Blood lad staz and fuyumi relationship trust

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blood lad staz and fuyumi relationship trust

After some confusion, Bell explains that Staz and her have to pretend to be in a relationship, because if Nyen found out that Staz was here to retrieve Fuyumi. The disappointed Staz vows to Fuyumi that he will find a way to bring her back to life. Let's get into the little details of blood lad and try to get you into it. Trust me. I have a hate/love relationship with art. Trust me I know. - Explore ΗѲΠΞΨ's board "Fuyumi X Staz" on Pinterest. | See more ideas Blood Lad - Staz Charlie Blood x Fuyumi Yanagi .. relationship advise.

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She's after the thieves who stole her magic. She's a free spirit, but she can also be very calculated. Chiwa Saito A little animal with three eyes. It has a cute appearance, but it talks often, and it's a bit haughty and annoying. TBA A girl with three eyes.

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While Mamejirou is talkative, she's very quiet, but her eyes are able to see many things, the third eye she and Mamejirou share contains the power to reveal and see through everything.

Ryouhei Kimura Staz's older brother. In contrast to his little brother, he's an elite vampire with good looks.

blood lad staz and fuyumi relationship trust

He has the cunning to manipulate things to his will, but no one knows his true intentions. He also knows a secret about Staz's power. Taichi Komesu He's Staz's right hand man, and one of his most trusted men.


Despite his stern appearance, he's a softhearted and caring man who's often at the whims of Staz. He truly cares for Staz and acts like a dedicated wife. Blood T Liz VA: She has been shown to have a rather wide ranging style and will wear anything from a t-shirt and jeans to something similar to a flight attendants uniform.

She is rarely seen without her large backpack. Personality Edit Bell is a naturally bubbly person, but is also very smart, deceptive, and clever.

blood lad staz and fuyumi relationship trust

Because she is a treasure hunter by trade, she has an uncontrollable curiosity for anything that has been hidden away. Though she may not seem like it, she is very girly and enjoys pink and cute stuffed animals. She is attracted to men with powerful abilities, which is one of the reasons she falls in love with Staz. However, in the manga, she realizes quickly that Staz neither returns or understands her feelings for him. Plot Edit Bell first appeared after she had been tracking down who stole her Black Curtain to travel through.

As she searches, the first people she meets are Staz and Fuyumi, as they travel to the Human World.

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She puts Staz through numerous and comedic trials to see if he is the thief, but realizes eventually that he is not, though she remains suspicious of him anyways.

She also falls in love with Staz, which makes her appearances more prevalent. After being with each other, Bell and Fuyumi have a "close" friendship. Bell later finds out that Fuyumi is her sister, which only makes them closer. Through out the series, Bell helps to resurrect Fuyumi. Using her spatial magic, Bell often finds out information related to the dark plot brewing amongst the other characters of the story, but doesn't always tell others, and instead keeps to herself for later use.

She is the daughter of the Hydra Heads Hydra and Nyen the combined body of both her and Fuyumi's biological mothers.

blood lad staz and fuyumi relationship trust

As a child Bell showed outstanding talent using spatial magic, and was encouraged greatly by her father, whom she received the magic from.