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Ship: A little bit of Lloyd/Julianne and a little Lloyd/Erica Disclaimer: I am not the creator of Breakout Kings. . He was still worried, but he trusted her. She had . of the idea that he, Lloyd, can't or shouldn't have a relationship with Julianne, Two, he must actually trust Lloyd enough to allow him to like Julianne who he is very protective over. Tamara: Genius breakout kings by Guiltyreasons. Literally, Lloyd only called him Raymond twice in the show and my Also, just a blathering side note, I didn't realize Breakout Kings was a "I know it seems like a counterintuitive approach, but trust me, it's gonna drive him crazy. . The glance he sent backward to Shea and Erica was nothing short of.

The other side sharply reminded him that in order for that to be possible Julianne would have lied to him or at least withheld the truth. The horrible realization that the point might be completely moot hit him. Perhaps she was being honest when she was saying she needed his expert opinion. Perhaps this little girl had nothing to do with him at all. Ray's name flashed through his mind and he saw red. His eyes sought Julianne out across the table, trying to see some type of truth in her eyes.

She seemed to be wringing her hands so tightly they were brilliant red and he worried she might rub them raw should she continue. Her eyes were streaked with tears as she looked at him. Guilt spread over her like a cloud of shame and he knew there were no answers to be found there. He pushed aside the Birth Certificate, looking for something, some proof to either foster or crush the hope he felt budding inside. The next thing that hit his eyes was the picture. It was a snap shot, nothing professionally done or really impressive, just a picture someone had taken at the park.

He picked it up, grasping it in his hands as his analytical eyes studied it with all the power of observation he had ever possessed. He was a doctor and at the very least, he had a good understanding of how genetics worked. He knew which traits should be passed down and which of those he possessed. However, as his analysis of began he realized he hardly needed it. Julianne was centered, looking lovely in a light blue summer dress, her shoulders bare and her hair tied back in only a loose braid.

Her face was a picture of happiness, smiling down at the smallish creature tucked securely into her lap. The little girl was looking straight at the camera, a matching smile upon her lips as she sat in her own blue-green dress with large flower silhouettes printed upon it, a picture of childhood innocence. There were books spread around them on bright green grass, each open and turned to different pages, as if the choices were so many that not a single one could be decided upon.

The shadows played across the faces of mother and daughter, sunlight filtering through a tree that was out of sight but obviously providing shade for the angelic duo. The little girl glowed with a sense of adoring trust and happiness. Just looking upon her Lloyd was taken aback by how happy she seemed. It was a happiness he could never remember himself feeling even as a young boy. Then again he had no memories of his mother taking him anywhere, least of all a park on warm summer's day.

On a less sentimental note he could see the structure of the child face mirroring Julianne's exactly, granting the little girl a charming elfin appearance. The smaller version of Julianne's mouth, chin and brow gave him a clear impression of what this child would grow up to look like and the assurance that she would be lovely indeed.

However, it was the differences his eyes sought out and the evidence presented itself immediately and inarguably. Whether or not his name was anywhere near that birth certificate his contribution to this little girl was clear. He tried to overlook it, perhaps use it to discredit the possibility that he had been involved in creating something seemingly perfect but the mind he relied on so heavily for any sense of self worth he still had would not allow him to deceive himself in this matter.

The turn of the child's nose was certainly not her mother's, her upper lip was fuller then Julianne's and a great deal redder and then there were the eyes. He was not a handsome man by any means but the one thing the few women he had been briefly intimate all complimented were his eyes. They all said that just looking at his eyes they could tell he was sharp.

They said the bright, arctic blue colour seemed to convey his intelligence, as if that alone allowed others a brief glimpse of his mind. The girl's eyes were housed in the same stunning setting as Julianne's but unlike hers they were not dark or smoldering. Instead he found crystal blue staring out of the photo, bright and alive. They were his eyes, without a shadow of a doubt; he was also startled to realize that it was not simply the colour they seemed to share.

He saw an intelligence there that sent a chill down his spine and he understood exactly what those women had been speaking of. The eyes led him to look at her hair. Surrounding her face were waves of dark blonde. He unconsciously reached up to his own and grasped it tightly.

As if tested his theory he tugged a few strands out and dropped them next to the picture. The tone and colour matched perfectly but the texture was different. The straw-like quality of his own hair was gone in the image and replaced with soft waves tied back with ribbons and bows. There was absolutely no evidence of Ray in either the girl's structure or bearing. While he could pass as the father based on colouring alone it was clear he was not.

Not to mention the overwhelming fact that Ray would never allow his own daughter's birth certificate to remain blank, regardless of the mother's wishes. The evidence was there, right before him, yet his mind wasn't quite making the jump to the inevitable conclusion. Then again, I'm biased since I'm her mother. It ran through him like a shock the word jump-starting the part of his brain that had slowed to a painful crawl with his revelation.

