Code name kids next door numbuh 3 and 4 relationship

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code name kids next door numbuh 3 and 4 relationship

CartoonsCodename: Kids Next Door. Follow/Fav When love's not enough. By: Genosythe. Numbuh 4 really wants to confess his love for Numbuh 3, but will he He'd say that their relationship was to remain professional. The. In Operation: H.O.S.P.I.T.A.L., Numbuh 3 said to Numbuh 4 that she loves the injured KND Operative, and he mourns that she already loves. Wally Beatles & Kuki Sanban (Codename: Kids Next Door) .. knd numbuh 3 and 4 - Google Search Cartoon N, Cute Memes, Next Door play video game by boringcloud on DeviantArt Next Door, Cartoon Network, Relationship Goals.

And most importantly, I always regreted never asking out-" And he vanished. But we all know what he was going to say. Numbuh four was blushing when he was telling numbuh three that Numbuh One wasn't getting her a pony. FuzzyWuzzle or something like that Want's you to turn that frown upside down! When they were laughing at the picture of Numbuh One's butt, Numbuhs 3 and 4 had their arms around each other Operation: When Lizzie was saying "Shut up!

In the pool of Nigels Happy-Helmet dreams, Kuki and Wally were swimming around totally ga-ga over each other! He probably thinks someone different is the prettiest. When Numbuh 4 says that he can handle those gaurds by the gym's exit, Numbuh 3 looks really worried. When that big metal ball is headed to Numbuh 4, Numbuh 4 is the first to say "Numbuh 4!

Once Numbuh 4 heared that Numbuh 3 was going on a "Girls only mission", he wanted to go even more! He wore a TU-TU for crying out loud! Numbuh teen-seven girlie Wally was standing next to Numbuh 3.

Numbuh 5's Relationships

Numbuh 12 and Numbuh 23 asked Numbuh 3 if she liked Numbuh 4. After they asked her, Numbuh teen-7 spit out all of his soda and watched antiously for her answer. Numbuh 3 thought Numbuhs 12 and 23 meant liking Numbuh 4 as a friend, so she answered yes, but then they explained it was about like-liking Numbuh 4.

She stalled saying "You mean like, like like After Numbuhs 12 and 23 said yes, Kuki stalled more going "Um Even though Numbuh teen-7 hated them, he still saved 86's rainbow monkey, 3's favorite toy.

When Numbuh 4 landed next to Kuki and Mushi in thier love boat, they gasped like he was sooooo heroic!

code name kids next door numbuh 3 and 4 relationship

When he realized that King Sandy was trying to marry Kuki again, 4 turned around really quickly with wide eyes. At the end, Numbuh 2 said that King Sandy had a 'Wierd taste in girls'. Numbuh 3 spanked him with the splanker and the screen went black.

code name kids next door numbuh 3 and 4 relationship

Then another splank was heard. Numbuh 2 was all "What's you hit me for?!! Numbuh 5 suggested that Numbuh 4 wake up Numbuh 3. When Numbuh 4 saw that Numbuh 3 was hurt, he tried to comfort her. Numbuhs 3 and 4 were always right next to each other 2: He loves to annoy her! When Numbuh 4 got turned into a kawola, Numbuh said that he was adorable!

Kuki and Wally were next to each other in most of the scenes. He probably assumed that she would care the most. At the begginging, Numbuh 4 was all complaining about Numbuh 3 tricking him to go to the "Rainbow Monkeys Fair and Share Fair" by telling him that they were going to the super coolest place ever.

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Numbuh 4 probably got his hopes up to go some place cool with Numbuh 3 and no one else! Out of all the people in the whole wide world, Kuki invited Wally to the fair.

Maybe she wanted it to be like a date or something! She even grabbed his hands with the happiest look on her face! Numbuh 4 blushed, alright.

Numbuh 3 felt sorry for Numbuh 4 for not getting a lot of candy Operation: When Numbuh 2 set down one of his yipper cards, Numbuh 3 was all "Ooh!

code name kids next door numbuh 3 and 4 relationship

Numbuh One told 3 and 4 to go look for Bradly together! Numbuh 4 was worried when Numbuh 3 was so serious about saving Numbuh 6 he thought it was someone else because she was't that determent to save him from the kitty lady. Numbuh 4 was saying things like "So Is this guy the most importent kid ever Oh, what's so special about him? What's he got that I ain't got? When Bradly was cured, Numbuh 3 said next to Numbuh 4 "Isn't he wonderful? Here's what they said! At the end of the episode, Numbuh 3 was all "So.

