Bruce wayne and selena kyle relationship tips

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bruce wayne and selena kyle relationship tips

Catwoman first encounted Batman whilst he fought an attempted robbery in City Selina also flirted with Bruce, commenting that her relationship with Harvey was deciding to repay Batman for the tip off by helping him defeat Penguin and a. Batman Loves Catwoman: The Complicated Romance Of The Bat & The Cat. Bruce Wayne has proposed to Selina Kyle, fittingly, in his costume, on a Gotham rooftop in the middle of the night. Instead, Catwoman and Batman’s implied romantic relationship was sidelined in favor of Kathy. When we last left off with the Batman origin series Bruce (David Mazouz) while Selina (Camren Bicondova) embraced the whip of Catwoman.

Bruce developed strong feelings for April and was devastated to eventually discover that she was in fact the deranged murderer all along. Batman and Bekka, the wife of Orionhad a strong attraction to each other after she rescued him from Darkseid 's forces on the planet Tartarus.

She was later murdered. Although Black Canary has a long-standing relationship with Green Arrowshe has shown an attraction to the Dark Knight and she and Batman have shared kisses from time to time. A Gotham City news reporter and brief girlfriend of Bruce Wayne, Charlotte desired to leave Gotham, which put a rift between her and Bruce. After being seriously injured in an attempt on her life by her twin sister JillCharlotte called off her relationship with Wayne and accepted a job offer in Paris.

bruce wayne and selena kyle relationship tips

Dawn was the daughter of Aleister Goldona member of a cult that practiced dark magic. She was a childhood friend of Bruce, and later his girlfriend in college, where she was said to have broken his heart. Dawn went on to become a socialite in Gotham, until her father murdered her as part of a ritual to grant himself eternal life. Best known as "The Joker's Girlfriend", Harley has had occasional romantic encounters with Batman, most notably her kiss with him in the episode Harley's Holiday from Batman: Recently, in the The New 52there have been a couple of stories in which Harley became infatuated either with Bruce Wayne or Batman.

These attractions appear to be entirely one-sided and Batman has shown no signs of attraction towards Harley. Jaina Hudson White Rabbit: Jaina is a Gotham socialite of Indian descent who met Bruce at a charity fundraiser and later went on a few dates with him.

He later discovered she had the unique power to duplicate herself into two separate beings: The White Rabbit worked against Batman and often led him to other villains such as the Joker and Bane.

A wealthy woman of African descent who lost her parents, Jezebel was a model and was said to own an African province. She secretly worked for the Black Gloveand gained Bruce Wayne's love as part of a plot to destroy him during Batman R.

She was later killed on Talia's orders. Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special 1during the beginning of his career, Bruce found himself attracted to a woman who called herself Jillian Maxwell after meeting her at a costume party.

However, he later discovered the criminal record of a woman who had used many aliases to seduce young, wealthy men, then later arranged events that led to their deaths so she could claim their wealth. After Alfred told Bruce of this, he was heartbroken, but he kept an eye on the woman. When she used the identity Audrey Marguerite in Brazil, Bruce, as Batman, sent her a note, ordering her to confess all her crimes. The daughter of Alfred and French Resistance fighter Mlle MarieJulia was introduced by Doug Moench in the early s, but efforts to make her a romantic partner of Bruce Wayne proved difficult because of the presence of Vicki Vale and Nocturna.

Has Bruce Wayne Ever Been Married?

First introduced as a female counterpart for Batman, Batwoman developed into a romantic partner in the Silver Age, where many Imaginary Stories featuring Kathy and Bruce getting married were published. Batwoman's love for Batman was never reciprocated and he only saw her as a good friend.

In the New Earth continuity, Kathy Kane was romantically interested in Batman in a couple of stories by Grant Morrisonwho liked to use Silver Age content as reference in his works. A character adapted from the Batman serialLinda Page was introduced into the comics during the Golden Age as a romantic partner for Bruce Wayne. A former socialite, she dedicated her time as a nurse for the elderly, disproving the stereotype that rich women were spoiled and lazy.

She dated Bruce for a few issues, but later fell between the cracks and disappeared. It was love at first sight as Bruce was able to find peace when he was with her for the first time since his parents' murder.

bruce wayne and selena kyle relationship tips

However, after his encounter with the Joker and realizing that there would be more enemies like him, he broke off their relationship to protect Lorna. Lorna later left the city, feeling that Gotham wasn't safe anymore because of Batman and The Joker. Mallory, the daughter of mob boss Lew Moxonknew Bruce as a child and the two briefly dated as children before drifting apart. They later met again in adulthood, and Bruce dated her while suspecting that she was continuing her father's criminal operation, but he never found conclusive proof.

Natalia suffered from a rare "light sensitivity" disease and her skin was bleached white.

bruce wayne and selena kyle relationship tips

Nocturna was said to use a special narcotic as a perfume, which caused every male to fall deeply for her. Batman was no exception, and the two of them started a relationship as they were both equally fascinated by the other.

Eventually, Batman realized his love for Nocturna was an obsession caused by the drug and he struggled to stop thinking about her. Nocturna disappeared during the Crisis on Infinite Earthsafter being stabbed by her brother, floating into the crimson sky of the Crisis in her balloon.

