Colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship marketing

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colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship marketing

Earlier this week news reports surfaced that Katie McGrath, 35, and her partner had split up. Is the year-old actress officially back on the market? involved with Colin Morgan - was splitting hit the internet Monday (December 17), Twitter immediately exploded with pithy commentary. Katie McGrath: Secretly Married ?. McGrath is great fun to interview and, from secondary sources, a hoot on set. ' Merlin' co-star Colin Morgan called her "a troublemaker" and. Worldwide appeal: Anthony Head as King Uther and Katie McGrath as Morgana in Merlin on American TV – British series are usually remade for the US market. 'We've heard that Colin [Morgan, who plays Merlin] has his face on .. set '[I get paid] anywhere from a couple hundred grand up to a million'.

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship marketing

Sometimes, McGrath believes it was her greenness that paid off. Do an arts degree, any type of degree, and then see how it goes," she says. Learning the ability to work, that's what's important as an actor, and you don't learn that there, in my opinion. At last, the actress 29 is free to spread her wings. While another 'Merlin'-like fantasy epic, the recently aired 'Labyrinth', heralded her first post-BBC venture, it's her casting as Lucy Westenra in NBC's small-screen adaptation of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' that's really got our attention.

Currently shooting in Budapest, McGrath portrays an aristocratic social butterfly and best friend of Dracula's muse Mina Murray played by newcomer Jessica De Gouwwho'll become entwined in a web of lies, lust and temptation during the course of the series. Oh, and wouldn't you know, look who's playing the bloodsucking caped crusader — it's only her old pal, Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

The chance to play Lucy, alongside Jonathan, is just phenomenal — I would kill for that part. And thankfully, I didn't have to," she chuckles.

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship marketing

I'd always love, of course, to work with Jonathan again; he's an amazing actor. McGrath's first ever scene was with the pouty Corkonian; they were linked romantically several years ago, and now, she's starring opposite him in a new series.

So to get a chance to work with him again, to have that familiarity, is too perfect. And on a classic story like this, amazing.

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship marketing

Surely McGrath, who's inexplicably single, has kept Hollywood waiting long enough? There must have been several enquiries after a brief, eye-catching performance in Madonna's royal epic, 'WE'?

What Katie does next

The Material Girl herself claimed McGrath was "mesmerising with a face straight from the golden era of Hollywood" and "one of the most beautiful women" she'd ever seen. It's a pretty amazing thing to hear on a Monday, you've definitely made my day Let's just say, I doubt I'm on her speed dial.

But there's not a huge amount going on, so I don't know when that will happen. Research for the show just improved my knowledge of various aspects of the legend.

For people who may not have seen the show before, what separates this version of the story from all the others that have come before? The producers like to compare it with the Smallville idea of showing Superman before he was Superman.

As an actor, do you ever wish you could get to later parts of the story quicker? It takes time for those things to happen. I do believe that things are happening at quite a pace already, in terms of character relationships.

But, Season 3 takes the show in the direction it needed to go. In Season 3, things change and I think that was needed. The producers answered the call with where they went with the direction of the show. Are there any changes that the show has made to the classic legend that have surprised you? How do you feel about Starz doing their own version of Camelot? Do you think that will have any impact at all?

The one area of concern is that people will do to death Camelot and knights, and all that. I think there needs to be a little bit of caution over that.

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I agree with that, as well. The Arthurian legends have been developed and re-told, over the years. How is the return of Morgana going to change the vibe in Season 3? How do you think that will add to the show?

Colin Morgan and Bradley James Interview MERLIN

Well, I always say that the best thing about doing the show is the guests that come on. You find yourself learning from them quite a bit and enjoying hanging out with them.

And, the guests we get seem to be very fun people to have around. But, in terms of commercially speaking for the show, Harry Potter is very popular. I just think the producers have gone out and found people who would enhance the show. Bradley, how does Arthur see his relationship with his father? Arthur has grown up with purely his father, and his only parental figure has been his father, so his father is such a huge influence on him.

But, as time has gone on, and as the show has gone on, you see Arthur starting to figure things out for himself, where he has disagreed with his father. So, as time goes on, I think it just becomes a lot more questioning from Arthur, in how Uther does things.

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship marketing

Merlin is the only one that knows what her true power is and how she can use that. A lot of the great comedic moments of this series come out of the relationship between Arthur and Merlin. How did that develop between you? Is it all acting, or does any of it carry over, off-camera? We do tend to have quite a good time and crack quite a few jokes.

And, it helps that fluidity and that ease, when it comes to doing scenes with comedy involved. We work together a lot. Once we get on set and get through the course of filming the series, we have a very good time. I feel very fortunate about that because it could have been a hell of a lot worse. We also can tone it down and focus on it, as well. Because we get on so well, it never feels like work, which is great.

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Do you end up with a lot of bloopers then? They tend to be all of me, messing up my lines. Is there anything that you wish you could change about your characters? Oh, Arthur gets knocked unconscious quite a lot. And, Merlin tries to bring him back from unconsciousness quite a lot. Yeah, learn the spell already for how to do that.

Colin, if you could become a wizard would you want to? If you could do something fun with it, what would you do? Whatever that one thing is that makes people happy, if there was some spell that could give people that one thing each, I guess that would be a good thing to do.

Was there anything about Season 3 that you particularly enjoyed doing? Because it was one of my favorites from the Arthurian legend, one of the things that I really enjoyed doing was the legend of the crystal cave. In my head, it was fun to imagine what it was going to look like because there was a lot of CGI involved, in seeing visions of the future reflected within crystals.

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