Dhritarashtra and pandu relationship tips

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dhritarashtra and pandu relationship tips

Series of events: * Satyavati was queen regent when Pandu and Dhrirashtra He was the biological son of Dhritarashtra (who belonged to the Kuru race), and not But gods of heaven (with whom Kunti had relations) had no relations with the . possibly accepted this truce and with the advice of Lord Krishna and with the. Then Matsyagandha agreed to the marriage, and in due course of time, slightly to show how Dhritarashtra, Pandu, Vidura and the Kauravas. PANDU: younger brother of Dhritarashtra; patriarch; retired from kingdom to hunt and enjoy life. In what ways are the various characters blinded or in the dark?.

The Family Tree

When Shantanu died Chitrangada became king, but he soon died after a confrontation with a Gandharva because the two of them had the same name yes, really! When Vichitravirya became of marriageable age, Bhishma heard that the king of Kashi was holding a Swayamvara for his daughters Amba, Ambika, and Ambalika.

dhritarashtra and pandu relationship tips

So Bhishma went to the Swayamvara kidnapped the three princesses. As I discuss in my answer herehe released the eldest princess Amba, a decision that would later have devastating consequences.

In any case, Vichitravirya married Ambika and Ambalika, but almost immediately thereafter he died of a disease. So now the kingdom faced an uncertain future, because Vichitravirya and Chitrangadu was dead, and Bhishma could not have children, which meant there was no prospect of heirs to the throne.

धृतराष्ट्र, पाण्डु और विदुर के जन्म कि कथा

So Shantanu's widow Satyavati sent for the sage Vyasa, a son she had with the sage Parashara before she met Shantanu, and told him to father sons with the two queens.

Now Vyasa, being an ascetic, didn't pay much attention to his appearance, so the queens were quite hesitant to have children with him. As described in the Adi Parva of the Mahabharata, Ambika closed her eyes the whole time, so Vyasa got angry and put a curse on her that she would have a blind son, Dhritharashtra.

And Ambalika was pale the whole time, so Vyasa put a curse on her that her son Pandu would have leprosy. On the other hand, Ambika's maidservant was eager to have a child with such an illustrious sage, so Vyasa fathered a child with her as well, Vidura.

dhritarashtra and pandu relationship tips

So yes, this does mean that biologically the Kauravas were the grandchildren of Vyasa, since they were the sons of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari. But that doesn't mean that the Pandavas are the grandsons of Vyasa as well.


You see, although the Pandavas were the sons of Kunti and Madri, the two wives of Pandu, they are not in fact Pandu's biological children. Gandhari developed a powerful inner sight and became the moral compass in her contentious family, holding fast to her vow and insisting on the need for goodness and integrity.

Later on in the epic during the war she goes against her own headstrong son and when he daily seeks her blessing, tells him repeatedly that only righteousness will win the war. Not only is Kunti the aunt of Lord Krishna, whose father is her brother, but this valiant lady has very special powers of her own. India has a long and wonderful tradition of strong, courageous, and self-sacrificing women. One day a rather grumpy Brahmana named Durvasa came to visit.

Famous for his bad temper, he was feared for being quick to throw curses at any and all who offended him.

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Kunti served this volatile and touchy ascetic with such care and solicitude that Durvasa in turn was very pleased with her and gave her an amazing boon. The text says that he, being learned in all mysteries, anticipated her future difficulty in having sons and therefore taught her a mantra by which she might invoke any of the celestials and have children with them.

Who among us would not be curious to test such a boon - and so one fine day the innocent young maiden Kunti, still a virgin, whispered the mantra and invoked the Sun god. What could she do with a baby? She was so young and very unmarried. As tears streamed down her lovely face, she placed the newborn boy wearing his golden ornaments in a small wood box and set him to drift down the river.

dhritarashtra and pandu relationship tips

Karna was rescued and adopted by a chariot driver, a good man and his wife who brought him up lovingly. Only a few days before his death at Kurukshetra would Lord Krishna and then Kunti tell Karna the truth of his royal and divine identity. Many agree that Karna is the most tragic and compelling of all the characters in the Mahabharata. He was a handsome man.

As was the custom of that time, Bhishma found Pandu a second wife and her name was Madri.

The Story that Leads up to the Bhagavad Gita:

After that enjoyment, he was inspired to leave his capital Hastinapur to conquer the world. Pandu was very successful and with the splendor of his weaponry, fire and arrows, he killed many kings and took their treasure. The dynasty of Bharata, the Kurus, prevailed over the other kings who were forced to pay tribute to Hastinapur.

Dutt and this misery drove her to anger and frustration. Hearing a rumor that Kunti had given birth to a glorious son, Gandhari lost her wits and violently struck her own womb.

Now it happened that our poet-author Vyasa was staying in the palace and it is said that he also had a hand in the boon of Gandhari being able to birth sons. Seeing the peculiar iron ball, Vyasa, the best of ascetics as he calls himself, divided it into pieces and had these bits placed into jars filled with ghee clarified butter and concealed in a safe place.

dhritarashtra and pandu relationship tips

After two years, the sons were born from the jars. But Dhritarashtra was already nursing a serious case of envy against his brother Pandu and did not listen to this sage advice. It was said that Duryodhana was a partial incarnation of the Asuric demonic realm. Why the Sons of Pandu are not his sons