She was presumed dead, although other versions of the character have appeared since, however they are different from the Pre-Crisis Nocturna. A Ukrainian concert pianist and girlfriend of Bruce Wayne, Natalya grew frustrated with Bruce's closed-off demeanour, until he was urged by Alfred to reveal to her his secret identity. Shortly after, Natalya was abducted by the Mad Hatter who attempted to torture her into revealing the identity of Batman.

Natalya refused to divulge Bruce's secret and was thrown by the Mad Hatter from a helicopter to her death. Pamela Isley Poison Ivy: Ivy kisses Batman Poison Ivy is a villain who often relies on seduction and the manipulation of pheromones to drive men around her to obey. This is no different with Batman, who initially confused the lust and desire caused by Ivy's methods for love.

There are elements of lust between them, but there is little real love or romantic interest on either side. In the Batman and Robin film, Poison Ivyportrayed by Uma Thurmanacts exactly as her comic book counterpart, relying on chemicals to hypnotize men and force them to lust over and fight for her, including Batman.

Year TwoBruce Wayne fell in love with Rachel.

Bruce and Selina's Relationship Will Be "More Like the Comic Books" in Gotham Season 4

Unfortunately, Rachel's father moonlighted as a murderous vigilante who committed suicide. Discovery of her father's evils drove Rachel to pay her father's penance on his behalf by enrolling in a nunnery and breaking off her engagement with Bruce Wayne, who had prepared to end his crimefighting career to marry her.

Assigned as Bruce Wayne's bodyguard, Sasha deduced that Bruce was Batman and briefly fought at his side. She was framed for the murder of Bruce's girlfriend Vesper Fairchild and later joined Maxwell Lord 's Checkmate organization. Featured in the storyline Strange Apparitions from the late s, Silver St.

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Cloud was a socialite who dated Bruce Wayne and managed to deduce the secret of his alter ego. However, she couldn't handle being involved with someone in such a dangerous line of work. Dark DetectiveSilver returned to Gotham years later. She and Bruce tried to make a serious relationship work, but things fell apart after she was kidnapped by the Joker. Silver was later tragically murdered by the villain Onomatopoeia. Shondra was a psychic and the half-sister of Benedict Asp. Through his care and guidance, Bruce learnt to care for others and the importance of the Waynes in Gotham.

When Bruce became Batman, Alfred would help support Bruce in his endeavors as the vigilante, providing advice on how he should operate and the importance of his image outside of the operations. After Bruce learned that his parents were linked to corruption through an photo in Falcone's office, in which he saw Alfred attending a meeting with them, he felt betrayed and, if the player chooses to, not forgive him for keeping this information from him.

Nevertheless, Alfred would stay faithfully by Bruce's side and continue to help him as he fought the Children of Arkham. As Bruce crusade as Batman went on, Alfred grew wary that all the good they did would eventually bring more evil in. Alfred's health goes in decline in the later parts of season two, caused by the intense stress put on him by Batman's mission.

In episode 5, Same Stitch, Alfred decides to quit helping Batman and wants to leave. The player has the decision to either refuse to quit being Batman, as it's who Bruce is, and he believes he does more harm then good, and sadly, Alfred abandons him.

If instead, the player decides Batman causes all the problems that he fights, Bruce and Alfred hug and Bruce promises to keep their family together, and resigns as the vigilante. Edit Bruce held Gordon in high regard, due to his incorruptible nature and stance against it within the precinct.

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Due to this, he was often Batman contact within the GCPD and would often send locations of crime scenes to him directly. As Wayne, he and Gordon would often associate and perform minor favors for each other, such as giving in evidence against Falcone or arranging to see the crime lord whilst he was in custody.

Gordon and Bruce would also work together during Harvey Dent's militarization of the city and, if the player chooses to stop the mayor during his attack on Wayne Manor, the arrest of Oswald Cobblepot. As Batman, their relationship was purely professional, though Gordon held the vigilante in high regard, especially during Dent's reign as Mayor.

Though he did mistrust the vigilante and wouldn't expect him to follow the rules, Gordon saw him as a force of good within the city. However, Gordon would also question his use of violent means, particularly after he brutalizes Falcone and interrogates Hill.

Edit Bruce, as Batman, first meets Catwoman during an attack on the Mayor's office. The two initially spar, due to their differentiating morals. After meeting as their civilian identities, the two were easily able to deduce that the other's double life, due to the injury they inflicted. Bruce's relationship with Selina can mainly depend on the options chosen by the player. If polite to her, it will improve whilst acting antagonistic may cause tension with her. After Bruce tips her off about the Penguin's attack, she will help him during the Children of Arkham 's attack on the Mayoral Debate.

When Selina is wounded and attacked by members of the group, Batman can choose to save her from members of the group instead of Harvey Dent; this will improve their relationship. After he is almost killed by Lady Arkham, Selina will save Bruce's life and brings him to her apartment to recuperate. During his time there, Bruce and Selina may, if the player chooses to, engage in a one-night stand, though this may possibly lead to a romantic relationship.

He may also open Wayne Manor up for her to hide from Harvey and his enforcers, but she will leave shortly afterwards, fearing that he will not be able to protect her from Harvey's wrath.

If Bruce suggests that Selina leaves Gotham, she will contact him shortly afterwards to make sure he is fine, regardless of whether he slept with her or not.