports, apparently forged from those of living individuals, [73] forged Australian passports that raised fears of reprisal against innocent victims of identity theft, [74] a genuine German passport and a false French passport.

Emirati police say they have fingerprint and DNA evidence of some of the attackers, as well as retinal scans of 11 suspects recorded at Dubai airport.

aw covert operations and the relationship

This was suggested as a countermeasure to military links between that of Pakistan and China, as well as with North Korea. Israel was also concerned that Pakistani army officers were training Libyans and Iranians in handling Chinese and North Korean military equipment.

When young Israeli tourists began visiting the Kashmir valley in the early s, Pakistan suspected they were disguised Israeli army officers there to help Indian security forces with anti-terrorism operations. Israeli tourists were attacked, with one slain and another kidnapped.

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Pressure from the Kashmiri Muslim diaspora in the United States led to his release. Kashmiri Muslims feared that the attacks could isolate the American Jewish community, and result in them lobbying the US government against Kashmiri separatist groups.

Yadav listed eight properties that he claimed were purchased illegally by Verma using RAW's unaudited funds for secret operations. Although his petition for a CBI inquiry into Verma's properties was dismissed, Yadav managed to obtain more information using in RTI in and filed another case in Inthe CBI carried out an investigation of Verma's properties. The firms were headed by two senior RAW officials V. Balachandran and Raman retired in and respectively. The companies were listed as trading houses that dealt in several kinds of minerals, automobiles, textiles, metals and spare parts, and also claimed to produce feature films.

aw covert operations and the relationship

RAW had reportedly decided to have closer ties to Mossad, and the subsequent secret operation was approved by then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. India Today cites "RAW insiders" as saying that RAW agents hid a Mossad agent holding an Argentine passport and exchanged intelligence and expertise in operations, including negotiations for the release of an Israeli tourist by the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front militants in June When asked about the case Verma refused to speak about the companies, but claimed his relationship with them was purely professional.

Raman stated, "Sometimes, spy agencies float companies for operational reasons.

The secret battlefield

All I can say is that everything was done with government approval. Files were cleared by the then prime minister [Rajiv Gandhi] and his cabinet secretary. Balachandran stated, "It is true that we did a large number of operations but at every stage, we kept the Cabinet Secretariat and the prime minister in the loop.

The paper reported that the agents had been called in to provide additional cover to Modi's security detail, composed of India's Special Protection Group and secret agents from RAW and IB, in wake of the November Paris attacks. Europe Austria Inafter Mossad received intelligence that an Israeli officer who had access to classified military technologies, Major Alexander Israel, had approached Egyptian officials in Europe and offered to sell Israeli military secrets and documents, a team of Mossad and Shin Bet officers was quickly sent to Europe to locate him and abduct him, and located him in Vienna.

The mission was code-named Operation Bren. A female agent managed to lure him to a meeting through a honey trap operation, and he was subsequently kidnapped, sedated, and flown to Israel aboard a waiting Israeli military plane.

However, the plane had to make several refueling stops, and he was given an additional dose of sedatives each time, which ultimately caused him to overdose, killing him. Upon arrival in Israel, after it was discovered that he was dead, he was given a burial at seaand the case remained highly classified for decades. He was shot multiple times in the head outside his Brussels apartment.

The alternative theory is that Bull was killed by the CIA. Iraq and Iran are also candidates for suspicion. The killing of Dr. Mahmoud Hamshari, coordinator of the Munich massacrewith an exploding telephone in his Paris apartment in Basil Al-Kubaissi, who was involved in the Munich massacrein Paris in The reactor itself was subsequently destroyed by an Israeli air strike in French police believe that a team of assassins followed Atef Bseiso from Berlin, where that first team connected with another team to close in on him in front of a Left Bank hotel, where he received three head-shots at point blank range.

The German freighter "Scheersberg A" disappeared on its way from Antwerp to Genoa along with its cargo of tons of yellowcakeafter supposedly being transferred to an Israeli ship. Some of these attacks were not fatal.

aw covert operations and the relationship

Their purpose might not have been to kill the receiver. A Mossad letter bomb led to fugitive Nazi war-criminal Alois Brunner losing 4 fingers from his right hand in Haddad died on 28 Marchin the German Democratic Republic supposedly from leukemia.

According to the book Striking Back, published by Aharon Klein inHaddad was eliminated by Mossad, which had sent the chocolate -loving Haddad Belgian chocolates coated with a slow-acting and undetectable poison which caused him to die several months later. In the late s, the head of the BfV reportedly warned his department chiefs that Mossad remained a prime threat in stealing the country's latest computer secrets. The Irish government was angered over the use of Irish passports, summoned the Israeli ambassador for an explanation and expelled the Israeli diplomat deemed responsible from Dublin, following an investigation.

One of the passports was registered to a residence on Pembroke Road, Ballsbridgeon the same road as the Israeli embassy. The house was empty when later searched, but there was suspicion by Irish authorities it had been used as a Mossad safe house in the past.

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Shiqaqi, a leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihadwas shot several times in the head in in front of the Diplomat Hotel in SliemaMalta. He had been mistaken for Ali Hassan Salamehone of the leaders of Black Septemberthe Palestinian group responsible for the Munich massacrewho had been given shelter in Norway.

Mossad agents had used fake Canadian passportswhich angered the Canadian government. Six Mossad agents were arrested, and the incident came to be known as the Lillehammer affair. Israel subsequently paid compensation to Bouchiki's family. Embassy in Tehran on November 4, These Israeli diplomatic installations also maintain close relations with the Swiss on a local level in regard to overt functions such as physical security for Israeli official and commercial installations in the country and the protection of staff members and visiting Israelis.