Barry allen and iris west relationship memes

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barry allen and iris west relationship memes

Earth 1 & Earth 2 Barry & Iris Barry Iris, Iris West, The Flash the flash iris west barry allen 2x21 westallen omgggggg at these two and him just taking. When The Flash premiered on the CW in , it won glowing reviews from In her initial incarnation on the show, Candice Patton's Iris fulfilled a function old as time relationships—still remains as a challenge to The Flash. I knew I wasn't the only one who was bothered by Iris's whiny, selfish me-me-me attitude Iris West. It's The Flash, not the Iris West show.

Felicity went to ask Ray if she can borrow his jet. And even though, technically speaking, he broke up with her, it was Felicity who chose Oliver over him a long time ago. Barry Allen is far from being perfect.

Oliver Queen now, but before she settled down, she sure got around pretty well for an awkward computer nerd. Before getting together with Oliver, Felicity kissed Barry and almost started dating him. Obviously, the blonde hacker has a thing for heroes.

As a matter of fact, Sara and Felicity had some pretty cute moments together. We got this covered. Upon finding out that said fern died, she throws a tantrum accusing McConaughey of killing their love by letting the love fern die.

In season three, Felicity bought Oliver a fern, possibly as a symbol of their love. In Doctor Who, the Doctor is part of a race called the Time Lords that watch and protect all of space and time. They strive for peace in the universe and end up being kind of like the universal police. The Doctor is the last of the Time Lords and he travels and has adventures with different companions throughout time and space. I think that the writers and costume designers of the CW are big fans of the Doctor Who universe considering the number of small nods they do.

Rip Hunter's outfit is definitely the most blatant example, but I think Darvill pulls the look off quite nicely. If he looked bad in the coat, that would be on thing, but he looks pretty dashing, so we'll let it go. It was only aired for one season then was canceled. The fans had such an outcry that the CW picked it up only to do nothing with it until this past year.

Constantine has become a member of the Legends and will be helping them with their more magic oriented foes as well as have his own animated show on CW Seed alongside the Legend's fierce animal hero Vixen.

Constantine is a wizard and master of the dark arts. He was supposedly diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and he made a deal with the devil to spare his life in exchange for his soul.

He then tried to save a young girl named Astra from her father, who was using her to summon a demon. Unfortunately, he failed and Astra was lost in the darkness of the underworld. Filled with regret, he fights the forces of darkness wherever he can, chain-smoking and sarcastically smirking the whole way.

I guess if the devil removed his lung cancer, he's no longer able to get it? Is that the logic they're going with? It looks really cool and shows that he's ready for action. One thing about Oliver is he always looks cool in everything he does, even if it doesn't make sense. However, fans have noticed that sometimes Oliver isn't in uniform when he grabs the bow. Which means he has to then put the bow back down in order to get his suit on for the mission at hand.

We know that it looks really cool, but it makes Oliver look like a bit of a fool, as if he's only picking up the bow to look cool, before putting it down and getting dressed. You'd think the director or continuity director would catch it, but that detail usually slips through the cracks. It makes for a great meme though! The WB aired the wildly popular Smallville show which ran from and followed Clark Kent's never before seen teen years when he was learning to control his powers.

We didn't expect everything from Smallville to show up in Supergirl, but we sure wanted to see if they would keep it in the same universe. When season three announced that they were bringing in Superman, the fans got even more excited! We already had plenty of cameos from other characters from the show, but would they bring back Tom Welling to reprise his role as the caped crusader? Fans were disappointed to hear that Welling would not come back as Superman and he still has not been on the show for a cameo.

He said he's discussed making an appearance on the show, but nothing has materialized as of yet. The current Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin, does a nice job, but he's definitely not what the fans originally wanted.

Roy gets shot during a mission and they don't go back for him, but then he magically shows up in the bunker a little later with some bandages. Or he'd go flank the bad guy and while the main villain escapes, Oliver and Laurel chase after him, leaving Roy to fend for himself and with no transportation to get back. It's become such a habit that fans barely noticed when Colton Haynes left the show for awhile.

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After a few seasons, fans started wondering, "Wait a minute. I thought they'd bring him back by now.

barry allen and iris west relationship memes

Always being forgotten by everyone but Thea. They did finally wrap up that subplot somewhat in the last season, but I'm hoping that they delve into their romance a bit more and maybe bring him back more full time to the team. A cup of coffee in Netflix's Marvel series is not actually coffee It's closer to Netflix and chill. Iris still protests this decision, but accepts it nonetheless. After a brief talk with Professor Stein regarding his presence in the current events — particularly that it was all a coincidence that Eddie is even here and now, Eddie decides to talk with Iris.

Iris and Eddie become a couple again and get engaged.

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It is not meant to be. After Barry refuses to change the past and returns to the present, Eobard Thawne attempts to kill him and plans to kill everyone Barry cares about. With his dying breath, he admits to Iris that all he ever wanted to be was her hero. The problem is, while she loved Eddie, she was in love with Barry Allen.

But again — coincidence. That same night, the Particle Accelerator Explosion happened, and Barry would go into a coma that would last nine months. The incident would devastate Iris. Barry was her closest friend and one of the few constants in her life.

The loss of such a significant figure weighed on her heavily, leaving her emotionally vulnerable. Iris and Joe would spend months visiting Barry during his unconsciousness — unfortunately, however, Joe is still a senior detective at CCPD. His time was limited. And Iris, grateful for such charity, tried to repay his kindness with some coffee. And tellingly, it was as a romantic partner. Barry is in love with Iris, will always be in love with Iris, and resents Eddie as a result.

barry allen and iris west relationship memes

Instead of becoming a scientist like Cisco and Caitlin and revolutionizing the world, Barry became a CSI at a city precinct. At the urging of his father, Barry finally takes the initiative to start moving on with his life. And that means finally confessing to Iris about his love for her.

This confession also confused her. With it, Iris had to reevaluate their entire relationship; every single significant moment of their lives, she had to look back at with a completely different perspective. And even during that relationship, Barry and Iris had no sense of personal space, which disturbed their respective romantic partners at the time.

An inner conflict arose within Iris ever since that confession.

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And that terrified her. When Barry confessed to Iris, Iris was ready to take the next big step in her relationship with Eddie — living together.

barry allen and iris west relationship memes

Usually, when a couple is ready to take it to this level, it means that marriage has become a real possibility.