Numbuh 3 was the one pushing the cart. Numbuh 3 looked really worried in, like, every scene in the whole episode! While Numbuh 4 was turning green, he touched Numbuh 3's hand! In one of the scenes where Numbuh 4 was looking really sick, Numbuh 3 cried "Numbuh 4! You have to pull through! I wonder what she was about to say!

Numbuh 3 kept giving Numbuh 4 puppy dog eyes and stuff! When Numbuh 5 announced that the Chicken Fingers Numbuh 3's thing would be performing, you can hear Numbuh 4 cheering the loudest. While Kuki, Mushi, and Lizzie were dancing to their chicken nugget song, Numbuh 4 was definatly drooling! He would't be drooling over Mushi um ew? When Numbuh 4 was whining about not getting his chicken nugget, Numbuh 3 gave him her's! When -Numbuh 1 was trying to push Numbuh 4 in the pool, numbuh 3 look all worried.

When - Numbuhs 2, 3, and 5 came in, numbuh 4 just said "Hey Kuki! He didn't even notice the others! Numbuh 4 knew that -Numbuh 3 wasn't numbuh 3 when he looked in her eyes, kind of like how numbuh 1 noticed with lizzie! And they're boyfriend and girlfriend! Caked Four numbuh 4 is on the desert island and numbuh 3 floats by Numbuh 4: You have to save me! I can't shave you, Mr. I have a race! It's me, numbuh 4! The Kid to numbuh 3: Hey, that's a nice raft.

I built it myself! That would be great! Hey, You stay away from her, you fly boy! Wallabee beatles, A loser in tubing, and a loser in love. What're you talking about?!! In his sleep, Numbuh 4 was talking to his pillow and gave out proof that he was happy that "someone" liked him back, after he told "someone" that he liked "someone" for a long time.

We all know who that "someone" was -wink- Operation: He sang with her at the end. Number Three was the only one who didn't fall for Number Fours trick. Number three saved him when he got beeten by the dude. Ever heard of the phrase, "opposites attract"? Numbuh 4 can ask Numbuh 5. She is the most mature out of the top 5 Kids Next Door. She's the coolest girl and wouldn't laugh at his problems. Numbuh 4 looked at Numbuh 5.

She was snapping her fingers to the music, while she had her eyes closed. She was lying down on her stomach, while having her elbows on the armrest of the couch, balancing herself. Numbuh 4 put his comic book down and slowly got up from his big comfortable chair.

He looked a Numbuh 3, and gave a goofy grin. She was "feeding" her rainbow monkeys. Wally couldn't stand the rainbow monkeys, but didn't care. He realized what he was doing around Numbuh 5 and snapped out of it. Numbuh 5 didn't notice though. He walked up to Numbuh 5. Wally noticed she was listening to music, so he tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention.

Numbuh 5 took off her headphones and looked up at the boy, waiting for him to tell her what he needed. Numbuh 5 got up from her seat and they walked into her room. Numbuh 3 didn't notice, for she was too busy playing with her toys. They got into the room. Numbuh 5 closed her door and leaned against it. Like…I get this weird feeling inside when I see her. Does Numbuh 4 have a crush on Numbuh 3? She sat next to Numbuh 4, who was lying down.

He shifted to her direction. You havin' your first love. This can't happen," he said lowering his head. Numbuh 5 patted him on the shoulder. Numbuh 4 looked up at Numbuh 5. It's your choice Numbuh 4. No one has taught it to me.

All of this is coming to me too fast. I'm not ready, but I am! Numbuh 5 thinks you takin' this too hard. When you're ready, you're ready! We all have our own pace. Aw heck, people don't even go into relationships until they old.

You," she put her hands on his shoulders. You feelin' better, right? Numbuh 5 has a hankerin' for some cheese.

She and Numbuh 4 leave the room. Numbuh 4 and Numbuh 5 walk to the Kitchen and get some tortilla chips. They pour on the cheese and start eating. Numbuh 5 grins at the sight of them. She lets go of Numbuh 4. Numbuh 3 says hi to Numbuh 5, then dances around the room.