Breadth and depth relationship quiz

breadth and depth relationship quiz

In personal relationships, it's always best to increase the breadth and depth to self-disclosure. False. When Sheila asked her friend Tommy to help her move at . You've discovered not only a company's breadth of products offered (10 different types of toothpaste), but also another company's depth of products offered. Youth Conference Bible Quiz Ages: (Book of Proverbs) 1. It will give you a good feel for your breadth and depth of Scriptural knowledge. What is After all, if we want our relationships to go well, we need God at the center of them.

For example, whilst some people may want to spend as much time as possible with their partner in the early stages of the relationship and see this time together as a reward of the relationship, others may value their space and see extended periods spent together as more of a necessary investment to keep the other person happy.

Comparison Levels CL and CLalt The comparison level CL in a relationship is a judgement of how much profit an individual is receiving benefits minus costs. The acceptable CL needed to continue to pursue a relationship changes as a person matures and can be affected by a number of external and internal factors.

External factors may include the media younger people may want for more from a relationship after being socialised by images of romance on films and televisionseeing friends and families in relationships people who have divorced or separated parents may have a different CL to those with parents who are still marriedor experiences from prior relationships, which have taught the person to expect more or less from a partner. Internal perceptions of self-worth such as self-esteem will directly affect the CL that a person believes they are entitled to in a relationship.

If the CL is positive, then the person may not consider the potential benefits of a relationship with another person. AO3 Operationalising rewards and costs is hugely subjective, making comparisons between people and relationships in controlled settings very difficult. Most studies which are used to support Social Exchange Theory account for this by using artificial procedures in laboratory settings, reducing the external validity of the findings.

Michael Argyle questions whether it is the CL which leads to dissatisfaction with the relationship, or dissatisfaction which leads to this analysis. It may be that Social Exchange Theory serves as a justification for dissatisfaction rather than the cause of it. Social Exchange Theory ignores the idea of social equity explained by the next relationship theory concerning equality in a relationship — would a partner really feel satisfied in a relationship where they received all of the rewards and their partner incurred all of the costs?

Equity Theory AO1 Equity theory builds upon the assumption of Social Exchange Theory that romantic relationships can be viewed as economic models loss, risk, benefits etc. If one partner is benefiting from more profit benefits-costs than the other, then both partners are likely to feel unsatisfied.

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They are under-benefiting whilst their partner over-benefits, which is likely to make both people feel uncomfortable. What may be more damaging than initial inequity, which can be identified and dealt with or perceived as normal at the beginning of a relationship, is a change in equity over time.

A partner who feels that they are receiving less profit in an inequitable relationship may respond by either working hard to make the relationship more equitable, or by shifting their own perception of rewards and costs to justify the relationship continuing. AO3 Huseman et al. They make a distinction between entitleds who feel that they deserve to gain more than their partner in a relationship and benevolents who are more prepared to invest by worker harder to keep their partner happy.

Clark and Mills argue that we should differentiate between the role of equity in romantic relationships and other types of relationships such as business or casual, friendly relationships. They found in a meta-analysis that there is more evidence that equity is a deciding factor in non-romantic relationships, the evidence being more mixed in romantic partnerships. Social Equity Theory does not apply to all cultures; couples from collectivist cultures where the group needs are more important than those of the individual were more satisfied when over benefitting than those from individualistic cultures where the needs of the individual are more important than those of the individual in a study conducted by Katherine Aumer-Ryan et al.

Some cultures have traditions and expectations that one member of a romantic relationship should benefit more from the partnership. The traditional nuclear family, typical in the early to midth century, was patriarchal, and the woman was often expected to contribute to more tasks, such as housework and raising the children, than the man for whom providing money to the family was perceived to be the primary role.

Satisfaction and Comparison with Alternatives discussed aboveare the first two factors. They are the extent to which a partner feels a relationship is worthwhile for them when comparing other possible relationships and their investment against the rewards offered by the pairing. The third factor is an addition to the model, investment size, which explains why relationships do not all breakdown when the CL or CLalt are low.

Investment in relationships can be measured as a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic investments which have been made over the course of the relationship. Intrinsic investments are those which have been added by a single partner such as money towards a date or a gift, time spent with the person and any self-disclosures which have been made. Extrinsic investments are those which have been created or developed over the course of the relationship which are shared by both partners, such as large purchases a house or car or even children.

breadth and depth relationship quiz

We can observe this in a relationship through relationship maintenance mechanisms, or behaviors which only couples who are committed to a relationship will exhibit. These include behaviors such as forgiveness, willingness to sacrifice, and being overly positive about their partner.

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This importance was the same across cultures, genders, and also applied to homosexual relationships. Many of the studies relating to investment in relationship rely on self-report technique.

Whilst this would be perceived as a less reliable and overly-subjective method in other areas, when looking at the amount an individual feels they are committed to a relationship, their own opinion and the value that they place on behaviors and attributes is more relevant than objective observations.

Again, investment models tend to give correlational data rather than causal, it may be that a commitment established at an earlier stage leads inevitably to the partner viewing comparisons more favourably and investing more into the relationship.

Intra-Psychic Phase In this phase, one of the partners begins to have doubts about the relationship. They spend time thinking about the pros and cons of the relationship and possible alternatives, including being alone.

