Colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship problems

Katie McGrath Talks Merlin

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship problems

Katie McGrath and Colin Morgan= smexiness all rolled up into one. ;) OH. More information . If you two would get married, my life would be complete. That is all. The popular Irish actress Katie also appeared in Jurassic Park in Is Katie McGrath Married or in a Relationship with Colin Morgan. Help us build our profile of Katie McGrath and Colin Morgan! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your .

Morgana was such an important part if series three, that I felt a huge responsibility to get her right. I think most people were just like me, and had been waiting to see what she be like as a villain.

And I wanted it to her to be wonderfully dark, and rich and malevolent - And how are we going to see Morgana's character and relationships develop throughout the series her relationship with Uther is perhaps the most interesting?

You can't underestimate the effect at the year away from Camelot has had on Morgana. She has come back as a completely changed character, which means that all of her interactions have changed as well. The fact that she has accepted who she is, and that she is magical, means that she can't see anyone or any of her past relationships in the same way.

Especially her relationship with Uther. I don't necessarily see Morgana as evil. She was isolated and alone with no one to help her and when Morgause came along accepting her without question, why then wouldn't Morgana side with her? Also it's important to understand that Morgana feels that she is doing the right thing for people who are like her. Ironically She is more similar to Uther than she'd like to admit! I liked the distance Morgana was going to travel in the show. From where she started to where she was going to end up were poles apart and I knew that playing that would be challenging, but interesting, and probably a lot of fun.

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship problems

It's hard not to be familiar with Morgan le Fay. Most of the research I did in to her character was more for fun and my own interest.

Our telling of her is unique and it's own version. I didn't want to confuse her with what had been done before. What's great about Merlin, is that these are familiar characters shown in a new light.

It's always a good day when Emilia is on set!

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship problems

We've worked together so much at this point and played sisters for so long that we don't have to act all that much anymore. We are extremely lucky to have her on the show. How did that develop between you?

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Is it all acting, or does any of it carry over, off-camera? We do tend to have quite a good time and crack quite a few jokes. And, it helps that fluidity and that ease, when it comes to doing scenes with comedy involved. We work together a lot.

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Once we get on set and get through the course of filming the series, we have a very good time. I feel very fortunate about that because it could have been a hell of a lot worse.

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We also can tone it down and focus on it, as well. Because we get on so well, it never feels like work, which is great. Do you end up with a lot of bloopers then? They tend to be all of me, messing up my lines. Is there anything that you wish you could change about your characters? Oh, Arthur gets knocked unconscious quite a lot.

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And, Merlin tries to bring him back from unconsciousness quite a lot. Yeah, learn the spell already for how to do that. Colin, if you could become a wizard would you want to? If you could do something fun with it, what would you do?

Whatever that one thing is that makes people happy, if there was some spell that could give people that one thing each, I guess that would be a good thing to do. Was there anything about Season 3 that you particularly enjoyed doing?

Because it was one of my favorites from the Arthurian legend, one of the things that I really enjoyed doing was the legend of the crystal cave. In my head, it was fun to imagine what it was going to look like because there was a lot of CGI involved, in seeing visions of the future reflected within crystals. For me, it was doing a scene where a certain group of guys sit around a certain piece of furniture and get together.

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship problems

That was easily the best moment for me. What skills will you take away from your experience of working on Merlin? You learn so many different skills on the show. Bradley, after three seasons, how good are you at broadsword? I would imagine that I was better than when I started.

Colin, how did you originally come to work on the show? It was the same process it has been for any other acting job. It was a case of a script that came through, I auditioned for it, and I got called back.

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship problems

I think there was a series of maybe four or five call-backs, and that happened over a period of maybe three or four weeks. Obviously, the more you go back, the more you want to be a part of it. We could see that it would be a fantastic adventure to embark on. And, to arrive at the point where you get offered the role was amazing. That was my journey. How did you each get started in acting? I did local plays and productions, local theater groups and anything that involved it.

And then, I went and studied it, attended drama school and got my first lucky break in the theater in London, and just went from there. For me, it was about wanting to impress a girl. I initially got into it when I must have been about six or seven. Every Wednesday afternoon, in my school, these kids used to disappear from lessons. What am I doing here, working my butt off in lessons, and they get to disappear and go have fun?

And then, it got re-introduced to me by a certain female who showed an interest. As actors, who do you admire and who has influenced your work? For me, one of my favorites, director wise, is Tim Burton. I also really admire the work of actors like Sean Penn.

He is probably my favorite actor because of his dedication and commitment to roles, and the ability to morph and change himself when he needs to.

I think anyone who has a passion for what they love to do, and who pursue it, is inspirational for me. Are you working on other projects or taking any vacations anywhere? I did a couple of films last year, one called Parked and one called Island.