Eli loker and ria torres relationship

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eli loker and ria torres relationship

Ria Torres (often referred to simply as Torres) is a Natural and former TSA agent Loker have a complicated relationship, although it is hinted that Ria is into Eli. Welcome to the Second Appreciation Thread for Eli Loker and Ria Torres from FOX's tv show, Lie to Me! Brendan Hines Reli - Ria Torres and Eli Loker from Lie to Me shi. Let Monica I think we had a connection. Ria: Oh. Gillian Foster, Ria Torres, Eli Loker, and Emily Lightman like this. Gillian Foster and Eli Loker and Gillian Foster are in an open relationship.

Remember who signs your paychecks, yeah? And what is this slushie business, love, are we on that Glee program now? Gillian Foster commented on Cal Lightman's status. Gillian Foster You…watch Glee? Cal Lightman Only cause Em has it on all the time, don't go makin' fun.

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And I actually rather like that Kurt fellow, he can really carry a tune. Eli Loker is laughing endlessly. Ria Torres and Emily Lightman like this. Cal Lightman Is there a dislike button around here?

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Or maybe a 'you're fired' button? Bet he can make that happen. Gillian Foster likes this. Ben Reynolds is healing nicely.

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Thanks to all for the cards and flowers. Gillian Foster Glad to hear you're doing well, Ben. Cal Lightman Quite the trooper, you are.

eli loker and ria torres relationship

Hang in there, eh? Cal Lightman wrote on Eli Loker's wall. Cal Lightman Bein' a smart-arse won't get you a raise, Loker. Quit flirting with Foster. Eli Loker wrote on Gillian Foster's wall.

eli loker and ria torres relationship

Eli Loker Hey Gillian, wanna go out for dinner and some sex later? Cal Lightman is about to rip Loker's curly locks from his head. Oops, did I type that out loud? Cal Lightman commented on his status.

eli loker and ria torres relationship

Cal Lightman You aren't allowed to like that, you arse! Eli Loker But it's funny.

eli loker and ria torres relationship

Gillian Foster thinks she'd better stop laughing before Cal kills her with his glare. Emily Lightman lives in a world filled with crazy people…and they all work at the Lightman Group. Ben Reynolds likes this. Ria Torres commented on Emily Lightman's status. You always tell the truth? How good are you in bed? Fair's better than most. Eli and Ria work closely together and seem to become good friends throughout Seasons 1 and 2 after Loker confides in her that he lied to Foster in the episode " Depraved Heart ".

When this becomes an issue that results in the Lightman Group allegedly being sued in " Undercover ", Ria continues to lie to keep Loker's deception a secret, though this turns out to be a test of her loyalty from Cal. Relationship with Torres in later episodes Edit Underlying sexual tension continues between the two later on in Season 2, such as in " Fold Equity " where Torres and Loker debate on whether his date really likes him or not.

The two share an intimate moment after Ria reveals that she'd lied when she's said the girl wasn't interested in him, the two getting very close when she tries to make a point by staring into his eyes and he touches her knee.

This increased care seems to grow as, when a bomb goes off at the beginning of " Sweet Sixteen ", a panicked Ria is seen trying to call Loker who had been near the explosion, muttering "Pick up, pick up, pick up.

At the end of " Delinquent " when Torres says goodbye to her sister, Loker comforts her. In " Darkness and Light " Loker and Torres compete for the role of VP, and whilst at first they compete with each other they conclude to not play Lightman's game and go out for drinks after work.