He wanted to be furious with her, heck a part of him was. There was a piece of him that wanted to throw this in her face; tell her she was a liar and that he obviously wanted nothing to do with her or her daughter. But the other part, the secret part that safe guarded any hope or strength he had ever had, would not allow it.

Lloyd was a practical man. He was intelligent but in the end he was aware that his intelligence made people move away from him rather then draw them near. Genius might be an impressive term to own but it was not one that most people could have while maintaining a normal life. He had always had a difficult time with people women and meneven when he was a tenured professor and published behaviorist.

There was little chance of a woman taking an interest in him now, when all of his good qualities had been stripped away and replaced with a decades long prison sentence that hung over his head like the sword of Damocles. He had held onto the hope that maybe, one day, he would have a child. But it was a dream and he knew the chances of it happening were slipping away with each passing year be spent behind bars.

He was smart enough not to throw this opportunity away because he was angry. He was aware enough to know that any anger towards Julianne he might be feeling right now would likely disappear in time. It would be foolish to burn a bridge he may have to cross at some point. He just needed to control his emotions and calm down. Did someone have you're kid and not tell you about it too?

Then, watched in horror, as she gathered her things, obviously preparing to make her exit. Maybe this is how Lars felt. He had told her about Lars Lowery. She knew how he felt about the man who was his father in name alone.

There was also a dawning awareness upon her face as he spoke, making it clear that she was slowly coming to the realization that she had inadvertently turned him into his absent father. I just, I found out and then I got scared. I was a washout of the Training program, working with cons and then I got this job offer. If they had known that the baby was yours Lloyd, I just couldn't get throw out of another group like that.

Especially not when…" Her words caused a dark fury to rise up in him but it disappeared in a moment as he watched her hand slip under the table.

He knew it was resting on her uterus. He recalled seeing Erika make the exact same gesture and he decided not to mention it to Julianne but he felt a warmth come over him. She may have been desperate to hide her daughter's paternity but it had not been out of shame of him. Her hand told him differently. It was a protective gesture. Regardless of her actions she had made those decisions because she truly believed she was protecting their baby.

He reached up to wipe a tear way, he had no idea why he was crying. It was too much emotion. I don't even know if you ever wanted kids. He stated suddenly, "I did, I mean. There was no telling what would happen and he hadn't even breached the idea that he might someday meet her.

In fact it was merely his own understanding with her behavior that let him believe Julianne wasn't just here to tell him he was a father and then depart forever, leaving him with the knowledge of a daughter he would never know. Of course her initial reason for being there might be true, in fact there was a good case for it.

She might need help with Lily but at the same time the visitation reason might have just been a cover. Still, he struggled to keep his mouth shut; to keep a lid on every stray thought. The power was completely in someone else's hands right now; Julianne's hands. He felt a rush of exhilaration that usually came with gambling and he rode it for the little pleasure it was able to provide on this obviously harrowing day.

Oh he had issues. Julianne didn't answer right away but a smile passed over her lips that lit up her entire face. All the worry seemed to just disappear as she looked up at him with shining brown eyes and he found himself marveling at her beauty once again.

He congratulated himself on not over reacting in his earlier moment of anger as his affection for her was very obviously still in tact. She's always singing and dancing and reading. I've spent a small fortune on books.

The joy in her eyes, the pure excitement she showed had been lovely on her. She was just exuded happiness; it was coming out of her pores. His 'gift' couldn't always be described as such. He'd had a hell of a time as a kid, and it hadn't been much easier as an adult.

Again the concept of genius was a lot easier to live with when you weren't the genius. He felt a stab of regret and grief rush through him for what he might have unconsciously done to this little girl just by being the one who had fertilized her mother's ova. It was a frustrating, the thought that he had most likely passed on a genetic predisposition to being an outcast along with startling intelligence.

What a trait to pass on to your kid.

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From the way she pursed her lips pursed he had his answer. He let a sad smile spread over his lips. I didn't want her to be a two year old in a class with four year olds. I mean when she's old enough to attend I might consider skipping grades. I'm looking into good enrichment programs at some local elementary schools" Julianne stated seriously, "I do what I can. We go on play dates and I try to get her to spend time with other kids her age but it's hard.

Even when we're at play dates with my friends the other kids avoid her. They don't know what she's saying most of the time" "They didn't know what I was saying either," he replied, his mind slipping into the more comfortable position of behaviorist while trying to press down the mounting guilt, "Starting school early might actually be a good idea. It usually helps gifted children, most are more self aware then people give them credit for.

Play off her interests. He wondered if Lily was well adjusted; if she was happy. She certainly looked happy in the picture and with a mother like Julianne he didn't see how she could be anything but happy. So few people realized that along with all the other benefits and pitfalls of being a genius it did not mean that a successful happy life was guaranteed; he was living proof of that. An IQ of had not saved him from making the bad decisions that had ended resulted in his being locking him away for a quarter century.