They may either internalise these feelings or confide in a trusted friend. Dyadic Phase The partners discuss their feelings about the relationship; this usually leads to hostility and may take place over a number of days or weeks. Over this period the discussions will often focus on the equity in the relationship and will either culminate in a renewed resolution to invest in the relationship, or the realisation that the relationship has broken down.

Each partner may seek approval from their friends at the expense of their previous romantic partner. At this point, the relationship is unlikely to be repaired as each partner has invested in the breakdown to their friends, and any retreat from this may be met with disapproval. Grave-Dressing Phase When the relationship has completely ended, each partner will seek to create a favourable narrative of the events, justifying to themselves and others why the relationship breakdown was not their fault, thus retaining their social value and not lowering their chances of future relationships.

How Long Will Your Relationship Last?

Their internal narrative will focus more on processing the events of the relationship, perhaps reframing memories in the context of new discoveries about the partner, for example an initial youthfulness may now been seen as immaturity. When relationship therapists can identify the phase of a breakdown that a couple are in, they can identify strategies which target the issues at that particular stage.

Duck recommends that couples in the intra-psychic phase should be encouraged to think about the positive rather than the negative aspects of their partner. Rollie and Duck added a fifth stage to the model, the resurrection phase where people take the experiences and knowledge gained from the previous relationship and apply it to future relationships that they have.

When Rollie and Duck revisited the model, they also emphasised that progression from one stage to the next is not inevitable and effective interventions can prevent this. This means that people in online communications are more likely to be aggressive and rude in response to any personal disclosures made.

breadth and depth relationship quiz

Walther says that this selective self-presentation means that the lack of cues serves to increase the speed and intensity of relationships as people are able to portray themselves in the best possible light. The deindividuation which occurs in CmC relationships can make people feel less accountable for their actions and therefore less inhibited, making disclosure much more likely.

Absence of Gating Gating in relationships refers to a peripheral feature becoming a barrier to the connection between people. McKenna and Bargh propose the idea that CmC relationships remove these gates and mean that there is little distraction from the connection between people that might not otherwise have occurred.

An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up. True - Ecclesiastes 4: AmblesideOnline is a free homeschool curriculum that uses Charlotte Mason's classically-based principles to prepare children for a life of rich relationships with everything around them: God, humanity, and the natural world.

breadth and depth relationship quiz

The righteous man wisely considereth the house of the wicked: Bible Quiz Questions And The writer of Ecclesiastes comprehended two scientific principles that were relatively unknown at the time of his writing. Many products that you buy can be obtained using instruction manuals.

For my husband enter into a new Project in the Co. Take this quiz and let me know how many you answered correctly! Just like I skip any quizzes related to professional Hockey, Basketball and Soccer. These bible study questions and answers are an ongoing project. Party Games Here is a list of over fabulous party games to choose from. Bible Facts will be a lot of fun to study!

We hope you, your students and all parents will grow spiritually during these studies in comingMultiple Choice Bible Quiz Category: Scholars are uncertain about the author and date of Song of Solomon.


Currently, you can be checked out and downloaded and install Bible Quiz Questions And Answers Proverbs in pdf, txt, rar, word, zip, ppt, and kindle. Friends should be slow to speak and quick to hear. A virtuous woman c. Quiz 1 will be on the Walk Thru the Bible material. The book of Proverbs ends with a description of what?

This workbook was designed for Bible class study, family study, or personal study. Please pray for my husband's salvation through Jesus Christ. True - Proverbs As you study try not only to know the facts — try to understand what is going on. I came from hindu religon and I am baptised and believer of Jesus. The proverbs provide us a strong blueprint in that regard.

Those who don't know it probably skip it. True - James 1: A man of God d. This quiz features verses with the reference Solomon wrote in Proverbs that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

We only ask that you give credit to the original creators. Multiple Choice Bible Quiz Category: We hope that you enjoy this whistle-stop tour through the Bible. Which reference backs up the answer "I am an important member of my family" a.

It contains pieces of wisdom, or proverbs, most of which were written by King Solomon, the son of King David. False - Acts 5: Words of truth from the Bible, infromation about the church of christ, truth from God's word, bulletin articles, sermon outlines, bible class material, word studies, tracts, old testament studies, book outlines, church of Christ material, salvationThe fear of the LORD is to hate evil: The nature of Proverbs.

The answer to many of our problems is a revolutionary return to Bible values.

Product Mix Breadth vs. Product Line Depth

We will add, update, and clarify the truths as the Holy Spirit shows them to us. The Proverbs are intensely pertinent in this age of temptation and declining morality. Contrast the treasures of wickedness with righteousness. Understanding the Bible scriptures is essential for every religious person.

Dear brothers, I request your prayers for our family blessing. They may only offer two or three products compared to a superstore's much larger breadth of ten to 15 products.

Bible quiz on proverbs pdf

A small store may choose fewer product lines due to space or budget constraints, but may opt to make more choices available inside of the product lines they sell. Examples A clothing store sell a variety of clothing options for women. They may have blouses, pants, dresses, and shoes among their product line breadth. A greeting card store has cards for all occasions. In their product line breadth, they may boast sympathy cards, birthday cards, and congratulations cards. An automobile dealer chooses to sell the entire breadth of makes and models offered by their manufacturer, including cars, trucks, and SUVs.

What is Product Line Depth? The product line depth of an organization tells us about the varieties of the products that a company sells.