Chandragupta and chanakya relationship quizzes

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chandragupta and chanakya relationship quizzes

The Jain story makes Chandragupta the son of the daughter of a village chief, the Chanakya continues his quest of wealth and devotes himself to the study of. (Chanakya noticed teamwork and strength of the Greek Army, which he knew was almost impossible to defeat by force but not by brain.) 4) Chanakya told Chandragupta to call himself "the Maurya" and (no one knew Quiz: How many old-school gadgets can you identify? Thats a sibling relationship!. Chandragupta: Chandragupta, founder of the Mauryan dynasty (reigned c. Purchased by a Brahman politician, Kautilya (also called Chanakya), he was taken.

So, what has happened is that when people started reading the book, books are not like newspaper articles, they store it, they display it, they keep it on the shelves, and they refer to it. So, what has happened is that my first book came in the year and from onward, it has been a journey where it has helped me reach out to more than hundreds and thousands of organisations.

So, if you look at it, you know, these books have made me to reach out to maximum people, professionally and also as a mission to spread Chanakya. In fact, when you said that your books are pirated; Radhakrishnan: In fact, I have seen your books being sold by pavement dwellers and these are people who would sell pirated books.

In my opinion, seeing your book out there is the ultimate show that you have arrived, right? Because only good books are pirated! This means only which is good gets duplicated. So, I am fortunate to write a few books and they have all been pirated and have become bestsellers. Very happy for you.


So, my next eighteen books, out of which four books have already been completed and I am currently writing the fifth book. So, let me give you an idea of this next five books. The first book that is getting ready is called Katha Chanakya.

There are thirty stories of Chanakya teaching strategies to his students like Chandragupta Maurya.

chandragupta and chanakya relationship quizzes

This book is going to be very different from my previous book. In fact, all of my books are different from each other. So, the next book called Katha Chanakya has got thirty small, small stories which are something can be read by a family, a child, a father, a grandfather, even an academic teacher, a scholar, or even corporate guy. But there are wisdom that have been derived from these stories like the Akbar Birbal kind of the sotries.

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Be it as an individual, a family person, or a professional, there are various steps like what time to get up in the morning, what to do, what kind of an attitude you should have at your workplace, how you should bring up your children, and more. These are small, simple tips but they are very essential that we can practice in day-to-day basis. The third book that I have just completed is called Anvikshiki — the Science of Thinking.

The fifth book that I am writing is again very different and first time I am trying a non-Chanakya book. It is called How to Write a Book and make it a Bestseller.

So, if you look at it, I am trying very different possibilities of Chanakya and also people want me to share how I write books and how I make it a bestseller.

So, there are five different offerings coming up this particular year. Apart from that, I am writing eight textbooks, which are basically for academic reasons because I am also a professor and teacher at the University of Mumbai and I head a department which is introducing leadership as a subject. So, these next eight books are basically for academic purposes and textbooks on Arthashastra. And of course, the remaining will be other types like the concept of Rajamandala theory, days Chanakya, etc.

Absolutely fascinating, you know this brings me lots of questions to ask you. The most important one is how the hell can you be so prolific?

So, first of all, let me also add that I am not a full-time author either. Well, that was my suspicion, right? Only a full-time author, who can really spend so much time; a little later I also wanted to quiz you on how do you manage your time.

But first, yeah, please go ahead. So, my point is basically, it is not whether you are a full-time author or a part-time author that you write so many kinds of books. I know a lot of my friends, who are full-time authors but, you know, they struggle to write one or two books a year also.

So, I will tell you the secret of writing multiple books.

Chandragupta Maurya – The greatest ruler in Indian history

The first secret is that you should do a lot of research on your subject. That is very, very essential. Please note that my books are not fiction books; they are very, very researched-based books and as you rightly pointed out, they are used as academic textbooks in various business schools and management institutions in India and abroad. So, one of the central themes of all my books, even though I use stories and anecdotes, is there is a lot of research that has gone into that. So, what has happened is that if you are writing so many books, you need to have a thorough knowledge on the subject.

There are a lot of people who write fiction books and I like them but, you know, those are imaginary books. But this is imagination plus research. So, number one is that you need to have a lot of solid research base.

I have been doing that for the last 15 years. Somewhere the content has been there with me throughout. So, your mind, your research, and your knowledge base have to be like a supermarket, where you have 10, things ready to choose from.

Chanakya tells sikandar the reality of his war and his inhuman activities

So, you just pick and choose and put into one box. Then the next box is you pick and choose some soaps and toothpaste and in the next box, you pick and choose probably some vegetables and fruits. You know, I have done a study on the 6, sutras of the Arthashastra. I have done my Ph. D, I guide students and teachers. You know the knowledge base has been very much available to me in a very broad term. So, when a book has to be written, the good part is that each book is pages.

So, you have to just 6, sutras, you have to bring out a little bit and convert them into pages. So, what you are saying is that I really like the analogy — the supermarket analogy. Once you have your research done, you just have to jump into the writing part as such. So, writing is the smallest part that you do.

chandragupta and chanakya relationship quizzes

I think this is the biggest takeaway from me and I think this will be the biggest takeaway for everyone who is listening to the podcast. Now, talk to me about how you manage time. You have a full-time job and I see you are traveling as well. Tell me about how you manage. I do multiple things. I am a full-time faculty as an ordinary person who believes that teaching is more a passion for me. So, I have a responsibility of being a deputed director at the Chanakya courses that we do at Mumbai University.

I run multiple business, I do talks, seminars, I write books, I run quite a few business also. But what is very common is that everything that I do, I look at probably you know on a mission to do [Sentence lost in editing].

So, what I do is that inspite of all my busy schedule, I make it a point that I write for at least one hour a day. So, days you think about you know you have spent hours of writing.

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When somebody wants me to write a book, I immediately say yes. I look at the project and manage the time schedules and I can bring out a book in a matter of one or one and a half month as per the requirement as well.

So, time management, the discipline, and making sure your content in research is strong. So, two important takeaways that I found. One is developing a habit of daily writing and the second one is invest at least one or two hours a day and in a year, suddenly it balloons up to a large number.

You know, hours is quite a lot for an author and you can actually give this done without having to really over-straining yourself. Bindusara was the son of Chandragupta Maurya and his queen Durdhara.

Greek writers refer him as Amitraghata. Bindusara extended this empire to the southern part of India.

chandragupta and chanakya relationship quizzes

Bindusara didn't conquer the friendly Dravidian kingdoms of the Cholas, the Pandyas, and Cheras 5. Apart from these southern states, Kalinga modern Odisha was the only kingdom in India that didn't form the part of Bindusara's empire. Kalinga was later conquered by his son Ashoka, who served as the viceroy of Ujjain during his father's reign.

Ambassador Deimachus of Seleucid Empire visited the court of Bindusara. Bindusara followed the Ajivika sect. Bindusara sent his son Ashoka to quell a rebellion in Taxilla. Ashok Vardhan Maurya was the son of Bindusara. He was also known as Ashoka or Ashoka The Great. As a young prince, Ashoka was a brilliant commander who crushed revolts in Ujjain and Taxila. Ashoka's conquest of Kalinga B. Although Ashoka's army succeeded in defeating Kalinga forces of royal soldiers and civilian units, an estimatedsoldiers and civilians were killed in the war.

Destruction and fallout of Kalinga war changed Ashoka's attitude towards non-violence. He embraced Buddhism and renounced war. He sent out Buddhist missionaries to travel around Asia and spread Buddhism to other countries. The Lion Capital of Ashoka, which was erected around B. Third Buddhist Council was held in B. Mauryan empire was founded by?