He wondered if a happier, well-adjusted childhood would have made a difference. That perhaps if he had had loving supportive parents he might be in a much better situation. He dismissed the thought almost immediately. Firstly because it was useless to mull over the impossible and secondly because all the errors of his life were responsible for his meeting Julianne. Because he's breaking back in. Julianne perks up, telling the team that she might have found something. The team rushes through the prison hallway to the mailroom.

They turn a corner and burst into the room to find Ronnie, working at his mail station. Ronnie apologizes to the warden, telling him that he was hiding out because he was afraid Arturo would attack him again. Ray approaches Ronnie with a cell phone. He holds it up and plays back the incriminating evidence Ronnie was trying to get rid of. In the video, a year-old Ronnie brags about how he killed another kid, Chris Lodi.

Ronnie is shocked and confused. Ray explains that when Ronnie chased after Naomi, Ken made a copy of the tape on his phone. Ray handcuffs the con and arrests him. Back at the office, Ray, hanging up the phone, tells the team that since they didn't actually pin Ronnie for breaking out of the prison, they can't get their months off.

Off the Beaten Path

The cons, not happy with this news, take it a little easier when Ray tells them to put their civies back on because they have the night off and don't have to go back to Maybelle until the next morning. Lloyd tells Julianne they're going to celebrate. At the bar, she thanks him for caring so much, leans in, kisses him on the lips, and walks off to the bar. Lloyd is speechless, dumbfounded, gobsmacked. He was going to throw it. Was supposed to throw it.

That was the original plan. But in the end, he kept it in his hand and relented under the wrenching of his arm by Ray during the scuffle. He supposed if he threw it, Ray would've been even angrier at him. A part of him also didn't like the plan to ignore Damien. That part of him had several possible motives, and if it were up to Lloyd, none of them would ever surface. But he didn't throw the phone. In the end, brawn won over brain and he was left cradling his arm as Ray flipped open the phone.

Lloyd sneered, hissing a soft, "Jerk," over his shoulder. Evidently, Ray either heard the off-hand remark or was already enraged enough to be open to torture that he grabbed a hold of Lloyd's shirt collar and dragged him backward. Lloyd gave a rather undignified yelp. You don't want to talk to him? Ray doesn't know a fraction of it.

Perhaps Damien had finally run out of things to say. Lloyd curled his hands into fists, attempting some indirect form of control over the situation as Shea and Erica doubled back to hear the conversation.

Meanwhile, Ray clenched his jaw. Why don't you drop some of your wisdom on us? Lloyd suppressed a shiver, and made an attempt to sprint out of the situation - he didn't get a step in before Ray pulled him back. He wasn't going anywhere. Lloyd, hard as he tried, couldn't hear anything other than an honest question through the receiver. Perhaps malice couldn't be heard through a speaker. Ray's jaw clenched in the same way it did when Lloyd was being especially annoying or when he was promising them they would catch Charlie's killer or when his daughter was in some kind of trouble.

I should know, because I'm one of them. Lloyd felt, not for the first time, that he would have really really liked to sink his fist into Damien's face.

Instead, he bit his lower lip hard enough to draw blood. But you can't do anything about it, can you?

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It was almost like they were flirting. Even worse, Lloyd had to shove down that small twinge of jealousy that surfaced at the thought. What was wrong with him? I'm the one that got away. He straightened his back, looking around Ray's head as if to catch a glimpse of Damien off in the trees.

In reality, he was simply suppressing his discomposure by avoiding everybody's line of sight. No wonder they don't trust you to track me down. Not even with the help from the eminent Lloyd Lowery. He noted with resigned dismay the difficulty Ray had to employ just to stop his eyes from rolling. Just you and me. As if speaking to anyone else but Lloyd for a maximum of a minute was degrading, somehow. A deep breath was heard over the line, and he began softer, gentlier.

But I understand if he's in too delicate a state. Not even giving Lloyd a sideways glance, Ray began to walk. Lloyd took the opportunity to emphasize his point. I'm driving him nuts. We're all crazy, then. The phone rang again. Ray wasted one more glare on Lloyd before picking up the phone with a sharp jab to the call button. Without thinking, Lloyd already knew she had picked it back up again to pace while she talked. It was a familiar behavioral safety blanket of sorts.

He did the same thing with unneeded gestures in stressful situations. It was incredibly calming for him to be able to predict the actions of someone he knew. Damien had put him off-kilter for too long. Now, his credit card records indicate that he was in Deerfield, Massachusetts earlier today at a truck stop where a cashier was found murdered. Now, Deerfield is not too far from the prison where Max Morris broke out of this morning.

Erica nodded as though it all made sense. Whether it was an apology or just a simple loss of words, Lloyd didn't know. Ray scoffed under his breath while Jules continued.

He's still trying to win his love, and he's trying to do it by eliminating the competition. Talking to Damien made him inordinately jumpy. Ray shut his eyes and shook his head.